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Naming Rights For Croke Park

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Coca cola to sponsor it and call it Coke Park, I heard that joke somewhere years ago

PyatPree (Cork) - Posts: 376 - 16/08/2019 10:27:45    2226290


Some options may include:

1) Pat McDonagh Paints Park
2) Terryland Fruit and Veg Park
3) Munster Joinery Park
4) Supermacs McPark
5) Páirc TG4
6) Gain Goldgrain Calf Nuts Park
7) Grassland Agro 10-10-20 Park
8) Done Deal Park
9) Páirc Bhord na Móna
10) Sky Sports Irish football stadium for Irish sporting sports Park

ORRRRRRRR we could not bow to modern corporate Ireland and keep some seminence of dignity.

The_DOC (Galway) - Posts: 621 - 16/08/2019 10:50:59    2226304