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Jack Mccaffrey - 9 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "He's got nothing more to prove you say? Well he didn't prove he could win a big championship game outside of crokepark :-)"
Neither has David Clifford to be fair. All big championship games are in Croke PArk for both Kerry and Dublin.

tiobraid (National) - 29/06/2020 16:38:34

Pearse Stadium - 9 Like(s)
Felt really sorry for two good teams having to play at the side of the ocean today. Salthill is just not suitable for games. Two good teams. The one big reason for the game being poor was the conditions. All for a city like Galway having cship games but every second game in salthill is ruined by the conditions

tiobraid (National) - 26/05/2019 21:18:36

Dean Rock Free Taking Project - 6 Like(s)
Well done to him. Great idea. Club managers are pulling in thousands a year and not many have issues with it. Always been a big Dean Rock fan. Easily the most under rated player in the country for me. So many hurling free takers get lauded for big scores in games and more often than not, all are from frees. Yet people state that Rock scores little from play when its not the case. His scores from play is up there with any top Dublin forward, past or present. Comes across as a real genuine and level headed guy so goo luck to him.

tiobraid (National) - 08/07/2020 18:01:38

Mayo V Dublin - 5 Like(s)
Keegan conceded one goal and should be 2. Liability in full back line as I predicted

tiobraid (National) - 10/08/2019 18:03:28

Shefflin Leaving Ballyhale - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Cockney_Cat:  "There are a lot of people on here, from outside Kilkenny, who seem to know the ins and outs of Henry Shefflin's and Kilkenny's future plans."
Do you ever have opinions or analysis of your own or do you always just comment negatively on everyone else's posts?

tiobraid (National) - 27/01/2020 21:37:54

Congrats Dublin on 3 in a row!! - 4 Like(s)
It's probably perceived that all the neutrals were shouting for mayo but that's not the case. I'm delighted this dublin team have won 3 in a row. From afar they look to be one of the most humble and downto earth lads to ever win anything. They're a credit to everyone they represent And they play football the proper way. Well done and enjoy it

tiobraid (National) - 18/09/2017 23:07:00

Team Of The Decade ( Eir Sport ) Style - 4 Like(s)

Replying To ConnollyDub:  "Rock Over-rated?? Come off it man...if anything he's one of the most under-rated players out there. When it really matters, he always shows up, on the biggest of days. Arguably Dublin's most influential player in finals ever. Here's his record in finals during our 5 in a row: 2015: 2pts from frees 2016: 4pts (1 from PLAY) 2016 Replay: 9pts (2 from PLAY) 2017: 7pts (4 from PLAY) 2018: 7pts (4 from PLAY) 2019: 10pts (4 from PLAY) 2019 Replay: 3pts (2 from PLAY)"
By far the most under rated player playing at min. Never seen him fail to deliver yet

tiobraid (National) - 04/01/2020 00:14:54

Flair players - 4 Like(s)
I haven't seen Michael Murphy waltzing through and scoring very often the last couple of years.

tiobraid (National) - 30/06/2016 13:49:04

Super 8 Weekly Predictions - 4 Like(s)
Finally got around to this. jackthedub with another strong showing out in the lead. (Hopefully this is readable when it appears on the forum!) Week 1 Week2 Total jacktheDub 4 3 7 Dunmore10 3 3 6 MuckrossHead 3 3 6 Bigmickey 2 3 5 Byanthon 3 2 5 greysoil 3 2 5 Man&Ball 2 3 5 OLLIE 2 3 5 Tirchonaill1 2 3 5 border Gael 2 2 4 kildare73 2 2 4 NaomhNaille 1 3 4 thelongridge 2 2 4 boriordan 0 3 3 GormlaighG 3 0 3 patk 3 0 3 Saffronhurl 3 0 3 tiobraid 2 1 3 waynoI 1 2 3 tribesman125 0 3 3 essmac 0 3 3 eirekeeper 0 3 3 Donegalman 0 3 3 riverboys 0 3 3 GreenandRed 2 0 2 KY4SAM2015 2 0 2 seadog54 1 1 2 The_Fridge 2 0 2 WaitingInTheLongGrass 2 0 2 Tir Conaill Abu 0 2 2 mon07 0 2 2 achara 0 2 2 St.Conleth 1 0 1 Trump2020 0 1 1 KY4SAM2015 0 1 1 lilylanger 0 1 1 blueblood 0 1 1

tiobraid (National) - 27/07/2018 12:12:09

Limerick V Galway - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Miami305:  "Yes it seems harsh alright. You wouldn't want to scare lads from playing in these games in future as a result, where by on the basis of this suspension, players in coming years opt out with an "injury" etc so as to preserve their involvement with the seniors"
It's more than harsh, it's a ridiculous rule. It's a seperate competition and he should be let tog out. Two yellows is no suspension and yet a red in a seperate competition warrants a suspension. Madness.

tiobraid (National) - 16/08/2018 15:56:13

Galway Vs Dublin - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Fionn:  "Mannion played well today. Did anyone notice him putting out his hand to shake hands with the Galway no4 before the ball was thrown in, only for the defender push it away and punch Mannion in the midrift... Paul took it and just smiled back at him... Classy repsonse....! Soon afterwards Mannion scored a point but rather than goad the defender, he turned away and got in position for the kick out... The guy is a class act not matter what the provocation and lets his football be his retaliation....!"
The perception of the dubs is still that they're arrogant. But the reason I'm such a fan of them is because they are anything but! You rarely see these lads in the media unlike other less successful counties who can't get on the radio or tv enough. The likes of mannion, rock, mcmanamon, Fenton, o'callaghan, etc. are brilliant players but they're team players who carry themselves exceptionally well from what I can see. It's about time neutrals stopped the begrudgery and appreciate what a great team -and men outside of football - that they are. They won't be winning forever.

tiobraid (National) - 12/08/2018 09:35:06

Michael Lyster - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Killarney.87:  "I wasn't that gone on him Ban to be honest with you, seemed very Anti-Tipp and took great pleasure out of bringing Michael Ryan on stage to announce Austin Gleeson as 2016 HOTY. I thought that was petty and mean spirited, no wonder Ryan was having media bans after that. As a broadcaster he was very good and competent, definitely knew his stuff about hurling and Football and managed the panel really well. He will missed the most when we see more of Darragh Maloney on air. In fairness Joanne Cantwell is a good broadcaster and interviewer so it is a relief that she is getting the job."
It mad to suggest it was his decision that Ryan presented Gleeson with the award. I'd say theres a very high chance he wouldnt have known whos name was in the envelope and even RTE may not have known and they may have assumed it was a Tipp player. Very harsh assessment on a man who has been the face of the GAA for decades. You'd never even know he was a Galway man with the way he presented when Galway were playing. Top class and sad to see him being forced to retire.

tiobraid (National) - 29/08/2018 08:49:08

Allianz Hurling League Prediction Thread - 4 Like(s)

Replying To PortInFaithful:  "So, that's a wrap on the group stages as preddan and tiobraid remain deadlocked at the top! I noticed the predictions dwindled by each round. Is the hunger still there for the knockout stages? If posters want to continue I will post next weekend's fixtures tomorrow when all the lower league games are confirmed."
Fair play to you for doing it. It's a bit of craic. Keep it going if it suits you...

tiobraid (National) - 12/03/2018 19:56:21

Tipp v Galway - 4 Like(s)

Replying To PoolSturgeon:  "You don't come onto HS to engage in hurling chat."
I'll comment on the match tomorrow but I'd like to see Hoganstand having a separate Hurling forum or something like that as they threads disappear to regularly off the page because there is so much more of an interest in football talk

tiobraid (National) - 11/08/2016 17:26:58

Eoin Murphy - 3 Like(s)

Replying To 890202:  "Just looking at the 3 nominations for hurling all star goalkeeper and it's dumbfounding how Callanan is nominated ahead of eoin Murphy. Do those who select the all star nominations just pick all Ireland finalists and the best semi finalists now or do they actually look at performances from the beginning of the league until September? Just for anyone who has forgotten just take a look at the league quarter final highlights on YouTube between Wexford and Kilkenny."
100% spot on. It hurt me for years to say anything good about KK but in fairness Eoin Murphy's performances added up to be the greatest performances in a year for an goalkeeper. I'd have no hesitation of giving him the All Star either and I don't care how early KK were knocked out

tiobraid (National) - 22/09/2017 11:32:12

Hurling Referees Destroying Hurling - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Canuck:  "I have always said referees in hurling have a terrible job and loath to condemn them. It is a two two man job on the field following the play. Umpires and lines men are asked specific questions and not monitoring the play. Why ? If the lines man looks back for the afters he will miss who put the ball over the line. Consistence is going to be an issue going forward as none for these red cards will be called in the summer. Not saying they were not deserved. Gleeson was a careless pull but no intent in the world to injure. If Kevin Moran far-ed he would have done more damage and the Tipp player should be ashamed of himself for embellishing as he was also the instigator. Barrett I did not see anything. Prunty pulled on the ball and made contact with it. We want and don't want the rules implemented but the standard of officiating is low and some thing is required to help. Crazy to expect the ref to control what is happening a 100 yds away. Again consistently will go out the window in the heat of championship and is that fair to the players dismissed today?"
Gleeson never got near the ball. A player with the quality he has doesn't miss a ball by that much. It was a silly pull and he really has to start learning soon.

tiobraid (National) - 02/03/2020 07:41:59

Pearse Stadium - 3 Like(s)

Replying To KillingFields:  "so what? Conditions would have been similar anywhere else. playing close to sea is no reason to move. your point on moving games from salthill would be more valid if your complaints were about access to the ground which is horrendous"
You should take a trip up to Pearse stadium sometime

tiobraid (National) - 27/05/2019 20:07:51

Limerick V Kilkenny - 3 Like(s)

Replying To skillet:  "Honestly. I feel sorry for you."
I agree. Obviously he's a young kid or an immature adult who probably was bullied as a child and knows no better. Unlikely to be his fault

tiobraid (National) - 27/07/2019 20:37:11

Ballyragget - 3 Like(s)
Great to see such debate an interest in a hurling thread for a change

tiobraid (National) - 26/10/2017 17:03:14

Kildare V Meath - 3 Like(s)
You don't win too many championship games with only really one top player. As I said last week. If Kildare hold Reilly they'll win pulling up. Meath just don't have the quality of players they need to compete at the top level. You can go through the whole team from goalkeeper up and none of these lads with the exception of Reilly would get on any of them old Meath panels. They still seem to have serious issues with physical fitness. Can't see them going places in the qualifiers to be honest. What's gone wrong with club level and underage in Meath?

tiobraid (National) - 18/06/2017 22:17:53