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Wexford Hurling 2021 - 1 Like(s)
Massive win today. 8 points down and we dig out a last gap win. Clare will bemoan going down to 14 men for the last 15 minutes but we were down a man for ten minutes with the sin bin. So many other seasons we would have thrown in the towel. We still have to see Shaun Murphy and Paul Morris too and I look forward to Conor O Mahoney returning. They will also give out about Kelly being missing but we had Liam Ryan and Conor Mac absent. The team will only succeed when there is competition for places and all the new comers are going very well. It was great to see our half back line on top for periods today which is rare.

Yellow (Wexford) - 16/05/2021 20:18:33

Wexford Hurling 2021 - 1 Like(s)
Far from a perfect performance but a really satisfying win in the end, probably the 1 game out the 5 league games I would have liked to win the most given the recent record against the banner, some of Clare's dirty play during the game made it a bit sweeter, crazy pull by Liam Corry for the red card and a reckless pull earlier in the 2nd half, late tackle by Cathal Malone on Rory in the build up to the 2nd goal too just some examples. Taught we deserved the win too we created more and our poor freetaking was a big factor in Clare building up an 8 point lead, they were very economical in fairness to them. Fair play to David Dunne for a lad to gets plenty of criticism myself included but his effort levels can never be questioned and he had a really good outing yesterday,Foley was very good again and Flood has been 1 of the big positives from the 1st 2 games, his role in starting the move for the 2nd goal was brilliant. As Beano mentioned last week Rory's direct running is made for this new sin bin/ penalty rule, last year he might have been wrestled to the ground for the 2nd goal. Hearne was good when introduced has a touch of class about him and for me should start in Nowlan Park next Sunday disappointing he didn't today. I think today showed Liam Ryan is arguably our most important player given the damage Shanagher inflicted, although Reck and Donohoe had very good 2nd halves in an attacking sense we looked under pressure at times. O'Hanlon might be the best alternative at full back in the case of a Ryan absence. I wonder would Joe O'Connor be worth a go at sweeper if Foley sits out a league game, his pace, comfort carrying the ball forward would be suited to the role and would be well able to distribute too, he might not be a natural intercounty full back, only converted there in the 2019 club championship as the Martins seemed to look at it as a problem position prior to that he was mostly a midfielder or half forward. I taught he probably deserved his sin bin but Shanagher went down awful easily, as soon as he felt a bit if contact on his hips he threw himself to the ground, that's 1 concern I'd have of the sin bin/ penalty is lads possibly trying to engineer these scenario's throwing themselves to the ground as equally cynical play such as jersey holding and holding an opponent's hurl doesn't get the same severe punishment. Freetaking was poor but in fairness to Chin he has been very good on frees the last couple of years after having wobbles previously on them in 2018, I'd give him a pass for today but a repeat performance in that aspect next weekend would be a concern. Felt sorry for Mikie Dwyer today in a 2 man full forward line can be a graveyard shift at times and I wouldn't mind him starting again next weekend. I must say if I was a Clare supporter I'd be calling for Conlon to move back to the forwards he had minimal impact on the game today, Aidan McCarthy and Diarmuid Ryan were very good for them. So far of the 24 players used 5 have started and finished both games ( O'Keeffe, Donohoe, Flood, Bailey and Foley) while Dunne has played 65-70 mins in both. Mikie Dwyer played 55 mins or so last week and 45 or so today, while Shane Reck got the full game today and 45 mins or so last week after his brother got injured. I'd be happy enough for O'Keeffe to be on the bench next week with Hearne starting in midfield. If he's fit enough to be involved I'd like to see Glen Malone get as least 20 mins next week maybe even start although that would likely come at the expense of Bailey or Flood. According to Davy in his interview with Spratt we've 8 injuries at the moment, think Dunbar and Conor Mahoney and out for the entire league while I don't know the status of the remaining 6 ( Conor Mac, Ryan, Morris, Murphy, Damien Reck and Ross Donohoe)

wexico15 (Wexford) - 17/05/2021 01:52:21