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Offaly v Kilkenny all ireland hurling final 1998.

Offaly large flag ' We'll tickle your pussy'.

CC2020 (Kilkenny) - Posts: 41 - 15/06/2020 18:09:19    2280949


Replying To Ulsterman:  "Yes South to be fair the PSNI and Belfast City Council did act very quickly. The banner and graffiti were removed and the police have opened a Hate Crimes file. Sadly though Unionist politicians have remained totally silent on the threats so no change there."
Meanwhile you have Linfield with their new jersey that comes complete with built-in sash. Bloody ridiculous.

Stay safe sham.

festinog (Galway) - Posts: 2853 - 15/06/2020 18:30:08    2280955