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Railway Cup 2020

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Replying To Meathmaverick:  "I'll have a stab at it foe the craic. Lets pretend everyone makes themselves available for it (Obviously have to try and squeeze a few non-dubs into the leinster team)

1. Cluxton
2. M. Fitzsimons
3. J. Cooper
4. Keoghan (Meath)
5. M. Quinn (Longford)
6. McCarthy
7. J. McCaffery
8. Fenton
9. Feely (Kildare)
10. Howard
12.D. Flynn (Kldare)
13. Mannion
14. Evan O'Carroll (Laois)
15. C. O'Callaghan
Brody & O'Loughlin(laois) Lavin&McGill(meath) Heslin(wmeath) Dean Rock all unlucky to miss out.

Ulster :
1. Beggan (Monaghan)
2.Hampsey (Tyrone)
3. McNamee (Tyrone)
4. Ban Gallagher (Donegal)
5.C. Mooney(Down)
6.C. McKeague(Derry)
7. K O'Connell(Monaghan)
8. M. Donnelly (Tyrone)
9.D. Hughes (Monaghan)
10. R. McHugh (Donegal)
11. M.Murphy (Donegal)
12.P. Harte (Tyrone)
13. R. O'Neill (Armagh)
14.McShane (Tyrone)
Morgan, Sludden, Cavanagh,(Tyrone) Patton, Ward, McGee, McBrearty and Brennan(Donegal) Rogers(Derry) O'Hanlon(Down) C.Walshe, C.McCarthy(Monaghan) J.Clarke, Forker(Armagh) McVeety,Clarke(Cavan) Donnelly, Corrigan, and Quigley(Fermanagh) all unlucky to miss out.

1. Lavelle(Galway)
3.Sean andy O'Ceallaigh(Galway)
4.Conor Daly (Roscommon)
5.Lee Keegan(Mayo)
6.Colm Boyle(Mayo)
7.P. Durcan(Mayo)
8.M. Daly(Galway)
9. Aidan O'Shea(Mayo)
10.Enda Smith (Roscommon)
11. S. Walsh (Galway)
12.Comer (Galway)
13. Burke (Galway)
14. Cox (Roscommon)
15. C.O'Connor (Mayo)

1. Shane Murphy (Kerry)
4. Powter (Cork)
5.P. Murphy (Kerry)
6.T.Clancy (Cork)
7.R. Kiely(Tipp)
8.D. Moran(Kerry)
9. Jack Barry (Kerry)
10. R. Deane(Cork)
11. S. O'Shea(Kerry)
12. S.O'Brien(Kerry)
13. Clifford(Kerry)
14. Quinlavin(Tipp)
15. Geaney(Kerry)

I got tired of writing subs after ulster and obviously there'll be plenty of players I forgot and left out of every province.
Jesus it would be brilliant to have a proper full competitive railway cup looking at the talent on show there.

I think out of the teams above, ulster probably have the strongest panel"
Good teams - would have to think Heslin would start for leinster.

Lavelle dropped from the Galway panel - Connacht really poor standard of keepers at the moment

gaa190 (Galway) - Posts: 123 - 23/04/2020 14:28:20    2276572


Replying To Stmunnsriver:  "good they can play it the same day as i marry stormy damials"
I love weddings can i go?

DUBJOHN (Dublin) - Posts: 712 - 23/04/2020 15:53:06    2276586