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Confederate Flag - 11 Like(s)
Looks like we are at loggerheads on this one. In one camp you have the posters who say the flag should be banned because it represents hate, prejudice, pro-slavery, white supremacy, neo-nazism etc. The best counter argument on the other side of this debate is that it's PC gone mad and anyone who has a problem with the flag is an overly sensitive snowflake. I have spotted a trend that Ulster posters think the flag should be banned. Of all the posters on here, they know the most what it feels like to be subjected to bigotry and prejudice. I think the irony is, it's those who are trivialising this who are the ones that are snowflakes, cocooned away in their own little world away from the real world. Nobody is judging Cork fans for flying the flag in the past but now when it is so obvious what the flag represents, it has to go and has no place in the GAA.

Killarney.87 (National) - 16/08/2017 12:58:45

Connelly/Holmes - 8 Like(s)

Replying To GreenandRed:  "http://m.independent.ie/sport/gaelic-games/gaelic-football/holmesconnelly-on-mayo-revolt-aidan-osheas-selection-email-seamus-lobbying-for-hennelly-and-clashes-over-mass-times-35301012.html They told they voted 27/7 against them before they sent a letter to the county board. But they didn't tell Holmes and Connelly why they wanted them out."
Even the Galway hurlers sat down with Cunningham to try to air their differences mid-season. It's hard to feel sorry for the players, Holmes/Connelly or county board. If you compare Tipp 2015 vs Mayo 2015. Tipp players were blaming themselves for not winning the All-Ireland and letting the manager down and Mayo are blaming management for not winning the All-Ireland.

Killarney.87 (National) - 19/12/2016 23:00:03

B Flynn's comments on A O'Shea - 7 Like(s)

Replying To essmac:  "https://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2017/0518/876179-aidan-oshea/ Does anyone else think his comments are OTT?"
Yes, definitely. Talk about kicking a man when he is down. Aidan O'Shea is a soft target. Would he have made those remarks if it was another player? If he has 15 or 20 kids looking for his autograph or selfie he is not going to say no. Flynn is probably annoyed they weren't running to a Meath player instead.

Killarney.87 (National) - 18/05/2017 20:16:00

Tyrone Boycott Of RTE - 7 Like(s)
I think Harte and Tyrone are right in this instance. RTE crossed a line with the 'pretty little girl from Omagh' jibe, that is unacceptable and disgusting behaviour. One of the Tyrone posters made a good too about their style of football being taking to task for years by the likes of Pat Spillane. The funny thing is a lot of counties are playing a similar brand of football to it now. As for 'Up for the match' what will me miss, Des Cahill, asking an ex-Tyrone player whether he thinks they will beat the Dubs, he will say yes and there will be a big roar from the Tyrone fans in the audience. He will ask Jimmy Keaveney whether he thinks Dublin will win, he will say yes and funnily enough, the Dublin fans in the audience will cheer approvingly...

Killarney.87 (National) - 20/08/2018 14:49:51

Kerry V Dublin - 6 Like(s)
Dublin were completely ripped off by Gough and still nearly snatched it.

Killarney.87 (National) - 01/09/2019 17:13:34

Neutral venue for Dublin and Tipperary - 6 Like(s)

Replying To hill16no1man:  "Pointless thread it makes sense to have them in thurles as a double header.
Kilkenny v Waterford would have been there anyway so crowd wise it made sense to have it as a double header."
No it's not. It's unfair to Dublin. It's also the boring, predictable thing to do, put the hurling on in Thurles and everyone is happy.

Forget about having it in Portlaoise or Tullamore too. There was a brilliant opportunity to have this game in Cavan as a double header with the footballers just like Laois vs Tipp (Football) and Tipp vs Offaly (Hurling) in 2014. There was a great atmosphere that day and the footballers for a change got a Tipp crowd out supporting that they deserve.

There was a lot of nonsense talk about Tipp giving up home advantage last week. This is the time to do it. Keeper 7 and his Longford pals would have a short drive to see it in Bredfni Park. Cavan who finally have a hurling team again after a 6 year absence would get to host a top class knockout hurling championship game.

A load of Dubs live in Virginia and Cavan town, they like a game of football too so that would draw in a good Dublin crowd. With M3 to Kells its easy get to there.

Instead you have Tipp fans frustrated because they have to choose between their two teams. Dublin hurling fans are livid cos they are playing Tipp in Thurles. Cavan pubs and restaurants are disappointed cos less Tipp people will travel now.

All round a big fail by an unimaginative HQ who have no interest promoting hurling outside of where it is already strong.

Killarney.87 (National) - 04/07/2017 02:01:10

Leinster Hurling Championship - 5 Like(s)
Blatant foul on Smyth in the build up to Kilkenny's goal. Nothing new when Kirwan is the referee.

Killarney.87 (National) - 13/05/2018 15:32:56

Kilkenny and Tipp Give Us A Traditional All Ireland Hurling Final - 5 Like(s)
Cody thinks it's yellow, We all know it's red. No matter how you see it, It's an elbow to the head. An enquiry now is what he wants, To try to clear his name, But if you strike above the neck, Then hang your head in shame. For decades now it's utilized And for years they got away. That flailing hurl or helmet nudge, Will catch you out some day A player himself he knows too well, Well he that is no fool. When tempers up and blood near boil, Is time to keep the cool. When whistle blows and all is done, And Champions get the crown, Extend the hand to congratulate, No place for that Cody frown. So stop you whining pussy cats, Cause we don't give a f**k, It's the Premier boys in blue & gold, That get the McCarthy Cup!

Killarney.87 (National) - 23/08/2019 15:33:54

Westmeath V Dublin - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Ban:  "Rode by the ref!"
What you get up to in your spare time with Conor Lane is your own business.

Killarney.87 (National) - 25/06/2017 21:21:13

Failed drug test - 5 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "Oh yeah sure their all on something down here. Its DEFINITELY nothing as simple as something from an inhaler or anything. How many All-Ireland's do you want the GAA to take off us for this outrage? I mean I wouldn't expect anyone to wait until Sport Ireland have released their written statement or anything. Considering Sport Ireland have already clearly stated the incident was unintentional you'd think the focus would be more on why this suddenly comes to light a year later and what this says about the GAA and its dopping policies - the lack of transparency, the secrecy etc etc. But no, some of ye lads go on ahead and fling a bit of mud at a young amateur athlete and try and tarnish his reputation."
First things first, this is the second Kerry player to fail a drugs test, not fiction or anything like that, it is a FACT. Secondly, I find my it interesting that it is the second Kerry player to fail a drugs test and that is my OPINION. When O'Mahoney failed, I thought yeah, probably something harmless but for it to happen a second time is careless. As the saying goes "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me". Something needs to be done address this, Kerry, like everyone other team, has a big backroom team of doctors, nutritionists, physios, masseuses, performance consultants, manager, selectors, counsellors, weather consultants, psychics etc.. Surely between the lot of them one of them would be able to advise the players on what is a banned substance and what isn't. The players are big boys too and should take responsibility for what they are taking. Next thing ye will be saying that eating food is more dangerous before driving a car than consuming alcohol, oh wait ye already said that. I don't maybe ye are all on drugs in the South West. It would explain an awful lot anyway.

Killarney.87 (National) - 28/05/2017 19:14:42

Kerry v Mayo - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Gaillimh_Abu:  "Kerry's persistent cynical fouling is sickening. They are making no attempt to tackle - they just pull and drag all the time."
They do it all the time and got away with it in the 2014 final because of a weak referee.

Killarney.87 (National) - 26/08/2017 15:47:10

Mayo V Galway - 4 Like(s)
Hard luck to Galway and Kevin Walsh. I think overall he has done a good job with Galway but will still take a lot of unfair flak after this year. It could be good for him and Galway to have a change of scenery next year. On the plus side, it is great to see Mayo in the Super 8s. It was as dull as dishwater without them in the super 8s last year and an inevitable procession to Dublin's 4 in a row. It will be great seeing them up against Kerry and Donegal/ Rockford. Mayo should get lots of credit for making the Super 8s with the injuries they have had to deal with this year. Hopefully they will make the semi finals and see what happens from there. Coen is having a great season and giving them an extra dimension at full forward.

Killarney.87 (National) - 07/07/2019 04:12:14

Failed drug test - 4 Like(s)
That is Kerry player number two to fail a drugs test, interesting....

Killarney.87 (National) - 28/05/2017 16:07:42

Move Dublin into the Munster Football Championship - 4 Like(s)
I am reading baffling posts by Dublin posters who think Kerry have an easy route to the all-Ireland semi finals because all they have to do is beat Clare and Tipperary in the Munster championship and now Clare again in the quarter finals. I think Dublin should switch to the Munster championship if they think it's such a cake walk. Us in Tipperary would even be so helpful as to take Dublin's spot in the Leinster Championship.

Killarney.87 (National) - 23/07/2016 21:29:56

Congratulations Dublin! - 4 Like(s)
Congrats to Dublin on the 4 in a row. They have probably cemented their claim as the greatest of all time now.

Killarney.87 (National) - 03/09/2018 21:10:21

All Ireland Final - Who You Shouting For? - 4 Like(s)
Dublin for various reasons

Killarney.87 (National) - 28/08/2019 15:05:14

Joe Mc Quillan for football final - 4 Like(s)
Is it true that he has refereed internal games at Dublin training sessions? That would be the only problem I would see with him in charge of true. If it is true, Mayo should demand he come down to Castlebar before the final and referee on of their A vs B games in training.

Killarney.87 (National) - 04/09/2017 23:57:40

Shame on Tipperary supporters - 3 Like(s)
Calm down, would you get 300 at all the Monaghan hurling games in the league combined?

Killarney.87 (National) - 06/02/2017 04:30:39

Kerry 4 In A Row V Dublin 5 In A Row - 3 Like(s)
An unfair and seeded Munster championship helped Kerry. Just when we were showing signs of promise the seeded Munster football championship was voted back in against our will. Munster Hurling championship, on the other hand, has been seeded for years with Clare (1998) the only one not to win the provincial championship in the last 10 years. Of course, Clare did win an All Ireland six years ago.

Killarney.87 (National) - 19/09/2019 09:49:37

Hurling better than football....?? - 3 Like(s)
I'd rather watch a bad hurling match over every football match except the semi finals and final.

Killarney.87 (National) - 10/07/2016 20:23:33