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The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches

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Replying To Fionn:  "Ok so the Taoiseach was just on talking about us all going into Level 5 from Wed - no mention of Sport or Elite Sport as they call it...

Did I miss something, or are they still trying to avoid making a decision on it....??"
Stephen Donnelly just confirmed on Claire Byrne GAA championship can go ahead along with elite sport

runnerin (Meath) - Posts: 189 - 19/10/2020 21:57:18    2299415


Replying To Tir Conaill Abu:  "I think you are wrong to be honest. Donegal had the highest rate in Ireland, even surpassing Dublin, just a few weeks ago and were rightfully placed in Level 3. We've now gone to four since last week and numbers are down from 50+ a day to just 14 yesterday. The current restrictions need to be given a chance and 40 lads heading to another county to play a game isn't going to be the difference in beating Covid 19 transmission.
The reality is that after the first round of games 16 teams are out of football and numbers diminishing with each round.
It's like the Green Party looking for us to cut emissions and making out that if Ireland does this then then global warming will stop. The GAA is as small a player in overall Covid transfer as Ireland is to Global warming!"
I wish it was that simple but unfortunately it's not. I'm not going to repeat what has already been said just to add a couple of undeniable facts, such as, the mental health of the elderly is being tested to the limit even if they are not directly affected, likewise the mentality of the very young school going children is being elasticated and stretched in different directions mostly because of the change in family behaviors, the cohort of young people in between have to stop short from leading a normal developing life style. Going to level 5 is going to not alone have a negative effect on the economy and most definitely job losses but also less money in the pockets of Mammy's and Daddy's coming up to Santy and Christmas time.

Going up to level 5 is a big call especially at this time of year, it's only my personal believe but it could have been avoided if we all had played our part instead of playing a game of Russian roulette with C-19, I don't think I am being controversial by saying the GAA could have postponed all games for the duration of our stay in level 5, in my own opinion it would have helped to minimize however small the 1000 plus per day those testing positive to C-19, matches are now being played behind closed doors, that in itself is a costly exercise, by spring of 2021 it's said the association will have lost many millions of euros, playing games behind closed doors only adds to that enormous loss, it doesn't make sense as of now and it certainly doesn't make financial sense, so what's so important of playing games behind closed doors.?

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2109 - 19/10/2020 22:18:56    2299420


Replying To CiarraiMick:  "Gaa still allowed go ahead as far as I'm aware."
Government advice is that: 'No training or matches should take place, with the exception of professional, elite sports and inter-county Gaelic games, horse-racing and greyhound racing'.

KillingFields (Limerick) - Posts: 1291 - 19/10/2020 22:33:06    2299426


Oh great, all ireland finals that feel like theyre being played in st annes park and if the figures dont go down in a few weeks theyll blame the players

lilypad (Kildare) - Posts: 1325 - 19/10/2020 22:33:24    2299428


The entire country needs to go to level 5 but the All Ireland Championships are still going ahead? Something not adding up here.

M Lyster (Antrim) - Posts: 409 - 19/10/2020 23:59:45    2299449


Replying To M Lyster:  "The entire country needs to go to level 5 but the All Ireland Championships are still going ahead? Something not adding up here."
It does seem more than a bit strange. You can not go down the road 6km. to visit your old uncle who lives on his own but your neighbour over the fence plays for the county team and he/she can travel to the county grounds or across the country for games while mingling with over 30 people.
I really want the games but you are right it does not add up. People will get their back up and not comply. Then things will go to hell in a hand basket with the virus.

Canuck (Waterford) - Posts: 897 - 20/10/2020 00:39:41    2299454


Replying To M Lyster:  "The entire country needs to go to level 5 but the All Ireland Championships are still going ahead? Something not adding up here."
Not necessarily.. it's a tiny percentage of the population doing an activity in a highly controlled environment and the government recognises that its ability to give people a lift during a difficult time outweighs its risk. It doesn't have to be all or nothing... there are other exemptions too..

blackspot91 (Limerick) - Posts: 969 - 20/10/2020 05:04:46    2299461


Is this a first..... never seen a GAA team bring their own exercise bike for the players to a game - especially all the way from kerry to Monaghan.... ;o)

Fionn (Dublin) - Posts: 2976 - 20/10/2020 08:40:43    2299466