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Duvet Or Not To Duvet, That Is The Question?

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Replying To Joxer:  "If he's anything like Jack O'Connor then I doubt it. I went into the bar at half-time during the 2015 final and there was Jack and a member of staff plonked up having pints and a laugh celebrating their minor win. As everyone piled back out for the second half, storm Katrina wouldn't have moved Jack and the celebrating minors. Just sayin."
Jack knew he wasn't going to be back in the hot seat for Kerry that's most probably why he was in the bar.

PK is a different animal and he likes to study different styles setups it's a pass time of his also he doesn't drink so that won't have been a problem.

Ye have been well studied by now joxer, and throw in what Donie Buckley knows about ye already , this game is going to be very interesting.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 10514 - 22/08/2019 18:09:31    2228590


Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "I think we'll win this game, we have the runners now for this Dublin team now also we have scoring forwards that can hit 1:20 , we know this Dublin team inside out now .

And if we don't win , well we won't be hammered I can gaurentee you that ."
Yea agreed Kerry to beat this ageing Dublin team by 4 - 5 pts , but sure we'll give it everything .
38 All Ireland's 81 Munsters , total domination
By the mighty Kingdom.

superbluedub (Dublin) - Posts: 1954 - 22/08/2019 18:44:18    2228597


Yes i've had about10 pints. Yrs imay notbe entirely sober...but jesus i read the first post. There will be no need for a thread because the Dubs, like every other side in Ireland play what is considered a blanker

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 23/08/2019 04:17:48    2228680


Will Kerry play the blanket defense again for the replay?

They did really well limiting Dublins forwards, bar Rock.

5 man forward line though to be fair.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 3282 - 03/09/2019 10:55:10    2232277