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Would You Be Comfortable Playing GAA Now?

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Replying To moros:  "God..Santa Claus will be presenting Sam Maguire this year."
Ha ha brilliant. What the hell would happen if there was a replayed needed?

Green_Gold (Donegal) - Posts: 1698 - 26/06/2020 16:53:30    2281900


Replying To Green_Gold:  "Ha ha brilliant. What the hell would happen if there was a replayed needed?"
No replays this year at all, penalties on the day if level after extra time and this includes the All-Ireland final. Let's hope that doesn't happen, it would ruin Christmas for those who are convinced the GAA is all about money.

Soma (UK) - Posts: 2451 - 26/06/2020 17:22:39    2281902


Replying To Gleebo:  "Yes, I agree with that. Johnson and Trump were initially very bullish about the prospects of mass contagion and were soon proven wrong, now it's all about restoring the economy even though there are circa 1,000 cases or thereabouts in those states per day. Bolsonaro has had to be rebuked publicly by a judge threatening to fine him every time he appears without wearing a face mask in public.

It doesn't seem coincidental that those countries adopting the most sceptical (cynical?) stances on Covid-19 are the ones seeing the worst transmission rates."
The countries that are doing the worst with this virus are the ones with poor leadership. Trump is a total idiot and him as president has been disastrous for the USA. England don't seem far off with Bojo The clown in charge.

Gaa_lover (USA) - Posts: 2493 - 26/06/2020 17:32:11    2281906


Replying To Gleebo:  "I agree with the sentiment, but providing a much better health service comes at a cost: higher taxes. Countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, even the UK etc. have much better public healthcare systems than Ireland because they have higher rates of personal and corporate taxation.

I worked in Belgium for a while and was paying 60 per cent of my income in taxes and I wasn't even in the highest band.

IMO the limits of Ireland's race-to-the-bottom economic policies can be seen in any sort of a crisis, whether it be to do with utilities, health care or social care. The charity sector is massive in Ireland but in other European countries one would hardly notice it, because those services are well capitalised to begin with.

I don't personally mind as I've lived abroad and see the benefits of such a system, but I could foresee a lot of people in Ireland objecting to it."
Comparing one to the other and not taking into account structural differences in population is very unfair. Look at Belgium, the worst death rate per head from COVID in the world but is that because of the health service or because they say 98% of the population lives in urban centers. Population density also has an impact on the ability to provide services and they have the second highest in Europe. If the people of Ireland wanted an NHS equivalent and every town wanting all the services on their doorstep, I am not sure there would be any take home pay. I am not saying that Ireland shouldn't be doing better all I am saying is that you have to be careful in what you compare us to. Same thing applies for COVID, comparing the performance of one country over another on a simple by numbers comparison doesn't tell the whole story.

zinny (Wexford) - Posts: 959 - 26/06/2020 17:54:07    2281909