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Tony Kelly or Austin Gleeson - 2 Like(s)
Tony Kelly...for every wide Gleeson hits Kelly will hit a point.

PremierGold (National) - 22/11/2016 09:09:42

Hurler of the Year 2016 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To juniorjudge:  "AG POTM and not SC"
Are you eligible for player of the year if you are taken off in a munster final for hitting so many wides?? most hyped of they year then gleeson would have it wrapped up

PremierGold (National) - 08/09/2016 22:16:38

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Greetings from the All-Ireland champions. Just touching base to see how the post-mortem on 2019 is going. I see the S&C coach and selector have left, is it all starting to unravel lads? Some key questions: -After losing 3 games out of 6 in championship have Limerickbecome predicatable and beatable in the same wasy as Clare did after 2013 with Kinnerk as coach? -Can John Kiely recover from being totally out-foxed in the Munster championship by Liam Sheedy? -Will Limerick continue to narrow the pitch for big games? -Will Limerick keep a defeat to under 10 should they meet Tipp in Croke park(Tipps effective homeground)?? Big questions over the winter on Shannonside to mull over!!

PremierGold (Limerick) - 04/10/2019 09:58:22

Puke Hurling - 1 Like(s)
I think the Leinster boys are confused between excitement and quality. Take last weekend, Limerick showed awesome quality in all depts. to destroy clare in a game that was over well before half-time. Gal v KK was a "thriller" because both sides mistakes kept the other in it: -Both KK goals were awful defending -Galway again had no one to take the frees with Flynn missing 5 -3 players sent off through ill'discipline -A bag of wides for both -Centre-backs hand-passing balls to the opposite forwards for handy points The previous week Tipp were top drawer beating clare in Ennis, while gal v wexford had another "exciting finish" because neither was good enough to put the other away in a game lacking in any quality. Also last week Lim v Cla and Gal v KK, which one did RTE see as the minor match to be put on at 2PM and which was the fillet steak for 4PM....they know the pulling power of the munster championship!!

PremierGold (National) - 13/06/2019 14:26:19

Is Hurling Now Becoming Boring? - 1 Like(s)
Personally would not agree, we have seen some superb games in the past 10 years in particular. The club game at the weekend was great stuff. I think we will have an absolute humdinger of a Munster Championship this year. There is more of an emphasis on the skills now but thats no harm to have alot of the mullocking take out of it. Now this new thing of the goalie playing a 1-2 with the full-back before launching the ball we could do without but all in all I still think its exciting.Now football...........

PremierGold (National) - 27/03/2018 15:42:49

Limerick hurling 2016 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To LuimneachDaithi:  "Seat Z is ok. I was in Gaelic Grounds yesterday evening as volunteered to steward on Sunday so had a look. Row Z is middle of the stand just more or less level with the entry/exit points. Row CC for a earlier poster just 3 rows behind that."
Nice one , thanks!

PremierGold (Limerick) - 08/07/2016 17:21:42

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Greetings again from the all-ireland champions!! Lads any truth in the rumours that Limerick games next year will not be on the Sunday Game but instead will be on crimeline on the Monday night?

PremierGold (Limerick) - 26/11/2019 16:54:56

Limerick hurling 2016 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To welpastit:  "If Richie Mac started at 3 against Tipp we would have been in today's Munster final as for would next manager be happy to start him against Callinan I don't see why not he marked Callinan in 12 13 and 14 and did better in him than any other full backs in those games. He was poor last year playing on a very poor team when Callinan got good ball after good ball."
Sorry just so my eyes have not deceived me are you actually saying that if Richie McCarthy had been playing against Tipp ye would have beat Tipp???!!! Did you see today??...take a bow if so...post of they year!!!!

PremierGold (Limerick) - 10/07/2016 20:46:05

Loughnane on Cody - 1 Like(s)

Replying To witnof:  "Got to admire Ger for how he keeps himself in the papers"
Hit the nail on the head!! Thats all this is about. Every year there are star players retiring who are possible pundits, so Loughnane who is a long time gone from the game has to spin this stuff to stay in focus. Normally its Tipp he is having a go at (once called Bonnar Maher a junior b player) but he cant do it this year so he has turned on Cody! I would think Cody has bigger issues to sort out now than Ger.

PremierGold (National) - 02/12/2016 13:38:36

Galway v Tipp hurling - 1 Like(s)

Replying To TouchOfClass:  "look again, McGrath bumped into Callanan, he fell over too easy (would Skehill fall over, would he f**k), no free out, no way a free out although I do not blame C Callanan for the concession, fault lies with Dai Burke for not staying with S Callanan and to a lesser extent Harte for getting sucked in - I also believe the referee was allowing advantage to S Callanan for the foul committed on him by Mannion, did Bonner throw the ball? of course he threw the ball, Tipperary were dropping the ball and running onto it all day long, minor point on the referee as I believe this should not be a ball foul, it adds to the speed of the game if it were the other way round we would not cry foul, we cannot keep sugar-coating and allocating blame to either the opposition or the referee, same goes for the two Canning incidents, when you run down the line you leave yourself open to the shoulder charge and the hamstring incident was nothing more than two guys going hard for the same ball - no excuses Niall O'Meara was certainly late on Adrian Tuohy, referee was certainly a long way from the incident but this should not be an excuse, had the referee blown for a free from where the ball landed (probable point) and allowed attention for the injured player, subsequently allowed Galway make the necessary substitution, am convinced Canning would have scored and his hamstring incident may not have occurred at all - in this case I am not sugar coating, I blame O'Meara for a striking incident (red card - elbow dislocated) and I am blaming the referee for not seeing it and also not stopping play. Guess what ! J O'Dwyer (1-00) for O'Meara (45) - Bubbles did nothing for 25 minutes except score that single goal, O'Meara did nothing for 45 minutes! such are the fine margins even if the all knowing Ger Loughnane insists that Bubbles starts the final"
On the other-hand without that goal Tipp were probably out of the championship and thats what Bubbles gives you, probably the only player on the pitch who could have put that away and at such a crucial time, also that was his first action in 2 months. I think ye can worry not in Galway, I wondered last year did ye just catch us cold but no, ye have an impressive,athletic team that should win an AI in next 2 years I would predict. Good manager too who probably picked up alot of knowledge working in the Tipp backroom!

PremierGold (Galway) - 16/08/2016 15:51:51

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To welpastit:  "Glad to see so many on here advocating man marking Maher. Makes you wonder why no one else has done it to date. Hayes wont be marking Maher as that would change our game plan. The best option here is if fit play Flanagan at FF. Detail Flanagan to mark Maher and let Barry do whatever he wants he is not going to have anything like the same level of impact on the game that Maher would. As for Peter Casey all his best performances have like Dowling been as a sub. People are talking about our bench being proven to be weaker than we thought. This is v far from the case. No other county can call on the likes of Dowling Casey or indeed Pat Ryan to come into a game. Just because Dowling and Casey are not 70 minute men does not dilute the fact that they are lethal when introduced. For me the team picks itself its last years All Ireland winning team with O Donoghue instead of O'Donovan. Id be pretty sure that with our big guns back and if we man mark Maher we will win comfortably.. Sorry Premier if you think as a mere Limerick man I could be so brazen but for me its Limerick by 5+"
Not at all its your money! I dont know lads I think there is a feeling in Limerick that all yer geese are swans, this guy will come in and do that, they have injuries so this , if that fellow does this it will mean that, I have seen less question marks in a game of trivial pursuit!! There is also an implication that Tipp were flat out 2 weeks ago in Thurles which was far from the case. I think Limerick simply have to win on Sunday after the pressure they have places themselves under but I can still see the Rolls Royce overpowering the Citroen myself. Then its off to Croker where this Tipp team always play 5-6 pts better! Ye have to win on Sunday lads......whose driving the Citroen?

PremierGold (Limerick) - 24/06/2019 13:50:41

Limerick Senior Hurling 2018. - 1 Like(s)
COMHAIRDEGHEAS LUIMNEACH!! I live on the Limerick border with numerous Limerick cousins so this is going to be a rough year slagging wise!! However it was a thoroughly deserved victory over the course of the year with some great high-energy hurling played by the Treaty men. Of course Declan Hannon,Cian Lynch,Pat Ryan and the Morriseys have strong Tipp links so our missionary work has been a great success!! Anyways enjoy the celebrations which hopefully will go on for supporters and players for about 10 months!!

PremierGold (Limerick) - 21/08/2018 12:13:29

All Tipp - 1 Like(s)

Replying To JC Wales:  "Will or can Tipp do the double they are the only team at this stage of the stage of the championship for some years to do so it is a massive almost impossible task to achieve first they got to beat whats in front of them in the games and then we can guess its Cats and Dub's. It's a nice dream but when momentum gets going it can take you to another level. The hurlers seem to have a lot going for them at the moment. The footballers are a very talented bunch and are taking it all in progressing / learning and capable of reaching great heights without panicking. Anyone got any thoughts or dreams on it"
I would settle for the hurling AI!! Its a big ask to win in one of the codes never mind two, of the two it would be very difficult to see the footballers see it out give you are looking at dub/kerry final if even get there. Hurlers have a fighting chance, a good win versus Galway and we will be well on the way.

PremierGold (Tipperary) - 02/08/2016 21:39:17

Is This The Golden Age Of Hurling? - 1 Like(s)
What a fantastic win for the premier county, we certainly have Kilkenny's measure now after the last two hammerings, there again when you look back over history we have always had Kilkennys measure ("KK for the hurlers Tipp for the men" but on Sunday we had both!!) KK of course should not have been in the final, caught Limerick cold,Cork let them off the hook and their record in Lenister was poor, but of course we can only beat whats in front of us!!

PremierGold (National) - 22/08/2019 09:18:21

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Lads I warned ye about karma after the munster final!!! Ye cant be narrowing pitches for munster finals, I have seen wider golf fareways!! Also fans have to earn the right to be arrogant, ye need another 10 AI's before ye have that. Ye were patting john kielys back after mun final after pulling one over Sheedys eyes in earlier game, but perhaps the ultimate wool was pulled over his eyes in the mun final?? As Sheedy said after Sunday, eyes were at all times on the big prize. As I said on an earlier thread ye are lucky Sheedy did not come back last year!!!

PremierGold (Limerick) - 22/08/2019 09:24:16

Neutral venue for Dublin and Tipperary - 1 Like(s)

Replying To bloodyban:  "That's not like for like. You are being obtuse. Wembley is a neutral venue for Chelsea v Manchester City for instance even though Chelsea is in London. It's the national stadium for England as is Croke Park for Ireland. Dublins home pitch is Parnell Park not Croke Park. Thurles is Tipperarys pitch. It's not a national stadium. It's no higher or lower than Fitzgerald stadium, The Gaelic Grounds or P.u.C. That there's a push always to make it a favourite venue for matches is odd. Clare agreeing to at there instead of Limerick will come back to bite them. They 'll be outnumbered 3 to 1 at least for the final. In limerick it would have been 3 to 2"
Croke Park is the national stadium and Thurles is deemed second, PuC may now compete in terms of national fixtures, the rest are no where. As someone else said if Croker was available it would be there, as it is not it goes to the next big one. This is only an issue because its Tipp, if it was anyone else there would'nt be a word.

PremierGold (National) - 04/07/2017 17:46:31

All Tipp - 1 Like(s)

Replying To hogan35:  "Best of luck sunday lads. I really hope ye hammer them this time round."
Thanks for that, but I am curious as to why a KK man wants Tipp to hammer Galway?

PremierGold (Tipperary) - 10/08/2016 16:28:01

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Lads I was in the Gaelic Grounds on Saturday to witness the glorious if common sight of a Tipperary team winning yet another AI playing the type of expressive,attacking,goal-centered, joy-to-watch brand of hurling that we are used to in Tipp but which few can match. And a thought struck me, the Gaelic Grounds is fine pitch to play such hurling and it would be a shame to narrow it for a big game!!

PremierGold (Limerick) - 26/08/2019 16:39:18