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Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 2 Like(s)
Totally agree with jbballer the welfare of the lads is not taken into consideration they brought a lad into talk and encourage players which was brilliant but when lads were dropped or difficulty of injury etc. happened this lad is no where to be seen a performance enhancer should be a link between players and managers but this is not the case it just Joyce's method which is no method at all this manager has no inter personnel skill which is key to building a team I believe there is no loyalty within the players group to him, when the fairy tale comes to an end that's when the beans will be spilt this is a county board ISSUE and this is why we lack transition from Minor to Senior, a joke, Galway get read of the current county board and do not re hire based on the old stock that have hung around pearse stadium for years give the board young professional energy and success will then follow, Major problems in Galway GAA at the moment and its not players its county Board and management a dictatorship not a leadership..........I have never seen a county with such club rivalry and when it comes to representing the county key people within Galway football cannot park this and select the best in the county but only the ones that suit the current management set up. A natural professional interview team should be employed to select the right people how many clubs will agree to that??????????maybe not so many as result might not favour them

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 15/08/2016 13:30:38

Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To juniorblegend:  "If true that they were looking at Molloy again then fair dues to them, he would want to be playing right out of his skin though, as minors played full Corofin Intermediate team last night and apparently put 5 goals past them ( Bernard Power in goals) and won game easily enough. that will have been a good test for the minors with Corofin having a hardy, big , talented team at that grade. As for injuries , not sure , it appears that they are giving time to a lock of players who have slight knocks/strains to heal , heard that a few players who haven't started championship so far played last night and did very well - and will give the management some food for thought. haven't heard anything on Darcy , Golderick or McFadden, it would be important that we have McFadden back in the corner to free up Garvey to move to half line. Darcy being available for any portion of game time is a bonus at this stage. Golderick gives options in the corner or at wing forward and should be fine. hopefully whatever injuries they have will heal up in good time. Gaillimh Abu"
Don't agree corofin been a test for Galway minors got beaten this week end by an average Williamstown team Joyce should play teams that are performing Donegal will eat them alive

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 14/08/2016 22:57:51

Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 1 Like(s)
What about Kerry they are top glass playing at least 2 levels above most team's playing this year. no tactics will beat them, it's just pure breed football the skills were not developed when they became u 16 or minors this is from walking stage so comfortable on the ball top class a pleasure to see

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 28/08/2016 22:22:13

Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 1 Like(s)
This team under 20 with a right manager and a slightly different mix of players could win an all lreland goldrick to small will not feature after minor

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 20/09/2016 22:18:01

Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To gaillimhboy:  "so the captain was picked by kelly? i doubt it"
Why do you doubt it he pushed it and proud to say so in his own circle of fools because fools talk

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 17/08/2016 19:14:53

Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To philip3:  "I've never heard such a ridiculous statement in my life. If you believe he had something to do with it you are away with the birds. Your clutching at straws all year giving out seeing as your own lad was dropped of the panel. It must be heartbreaking for you to see them in Croke Park on Sunday and live on TV.Gaillimh abú"
You have it wrong I am well passed having a lad on the minor panel but what l can tell you I had one a few years ago on a minor panel so keep guessing

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 17/08/2016 21:25:12

Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To jkballer:  "Phillip 3 don't know what quibble you have with Moc. but he seems to have a lot of knowledge on what's going on. It was very plain to see last year the influence certain members/ selectors had aka last year's minor captain??????"
Brilliant spot on thanks dandy Kelly for that gift l seen that captain been eat alive by a great C back Kelly was there hated every minute of it put who paid the price the poor lads that hammered him with great football Kelly give it up your not a selector

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 16/08/2016 20:09:13

Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 1 Like(s)
Well done today the minor team were top class leaders really stood up a few passengers minimum not worth talking about there is a few gems Goal keeper,full back,corner forward 13 and full forward midfield work rate was massive but will need to just up a step well done lads

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 21/08/2016 19:48:42

Galway Minor Footballers 2016 - 1 Like(s)
Where was Molloy last night is he injured

whatsup2015 (Galway) - 30/06/2016 18:29:59