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Kilkenny GAA Confirms One Club Player Has Contracted Covid-19

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Replying To Buachaillbui:  "
Replying To Cockney_Cat:  "[quote=Buachaillbui:  "[quote=Cockney_Cat:  "[quote=zinny:  "[quote=Cockney_Cat:  ""Rumours have been circulating about outbreaks with multiple cases at local clubs."

What now? Does he(?) , and all the players he has been in contact with have to self-isolate for 14 days?


The HSE in conjunction with the help of the person involved will determine who the close contacts are and will ask them to isolate for 14 days accordingly. This is a process that is applicable for anyone who is tested positive regardless of if the are a GAA player or not. If people stick to the guidelines the amount of close contacts will be minimized."
So he, and all his fellow team mates, club officials, will isolate for 14 days. No going to work. Their immediate family, wifes, partners, children and parents also isolating for 14 days?"]Only those he's had contact with. But yea cos it's the responsible thing to do. We've been taking the Pandemic seriously over here. Youse should try it over there."]"We've been taking the Pandemic seriously over here."

Yeah, so seriously they've been having regular parties in Cork to celebrate it.

Cork residents living a nightmare as students host large 'COVID parties'

link"]Absolute rubbish. Theres always going to be idiots everywhere. There's a huge difference between a few house parties on Magazine rd and what happened in Bournemouth beaches last week.

And if you'd even bothered to read the link you posted, the occupants of a party were evicted the very next day. That's the difference. Not a single policeman went near the beaches enforcing S.D.

After 6months of a world Pandemic, countless needless deaths and infections, you're still questioning why some people would have to self isolate after being in close contact with someone with symptoms. This says everything."]"the occupants of a party were evicted the very next day."?

A party? You make it sound like it was a one off party. It's been going on for weeks.

Listen. The situation in Britain is disgraceful regarding the governments response to the pandemic, plus the behavior of a lot of people. But, I was replying to Buachaillbui (Clare) who was on his high horse, smugly claiming, " We've been taking the Pandemic seriously over here. Youse should try it over there". As if everything was hunky-dory in Ireland.

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