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Galway V Tipp. Semi final. - 6 Like(s)
Congrats lads and fair play to ye. What another great game yesterday nothing in it and could of gone either way just like 10,15,16 and now yesterday. Anyway enjoy the next 4 weeks and best of luck in the final.

therealtmo (Galway) - 07/08/2017 08:52:49

Tipperary v Mayo - 4 Like(s)

Replying To paddyogall:  "Mayo are in the final already no doubt about that. They should now prepare for Dublin- they will not let anything out of the bag for the semi final. Rest the star players- then go hell for leather in the final."
I'm with you on that Paddy, ye should definitely rest up the big players for the final.

therealtmo (National) - 06/08/2016 21:36:25

Galway v Waterford Final - 3 Like(s)

Replying To clondalkindub:  "Come on man that's the bleeding extreme , if you punch a player you could kill him aswell but should a player get a year suspension for throwing a punch knowing how dangerous it could be? What Gleeson did was not one bit dangerous , I don't know about yous but I want to see the best players playing. If it's a dirty stroke then fair enough but for pulling a helmet off come on that's ridiculous."
Declan Fanning the current Tipp selector nearly lost his ear in 2010 by a helmet being pulled of his head. He required an operation and 39 stitches. No tell me this rule is stupid. It's there to protect players from such injuries happening again. The rule just needs to be applied by every ref in every game.

therealtmo (National) - 13/08/2017 21:26:05

Kilkenny and Tipp Give Us A Traditional All Ireland Hurling Final - 3 Like(s)
This is so sweet. It's now Friday after all Ireland and still moaning. Get them sour grapes into lads, its getting sweeter by the day.

therealtmo (National) - 23/08/2019 20:55:16

Ramblings of a Dub - 2 Like(s)

Replying To moc.dna:  "Cringe, "youse even embarased da Dubs, scarlet for ya"."
Haha couldn't agree more. Cringe.

therealtmo (National) - 20/08/2016 20:53:10

Tipp 3 in a row - 2 Like(s)
Ya if we win our next game it will be three in a row. That would be great. Do you know it's 40 odd years since we did back to back.

therealtmo (National) - 19/02/2017 15:45:48

Kilkenny and Tipp Give Us A Traditional All Ireland Hurling Final - 2 Like(s)

Replying To BliainanÁir:  "A deliberate tactic is too strong but they are told to make the most of any illegal stroke or clash. No way would Paudi Maher do what he did against Laois and Barrett make such a meal of the contact last Sunday. He went down in a very unnatural way. Liam Sheedy wants to win as much as the next man. I'm sure he's a fine man but exaggerating contact brings results. Why wouldn't simulation creep into hurling?Tipp were sluggish against Laois and it made for an easy 2nd half once Laois lost the man. Tommy Walsh (2009) and RIchie Hogan (2019 v Cork) wanted to get up as quickly as possible after the hits they took, as if it was a sign of their toughness. Totally different mindset to Paidi Maher (especially) and Barrett. Now where does this come from? Seems to be management driven as under O'Shea and Ryan this culture wasn't there."
Ah stop will you. You are making a show of yourself. Even the KK lads are starting to leave this go. If you were sitting near the front row where Paudie got the belt on the shin you might have a different view or if you seen his leg the following Saturday you wouldn't be saying he went down to easy.

therealtmo (National) - 25/08/2019 10:25:15

All Ireland hurling quarter finals - 2 Like(s)

Replying To juniorjudge:  "Ahhh brick is on his last campaign for sure, dont think he has done anything to warrant be dropped though?! He is a leader on the pitch, fair enough the legs are giving up but he was never known for his speed. He should be good for 55/60 mins id imagine. I really dont think they will change up the system though. It has worked almost every game. Could be a small shake up in players though. Reaally looking forward to sunday"
You said earlier Waterford are still contenders for all Ireland but yet you state that ye shouldn't go away from the "system" . Are ye for real ? Did you see what Tipp did well double that nightmare and that's what KK will do to the system. When will this Waterford team be just sent out to hurl of the cuff, I think if Waterford don't go away from the system asap the current bunch of players will be destroyed.

therealtmo (National) - 21/07/2016 20:35:16

HS Readers' Hurling Team Of The Decade - Defenders - 2 Like(s)
2 Paul Murphy 3Dathi Burke 4. JJ Delaney 5. Tommy Walsh 6. Paudie Maher 7 Brendan Maher

therealtmo (National) - 18/11/2019 16:59:51

All Ireland hurling quarter finals - 2 Like(s)

Replying To juniorjudge:  "Why cant we win the AI with the system?? 3rd best team in country in 18 months....beat kk and tipp albeit the league this year....if waterford played tipp again b4 september id put my house on the line it wouldnt be anywhere near same score. Like it or love it we are a team on the up"
If you think Waterford can win all Ireland with the system you haven't being watching hurling that long. The system can be torn apart by a good team like Tipp, now I said good team, KK are a great team can you see Waterford beaten KK with the system ? What's to say Liam Dunne hasn't a plan to pull the system apart ? I'd only love to see Waterford win the all Ireland but not with the way they hurl at the moment.

therealtmo (National) - 21/07/2016 22:50:21

Hurling QF's in Cork/Lack of games in Limerick - 2 Like(s)

Replying To perfect10:  "what happens if clare beat cork?"
They will be Munster champions......

therealtmo (National) - 19/06/2017 21:41:15

Players of the Year - 1 Like(s)

Replying To juniorjudge:  "good boy austin...as tina said....better than all the rest!!"
Man junior I'll get you a bigger stick to stir it. Hahaha

therealtmo (National) - 05/11/2016 10:13:28

Rory Gallagher - Neutral Venue - 1 Like(s)
As far as I know we will be looking for the all Ireland to be moved to Semple stadium V the Dubs this year hahaha

therealtmo (National) - 31/07/2016 20:38:03

Galway v Waterford Final - 1 Like(s)
It's the final I wanted to see, but I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed as I think Galway will win this with a good bit to spare possibly by 10 points or more. How many times have we seen Tipp take Waterfords sweeper system to the cleaners over the last few years. Galway have the best Manager in the game at the moment and was part of that Tipp camp that tore the sweeper apart. I can't wait for the final and to see new champions, couldn't begrudge either Waterford or Galway an all Ireland at this stage.

therealtmo (National) - 14/08/2017 20:35:08

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Limerick 4/5 in paddy Powers for league game V Tipp. Tipp only back training this week after being away on holidays. Time to fill the pocket. €1000 returns €1800.

therealtmo (Limerick) - 13/01/2020 19:05:21

Kilkenny v Waterford - 1 Like(s)

Replying To johnwhite12:  "If it is like a home game to them why did they not wont to play the munster final in Thurles this year , I think a lot of people have a short memory of Kilkenny playing in Thurles."
Are ye a bit wound up down Nore side John ? Big bad Waterford poke the bear with the stick ? Don't worry John think ye will be ok come Saturday evening. Tipp and Waterford have no agreement on home and away leaving Waterford well within their rights for a neutral venue that's why they didn't want to play the Munster final in Thurles.

therealtmo (National) - 10/08/2016 18:18:31

Limerick Hurling 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To welpastit:  "I dont believe Joyce would get a game in a half back line with Byrnes and Hickey. I dont see Fitzgibbon or until last Sunday Cooper starting nor do I see Meade starting for us. I dont see Brosnan or Lawton getting on our panel. I dont see Fahy or O Connell from Clare getting on our panel. I suppose it is unfair to single people out but I dont understand those who say we dont have the players or we are in transition. Our players have won Munster medals at schools minor U 21and senior level at both club and county. They have won All irelands at club and U 21 level and some of them have All stars. We cannot be consistently in a transition stage it cant just always be only the payers fault. Corks backs in particular have improved hugely their full back line was very average before the Tipp game. In his commentary last Sunday Duignan commented on how much they had improved and the influence the Rock probably had on them. Well who is coaching our backs? Lehane has been hit and miss for years yet now he is proving to be a match winner. Bill Cooper was v good last Sunday but would anyone here have predicted that? A bad work man blames their tools players on a par or poorer than ours are being coached to perform better than ours. On paper this is the most talented squad I can remember so its time to stop making excuses and time to stop thinking we are inferior to players who our players have beaten consistently up along the line."
You are going on about underage success and lads with medals but so do every other County. I don't get this under age success you are talking about. I know ye won 21s all Ireland. The other statement about players not making such a panel or Cork players not making Limerick team is madness.

therealtmo (Limerick) - 20/06/2017 19:20:19

Kilkenny v Waterford - 1 Like(s)
Delighted for Waterford to finally come out and hurl, why oh why did they go back to the sweeper in last ten minutes. Waterford just hurled today and showed what they can do. Have they missed their chance ?

therealtmo (National) - 07/08/2016 18:32:47

Limerick Hurling 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To welpastit:  "Realtmo do Cork players have Munster medals at schools minor U 21 or All Ireland's at U21 or club level? Do Wexford players have U21 AI or club medals? No they don't. I'm not making us out to be world beaters believe me. I'm simply saying our players are not as poor as most of our own want to make out. Tactically all year we have been inept. From a selection perspective we have gotten things wrong time and again. I'm not saying we will beat all around us. Simply saying in my opinion people who say we don't have the players are wrong because squads with players of equal or less ability are getting results. People who insult players by saying they have no heart are wrong. I have seen those from 22 down win underage games that they should not have won. It's just too simple to blame our players and too simple to make excuses."
Ya but you can't keep blaming the management either. Some times the players need to have a good hard look at themselves. What ye do have is two or three older player no longer good enough and another two or three lads that are just happy to go along with the flow and won't step up to the plate and take on the leadership. It will be very interesting to see what road Kiely will take the next day, I can see him going with a very young team the next day and clearing out the older gang.

therealtmo (Limerick) - 20/06/2017 20:08:08

Clare v Tipperary (Hurling) - 1 Like(s)

Replying To WildPundit:  "Tipp haven't half hurled this year and now in the last 4. Should have plenty of energy to see out two games.need to tighten up at the back and we need our strongest 15. Clare could have won but really 3 sloppy goals 2 of which kept them in the game."
Barrett hurled very well for his club today do you see him back in the set up Soon ?

therealtmo (National) - 23/07/2017 19:50:02