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Replying To realdub:  "I think we should enter, I reckon Dublin would have a good chance of being world champions :D"
Might be the future if football and hurling kick off around the world. Remember that most soccer clubs are only about 100 years old, team sports is reveletly only a new thing.

Royal.Legend (Meath) - Posts: 425 - 16/08/2019 10:23:19    2226285


Replying To Rosineri1:  "that's great stuff, it definitely has been growing, I am involved in London with a club and feel we have it a lot easier than you guys, I know the European ladies football champions enter the All Ireland Junior, do any of the mens teams enter? I will have to try and get over for one of the competitions some weekend , be great to see. I follow the Moscow Shamrocks on social media, they put in an awful lot of effort. Games in Vienna will be at the rugby club over there?"
Yeah, the men's champions enter the All-Ireland junior series. This year Berlin GAA won the 15s championship so they will be representing Europe. Euro sides have never won a game (though Amsterdam have come close on a couple of occasions) so hopefully the Berliners can give a good account of themselves.

Yeah, it does involve a lot of commitment. A couple of years back I travelled 17,000 km to play football and hurling in co. Europe. There's also a strong social element to the games, with a post-tournament dinner and scoops involving all the clubs.

Moscow GAA play in Scandinavia I believe, very hard for them given the visa situation with the EU.

The club in Vienna play their tournaments at a soccer stadium, home to a second division Bundesliga side.

However, a lot of clubs will play on rugby pitches as you suggest.

There are a lot of twinning initiatives going on between European clubs and other GAA clubs, mostly in Ireland I think, but I don't see any reason why it can't involve other international sides. Just drop whatever club in whichever city a line about organizing a friendly and they're usually fairly obliging. I wouldn't expect any financial contribution from their end, though, other than perhaps hosting people to crash in their houses or whatever.

A few of us go over to play handball once per year in a London venue (Westway, near the Grenfell Tower) so there's already the beginning of something there regarding London. I certainly wouldn't balk at a weekend away there ;)

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Replying To Rosineri1:  "just checked the website, fantastic spread of clubs, amazing the amount of teams in Galicia and Brittany, great to see there are a number of underage teams also."
Galicia and Brittany are success stories, think the former has a 16 team league that started less than a decade ago, almost entirely native in composition. Brittany is a bit longer established but likewise heavily non-Irish.

Liffré from Brittany won the Euro intermediate title last year and I was very impressed with them. The French national team has also done well in the World Games held so far.

I reckon it's all the good food and wine, those fellas tend to be fitter than the Irish lads ;)

Best story from the Euro scene is Darmstadt GAA though, a bunch of university students from Germany who took up hurling and field full sides several times per year. They have even invented a new hybrid game pitting hurlers against lacrosse players ("hurlacross").

Gleebo (Mayo) - Posts: 1724 - 16/08/2019 11:54:40    2226341


This is a good initiative.

galwayford (Galway) - Posts: 1728 - 22/09/2019 08:00:35    2238177


This is a good initiative.

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