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Davy Fitz - 2 Like(s)
Look,if they just tell him to cut back on the calf nuts he'll be fine.

Muilleann (National) - 17/04/2017 11:54:22

Tipperary v Mayo - 1 Like(s)
I personally think we were lucky to draw Mayo in the semi because our bench,unfortunately,is limited and Mayo are an ageing side well past their best. Would not like to have drawn Dublin or Kerry. I've always liked,and cheered for,Mayo and I think that in my lifetime this has been the best Mayo team ever but they've just been poxed to run into super Dublin & Donegal teams. Scary thing for Mayo is that if we had all our footballers yesterday we'd probably have beaten them.

Muilleann (National) - 22/08/2016 13:33:26

Dublin V Kerry NFL Final - 1 Like(s)
Don't Kerry will be getting carried away with this one. Connolly off the field for most of the match. Plus,ball going in to high too high to Dublin forwards. Early days.

Muilleann (National) - 10/04/2017 13:06:30

Dublin V Kerry NFL Final - 1 Like(s)

Replying To s goldrick:  "It is not the referee's job to "let the game flow". There is no onus on the referee to ensure it is a good or enjoyable game. It is the referee's job to apply the rules . There is not a referee in the country that applies the rules throughout a game. The ref yesterday made loads of mistakes (deliberate or otherwise). This happens week-in week-out up and down the country. Fair play to both teams yesterday for the quality of the game. I thought David Moran was a colossus as usual. Mick Fitzsimons also great. The Geaneys , savage and Barry also. Morley had a good game too. McMahon was good for Dublin as was Fenton, McCarthy (although he had his hands full with Walsh). Cluxton very good also. For me Kilkenny is the man that makes Dublin tick though and again he was very good. Is Connolly becoming a liability, It would be a shame for such a gifted player but if he doesn't improve his discipline he could be marginalised. The likes of Scully,McHugh,Costello,Reddan etc are all top class players and perhaps Dublin don't need him any more."
Ya,you're spot on there. It drives me mad listening to that auld "macho" spiel about letting the game flow. Problem with that approach is that when a referee lets something go he then finds himself having to compensate for it later on in the game and more often than not loses control of the game. Just blow the frees and everyone then knows where they stand.

Muilleann (National) - 10/04/2017 13:11:56

Kilkenny football - 1 Like(s)
In my personal opinion,and I know this is controversial,it's time for both games to go their separate ways altogether because it's the only way that hurling can really develop right across the country i.e. there should be a separate body altogether to promote hurling much like the Camanaiocht Association promotes shinty in Scotland. While the Northern crowd mightn't like to hear this,the GAA has served it's purpose and it's time to move on.

Muilleann (National) - 18/04/2017 08:30:50

Disrespectful attitude to referees and winning teams - 1 Like(s)

Replying To catch22:  "Something that is regularly trotted out by Supporters and often the argument for a loss, is that referees are the cause of this because they are giving the winners preferential treatment I remember hearing this being leveled at Kilkenny when they were in their pomp and it always smacked of the bad looser maintality. Dublin seem to be getting the fingers pointed in their direction also now but apart from insulting to these two great sides it is utterly disrespectful to the men who put so much effort into our games and are doing their best under trying circumstances. Yes, they make mistakes but there is often the underlying suggestion that it is deliberate favouritism which is grossly unfair I feel. God knows I will shout and roar at the men in black as much as the next lad but I don't think they are corrupted as is being suggested in some quartets."
Have seen certain referees cause problems for themselves with their own aggressive attitude. Referees either have a certain presence and rapport with players or they don't. Plus,this thing of "macho" referees in hurling "letting the game flow" and awarding no frees invariably,in my view,ends up in a free for all when players inevitably take the law into their own hands.

Muilleann (National) - 10/01/2017 12:06:06