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It Will Be Five Years Since Kilkenny Won Liam - 11 Like(s)

Replying To Tirchonaill1:  "Galway winning Leinster? that says it all about the way hurling is, I couldn't give a sh1te who wins the hurling championship, can't even watch the thing."
If you don't give a s***e about the hurling championship, why did you open, read, and comment on a thread specifically about the hurling championship?

Marlon_JD (National) - 03/09/2019 14:51:52

Leinster - Now A Hurling Province? - 8 Like(s)

Replying To sportsfan14:  "Yes an obvious point. I refer to the rest of Leinster. Right now only 3 or 4 players outside of Dublin might be able to stake a claim on a Leinster 15....there is no other Leinster team in Division 1 next year, no one outside of Dublin has won the provincial crown since Meath 8 years ago., etc etc Why has football in Leinster gotten so bad...."
But sure if you do the same with Kilkenny in hurling, as you're doing with Dublin in the football, then football is still in a much better place. The last Leinster team to win a hurling AI apart from Kilkenny was Wexford in 1996, 22 years ago (I'd be happy if that statistic changed this year, btw). And are you factoring underage success into this? The last Leinster team outside of Kilkenny to win a minor hurling AI was Offaly back in 1989, 29 years ago. Only one Leinster team outside of Kilkenny has won an U21 hurling AI at all, and that was Wexford back in 1965. And the last time Kilkenny won the U21 AI was in 2008, 10 years ago. For all the underage hurling success Dublin have had at provincial level, it hasn't really translated to national success at minor or U21 level. That being said, Wexford look to be building on what they achieved last year, which is promising. And there is great work been done across the province, Carlow and Westmeath's success in recent years has been fantastic. Cuala have written themselves into hurlings history books as well. So there is immense potential in the province. But if hurling was truly more competitive in general in Leinster, or in the country overall, we wouldn't need FIVE tiers in the hurling championship. Realistically, there's a along way to go before hurling can come even close to football in terms of GENERAL competitiveness and/or popularity.

Marlon_JD (National) - 26/03/2018 17:15:25

Meath vs Antrim - 7 Like(s)

Replying To bumpernut:  "Yeah janesboro that's it There are no stands mind you, just grass banks, so bring an umbrella if its wet! No reason why it cant be a double header in croke, would prob suit youse as much as us. We'll run it by the Meath boys first tho as they seem to call the shots ;)"
Ah come on Bumpernut, this isn't a case of Meath calling the shots. Its a case of Meath's county board actually standing up for their hurlers. I'd say nearly 25% of hurling discussion on this board is around people complaining about the position teams outside the top tier are put in, i.e. unreasonable fixtures, unreasonable fixture dates, unreasonable match locations etc. If other county boards, especially from counties that are football focused, stood up for their own hurlers like Meath have, people would have a lot less to complain about. Meath were crowned winners last Saturday.It was due to a series of blunders by the officials, but its what happened. It wasn't a typical drawn match. Meath brought up the scoreboard issue to the officials during the match, and were told to play to the scoreboard. They did, they were crowned winners, and given the cup. Their biggest ever hurling achievement, and the end to their season. Of course they are going to celebrate, it wasn't a foregone conclusion that there was going to be a replay. It took 3 days for the CCCC to meet, and they announce the replay for 4 days later. Ridiculous. But instead of just accepting it, and wallowing in victim-hood, Meath asserted themselves. That's what every county board should do when they're not being treated right, at least if they care about their hurlers. Should Antrim have not done the same thing for their U21 hurlers for the 2013 final location?

Marlon_JD (National) - 09/06/2016 17:35:04

No Red Thumbs - 6 Like(s)

Replying To KillingFields:  "There was significant numbers of posts getting red thumbs regardless of what they said simply because of the person who posted the message. That's just malicious, trolling, bullying. There wouldnt be replies to the post. I know you are taking the p*ss with KGB."
I can see how the red thumb feature could be used negatively, or used to 'play the man/woman, not the ball' so to speak. And its hard to tell from a red thumb, whether someone slightly disagrees with your post, or absolutely hates it, or just generally dislikes the poster. But, replying to a post not personally directed at you with 'What age are you? 12 maybe?', is just as malicious as any red thumb. Fair's fair.

Marlon_JD (National) - 04/07/2020 15:50:11

Should The Rebel Flag Be Banned At Cork Matches? - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Cockney_Cat:  "There was no 'genocide' orchestrated by Cromwell in Ireland."
It can be difficult to know how to categorize some of these events, alot of the terms we rely on have become overloaded. I myself would view the famine as essentially a genocide (similar to some famine events in India). I would be more inclined to view the Cromwellian campaign and plantations as an ethnic cleansing. I think when you look at the forced displacement of the native population, the forced anglicization that followed, as well as the killings and somewhat murky/sinister exiles (essentially slavery in some cases), I think it rises to an ethnic cleansing, if not genocide. Either way, it stank. Its good to be aware of the crap we had to et historically, regardless of semantics, if only to be able to empathize with others historical (or current) issues. However, there is a line beyond which it just becomes wallowing in unearned victimhood, and that can be damaging. So its also good to keep this stuff in context. I don't really need to see statues of Cromwell torn down in Britain (although I wouldn't object!), I imagine most Irish people wouldn't either. Its just that, if a government starts removing symbols of some peoples historical suffering, while ignoring others, it means there's no underlying principal to the action. Either you value some peoples feeing over others, of you're just acting to placate some people based on the level of noise being made, which is really just patronizing and cynical.

Marlon_JD (National) - 24/06/2020 18:13:49

Boards Forum Restructuring - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KillingFields:  "Do you have proof of all that ive done. Links? Do you proof i have responded to myself? Its very common to want to change username. Which posters from nowhere take my side? Link to that? If youve been on here 20 years have you ever used other web forums? As if you have not then you have no experience of other forums and how modern they are. This site has a fairly decent number of regular users but its very limited."
Ormond, you're making a rod for your own back. The threads where you responded to yourself as another user (Baltra) are easily found. You actually owned up to it in the one thread, and that thread is still active. Do you really want people to post a link to it? It might be better to just leave it alone.

Marlon_JD (National) - 08/09/2020 20:48:40

Fair play TG4 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "This shoestring budget is nonsense, yes they have less Tha RTÉ, no one is disputing this. But they get advertising revenue, portion of license fee, and a lot of grants from the taxpayer. The extra money for a red button is minimal, as they already have the technology, as they used it before, been digital it is not that difficult, the question is, whether the will is there or not, and judging by the response's from gaelers on here it would seem that among that sect there is little or no will. So I believe that it has to be government,"
When did they use red button technology before? I can't remember an instance when they did, although I do access most of their content via their website. As for the shoestring budget idea being nonsense, I don't think it is in this context. If it were summer championship games they were showing, then there'd be an argument. But the games they're showing (club matches in winter, league matches in winter/early spring), the viewership these matches get, on average, might make TV broadcast only viable if its on a reduced budget. While Eir Sports also show some league matches, to their credit, I don't think the majority of matches TG4 broadcasts, would be shown on TV if they weren't doing it. Its a little depressing that threads like these always seem to go down the same route. Its a thread about people appreciating TG4's coverage, why does that have to turn into a crusade against the Irish language? We have so many channel options now, is one lousy channel that operates through the medium of a language that's unique to the country of broadcast, that much of an imposition?

Marlon_JD (National) - 13/04/2017 16:46:14

East Belfast GAC - 4 Like(s)
As is typical of online discourse, we take a positive news story, search for a possible negative that might not even happen, and then go down the rabbit hole of pointless one-upmanship. So back on topic, it is great to see this new club take shape in East Belfast, all the more remarkable given the current global issues. We're so starved of good new stories, and so bombarded with divisiveness, its a relief to see a possible cross-community story like this. We should just take the collective societal win on this one.

Marlon_JD (National) - 20/07/2020 13:52:10

East Belfast GAC - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Breezy:  "The French protested outside the British embassy in Paris the night Bobby Sands died so I suppose you think that show of solidarity was stupid too?"
Well, I don't, do you? You sneered at plight of people in the six counties in your response to GreenandRed, and then you used the plight of people in the six counties to try to make, well, lets call it a "point" for the sake of civil discourse, in your response to me. So thats a little unclear.

Marlon_JD (National) - 20/07/2020 13:34:20

RTE. - 3 Like(s)
Or maybe People are trying to compare RTE with both public and private tv networks in a lot of other countries whose resources are multitudes of RTEs and therefore it isnt near a fair comparison.
Before the Celtic Tiger how much alternatives did irish people have for tv? That is also a factor.
Public broadcasters need income from the programmes they show. No income and they cant produce the type of shows like which you describe ie local/community issues. KillingFields (Limerick) - Posts: 998 - 17/08/2020 18:54:06    I didn't compare RTE to TV networks in other countries, the opposite if anything. I was comparing (or contrasting) RTE now, with RTE as it was. And one of the points I was making was that a public funded channel like RTE shouldn't be required to produce the type of shows that a commercial channel needs to, its public/taxpayer funding can allow it to produce content that doesn't need to be driven by viewing figures or ad revenue. But the main point of my post was that creativity is more important than resources. A creative person with limited resources will create something better than an unimaginative person with wider resources. Thats why I mentioned children's programming specifically, as thats an area where creativity is required more than anywhere. As the country got wealthier, and more money became available, thinking became a little lazier. People didn't have to be as resourceful to make up for a lack of funds, so that just lead to a lack of creativity in general. So in that sense, RTE might be an allegory for the country in general. But thats just nature, necessity is the mother of invention. The more that is done for you, the less resourceful you become. Happens everywhere. For me, the slicker RTE tries to be, the less engaging they become.

Marlon_JD (National) - 17/08/2020 21:03:15

Time to rebrand GAA grounds? (As Gaelic hubs) - 3 Like(s)

Replying To SAMMYTHEBULL:  "Yeah they call them Plastic Paddy's.. They were having too many good sexy times with the B & Ts, I agree with you there."
That kind of talk doesn't help. If there is one generalization you can make about Irish people, its that they won't be bullied into doing something, even speaking their own language. Especially if you're going to bring comparisons with the B+T's into it. I think the decline of Irish post independence has more to do with the state choosing to define our uniqueness via a religion, rather than via our own culture. If we'd put some of the effort we put into promoting religion, into promoting our culture instead, I think we'd have a far bigger Irish speaking population, and we'd be far more independent and confident people because of it. But that didn't happen, and we took an awful approach to teaching Irish in schools. Any revival of the Irish language, of which I hope there will be, will need to be more independent, and forward thinking.

Marlon_JD (National) - 29/05/2016 17:19:18

Waterford v Wexford - 3 Like(s)
Regardless of systems, sweepers etc, that was a brilliant first half, hugely enjoyable. Some brilliant scores, some unbelievable passages of distribution, great stuff. And, even though the commentary were talking down Wexford's performance a bit, I think both teams were pretty impressive. I hope its recognized as such at half time, if that was Tipp and Kilkenny, people would be saying its a classic already. Only sour note for me is the referring performance, very inconsistent. Hopefully that won't have a consequence in the 2nd half. But yeah, apart from that, so far so good.

Marlon_JD (National) - 23/07/2017 16:46:15

Waterfords Munster SHC Home Games 2019 Request - 3 Like(s)
I just saw the following article on the homepage, re Waterford's request to play their home Munster games in Nowlan Park next year getting turned down: http://hoganstand.com/Article/Index/293107 This seems like poor form to me, especially if the rationale for refusal is purely based on the fact that the venue is outside the province. I may have read the article incorrectly, but was the Munster Councils response that they were still looking at playing the games in Walsh Park? Even with the limited capacity further reduced due to the ongoing construction/redevelopment? I can't see how that makes sense. It'd only be 2 games, and Waterford got no home games last year. Nowlan Park would have been a good option for those games I think, from Waterfords perspective anyway. And they've invested alot in upgrading Nowlan Park, so wouldn't begrudge that ground a few more big games a year. I imagine Thurles will get those games, as its fairly central between Waterford and Clare/Limerick. But as these are supposed to be Waterfords home games, doe this refusal seem harsh to anyone else?

Marlon_JD (National) - 30/11/2018 16:02:27

Admission To League Games Set To Increase - 3 Like(s)
Well this just makes perfect sense for hurling, where league attendances have been dwindling, and apart from a few matches, are not well attended. So yes, the absolute best way to remedy this, and increase the numbers of people going to games, is to raise the ticket pri...oh, wait.

Marlon_JD (National) - 18/01/2019 17:39:42

Galway play Antrim (or Ulster Champs) - 2 Like(s)
I think there is a very strong argument for scrapping the provincial system at U21 and minor level. There is also a strong argument for scrapping it at senior level, but it would be easier to scrap it at underage first.It doesn't suit hurlings geography, and its probably hurting underage hurling in Ulster and Connacht by persisting with it. It would require some kind of seeding system, but having an open draw would work better for underage. If you wanted to minimize player load, it could be straight knockout. If you wanted to guarantee each team a minimum number of games, you could have a group system. Either way, underage teams from the likes of Derry or Roscommon would start meeting Munster and Leinster teams at underage from the off, and you could also end up with games like Tipp v Kilkenny kicking off the championships. I think its the way to go.

Marlon_JD (National) - 11/07/2016 16:38:54

Could A Professional Hurling/Football League Survive In Ireland? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Trump2020:  "To some of the naysayers: you're making good points but stop thinking in a GAA format. This would not compete with GAA and in fact would inject some money to the GAA by renting their grounds from them on a fairly consistent basis. Renting GAA grounds would be far cheaper than buying land and developing it. Someone asked how it would benefit them as a spectator and I say CHOICE is good. You'd have a fitter and more dedicated product on the field. Recruiting could take place at schools and solve some of the unemployment woes that plague the Government which would give them incentive to help out too."
So, what the proposal is, is for a professional league outside of the GAA? So, the suggestion is the GAA inter-county championships would run as is, and this professional league would be entirely separate from the GAA. If thats the proposal, then by definition, it's a competitor to the GAA. Players couldn't play both, so the new league would be competing with the GAA for players, and spectators. If that was the case, there's no way the GAA would give that pro league use of its grounds. The revenue from that rent wouldn't be worth it. And for fitness/dedication, what inter-county players currently give on that front is already way beyond what can be expected from na amateur athlete, its amazing what they do. BUT, that does raise a legitimate question about professionalism. How long can we expect amateur athletes to maintain that level of dedication/fitness/sacrifice, while the GAA add more games to the calendar each year. There's a discussion to be had about at what point amateurism is unsustainable at that level. But it the solution would have to be GAA centric, and tuned to the unique aspect/culture of the game.

Marlon_JD (National) - 14/05/2020 17:02:29

"Fresh TV Rights Deal" - 2 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "And what about the days that you could see 5 football games on TV ? Its not that long ago. 1990. I feel their is a element of the anti Brit brigade with sky. What these people seem to forget is that it is sky Ireland who paid to GEt gaa on their network, its a subsidiary of Sky, which isn't actually a British company but rather owned by a Australian, and part of newscorp , agree with them or not they have done wonder for sports. Sky will get the new deal, but I would love them to get the leagues, the revenues and interest would sky rocket (excuse the pun)"
Why are you trying to drag the conversation in that direction? The OP never mentioned anything about Sky being a British company, its YOU who are trying to introduce an anti-British element to the discussion. No need for it. As for only a handful of games being shown in 1990, don't forget there were much less games full stop. No back door, no qualifiers, no quarter-finals etc. And RTE was much more limited in what it could broadcast back then (and it still did more harm than good to have the games not shown, the 80's wasn't really a golden period for the GAA). And kids now have a much broader range of choices than they had in 1990, we want to give our games as much exposure as possible. I would imagine that Sky's best ratings for GAA games come from finals and semi-finals, which aren't exclusive anyway. I think the best thing would be for the Irish rights to the games to be non-exclusive. Give Sky and RTE rights to all the matches shown in Ireland, with the same arrangement as they currently have with the AI semi's and finals. That way if you want to watch the games for free, you can watch them on RTE. If you hate RTE enough to buy a Sky subscription to watch the games there, that's your lookout. Let them compete against each other to produce the best product. No one will be forced to buy a Sky subscription, and people who love Sky's presentation will still have the option.

Marlon_JD (National) - 09/09/2016 16:30:40

Shame on Tipperary supporters - 2 Like(s)

Replying To s goldrick:  "to be fair, though, when was the last time Monaghan hurling team got to an all-Ireland semi, or quarter, or last 12, or even entered the blooming competition, ridiculous comparison."
Ok, why are Tipp getting to AI semi-finals in Football, and Monaghan aren't competing at the top levels in hurling? Which is more important - a county facilitating both games so they can compete at the top level at both codes, or attendances at 1st round Division 3 league matches in the 1st week of February? I don't think Killarney.87's point is ridiculous at all. But if attendances by county per code is that important, if you look at the attendances throughout the league in both codes, for all counties, which code is better supported? I'd be all for both codes being as competitive and well supported as each other, but it would be most counties attitude towards hurling that would have to improve for that, not football. When those counties hurlers are getting to AI semi-finals, we can talk about Tipp footballer's 1st round league attendances.

Marlon_JD (National) - 08/02/2017 20:59:32

Boards Forum Restructuring - 2 Like(s)
I think I've been using the forum in one form or another since 2001 (consuming for years, before actually contributing), and there's something re-assuring about the consistency of its layout/usability. The lack of bells and whistles tends to make it a more straightforward user experience, for me at least. But to each their own, obviously. I think conversations naturally tend to get a bit unfocused when there's no inter-county activity, its a GAA forum, thats to be expected. And this year has been like no other, and we're all in a weird headspace. But when inter-county competitions start, the threads become better and more diverse, conversation improves, and things stay on topic more. The issue of users with multiple accounts is an issue, but I think any verification of identity might discourage people from using the site. Typically when the same user starts posting with multiple accounts, they write in the same style, people cop on to it, and it works itself out. I think.

Marlon_JD (National) - 28/07/2020 15:46:53

Meath vs Antrim - 2 Like(s)
The replay is this Saturday evening, 4 days away? How will the Meath players get up for that? They've been celebrating an historic win for the last few days, and now the rug has been pulled out from under them. Its not on. Meath brought the discrepancy (apparently) to the attention of the officials while there was still 10 minutes left in the game. They were told to play to the score board. They did. They've done their duty. This situation isn't down to Meath, or Antrim. Its down to the lousy attitude the GAA has to these competitions, an attitude we've seen since the decision was made to move the finals from their original August dates. Hawkeye wasn't working, the scoreboard was incorrect, the officials were not keeping proper score, and the problem was ignored when originally detected. And I feel that is because the GAA now view these competitions as something that just needs to be gotten out of the way; i.e. give them a day out in Croke Park, but don't break the bank on it. That may sound harsh, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so. I've heard the GAA's decree about the replay, but I haven't heard anything from the GAA about how they're going to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, has anyone else?

Marlon_JD (National) - 07/06/2016 16:42:44