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19Th Minute Applause - 7 Like(s)
When all this craziness ends and gaa soccer rugby or whatever sport is on I propose a 19th minute stand up applause from fans in attendance for all the health workers who have helped so much thus far and yet more to come. They have given so much to this country. Can't thank them enough.

WildPundit (National) - 11/04/2020 14:26:08

Limerick Victory Scenes - 6 Like(s)
One of the best supported teams up there with Wexford and both win on the same day!!!! Had to leave when full time whistle went but saw on the news fantastic scenes. Agree with your post 100%. What a time to be a Limerick supporter after many disappointing years. Enjoy the celebrations.

WildPundit (National) - 30/06/2019 21:22:22

Galway v Tipperary - 5 Like(s)
Tipp hung in there and thought we'd sneak it when we drew level. Galway in fairness looked better for longer periods of times bar first ten mins but once they got motoring very hard to stop. Tipp needed Bonnar and Callinan in the game and they weren't where as all of Galways big players stood up and contributed. I won't say the ref was bad but the free count was something like 17-8 in Galways favour. Now maybe it was deserved will have to watch on TV. Anyway in the end the better team always wins and Galway were top today congrats to them perhaps their famine is finally over. May I just add serious Galway support today easily out numbered Tipp and every Galway score was deafening. New champions always good for hurling.

WildPundit (National) - 06/08/2017 22:17:38

Tipperary v Armagh - 4 Like(s)
Congrats to Armagh they applied the squeeze second half and won quite comfortably in the end. It's wrong from the poster who called Tipperary gutless we've had a fantastic 18 months and were still there at the end trying to force extra time. Proud of our boys and best of luck to Armagh. McGeeney I hope gets the respect he deserves I like him as a coach and of course he was involved with our hurlers and well respected in my view.

WildPundit (National) - 15/07/2017 18:55:24

Disgraceful Carry On - 4 Like(s)
After the U21 win yesterday a Tipp fan was rubbing the win into Shane Kingston and Declan Dalton. Shocking after the lads had just lost an AI. You could just see the utter disappointment on their faces and this guy is in their face. Many of the Tipp fans here probably know the guy I'm on about his carry on is the same at all matches. All the gardai done was push him away further instead of removing him from the stadium. He should have been removed and hit with a stadium ban for 12 months. I was talking to Shane and Declan and had to apologise for this guys behaviour as did many Tipp supporters around me. I know it's nice to have fans on d pitch after a game getting stuff signed and selfies but any supporter who approaches a player and acts like this fan did should be banned.

WildPundit (National) - 27/08/2018 13:36:38

Giant Flags on Hill16 - 3 Like(s)
The right protest would be to walk out in the 16th minute. Dublin usually have most games won at that stage anyway!!

WildPundit (National) - 26/07/2017 22:14:54

Referee For Wexford V Tipperary - 3 Like(s)

Replying To ballydalane:  "All of a sudden this thread has become very pertinent. It is actually crazy that a Kilkenny man is reffing a match where the winners play Kilkenny!"
It is a bit unfair he was given the semi final in any event with the possibility of Kilkenny been in the final. Fair enough I often berate refs on ere I admit that but look if Tipp had lost there would have been far more serious outbursts all over the place given we had 3 goals chalked off and Wexford not getting a penalty probably evened it out in the end. Everyone has good days and bad days and yesterday was just one of the latter. I'm sure Sean will look at this and come back next year in a better place. And I hope he does.

WildPundit (National) - 29/07/2019 22:18:01

Carlow Vs Galway - 3 Like(s)
Congratulations on a huge result first and foremost to Carlow. Need to refocus now and Laois/Offaly games are vital now a draw is great but a win albeit against both those sides is paramount to see how far they have progressed. A loss against either of those teams is a set back but they are streets ahead in my opinion. Everyone will be shouting for Carlow rest of the league I know I will.

WildPundit (National) - 04/02/2019 13:43:39

Here Guinness.. - 3 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "There's another bit of page filler for yiz History has been made"
Yeah those 4 sending offs in Armagh is definitely a record alright!!!

WildPundit (National) - 25/03/2017 21:14:49

GAA Players Off The Field - 3 Like(s)
Just to think we are blessed with a lot of county players attitudes off the pitch in a good way. And they again give up their time taking an example from just Damian Comer with the poor young mascot who is recovering from a stroke. Giving up time to go visit kids hospital and all that stuff. There has been many more this year I'm sure we may have seen or never heard of. On the pitch hard as nails but humble lads off it. And the same goes for the ladies too visting sick kids or donating gear etc. GAA players are just one of a kind. Don't we just have a great organisation which connects with the community in every way possible.

WildPundit (National) - 17/09/2018 19:35:58

Killkenny vs Waterford (hurling) - 3 Like(s)
Cody owes Kilkenny nothing in all his years as manager he never once took payment for training the Senior team or attending medal presentations up and down the country. There are managers and coaches getting paid under the table. When your championship Year is on the line of course things happen in the heat of the moment.He will always admit defeat when his team loses and to him second is last. The same must be said for Kilkenny people I've sat beside many over the years and last night walking out of the game many commented on how great it was to see Waterford fans celebrating after so many years of hurt. On the game itself Kilkenny were out fought and Waterford were probably worth their 7 point win but if Kilkenny had hurled the way they had in the last 10 minutes I think they would have won. Kilkenny will always be competitive and going out this early won't do them any harm. Time to charge the batteries and I can guarantee we'll see a wounded cat next year with sharper claws ready for battle. Well done to Waterford nice to a get monkey off the back but they will need to improve there almost afraid to win at times. Need to close out games better if Tipp or Galway were up 7 points with 6 minutes to go they wouldn't let Kilkenny back into the game.

WildPundit (National) - 09/07/2017 10:03:50

Referee For Wexford V Tipperary - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Heftydickonem:  "Besides the 65 which wasn't solely his fault, if at all, and I suppose Buckley being lucky to not get the line, what other complaints do you have about Kelly's performance on Saturday?. I read back through the discussion that took on a number of different forums during the match, and there were many many statements from neutrals to the effect that Kelly was riding Kilkenny, so I'd be interested to hear your perspective on how he was hard on Limerick. I've heard multiple comments from pundits since then that Kelly had a good enough game considering the ferocity of the game, but there has been an almost universal agreement that Cleere hadn't a good day (exactly how bad a day Cleere had is still being debated)"
Kelly to me was more hard on Kilkenny than he was on Limerick. Overall I thought he had an OK performance but in my view the two teams who seemed to get key decisions lost the games they were won on the field of play thank god and both Tipp and KK probably just about deserved to win.

WildPundit (National) - 30/07/2019 21:49:29

Dublin refusing to do one-on-one broadcast interviews - 3 Like(s)
Maybe RTE should stop showing Dublin games until All Ireland semi final as they cake walk Leinster and breeze through a quarter final. RTE pundits should refuse to make analysis of the game as what's there to analyze anyway since the margin of victory is always 10 points plus. Absolute rubbish today got more enjoyment from the 90 seconds of Carlow Laois hurling match than 78 minutes of Dublin Westmeath.

WildPundit (National) - 25/06/2017 23:07:34

Dublin Knock Galway Out! - 3 Like(s)
Some shock to the system but look Carlow put it up to them and scoring difference is what knocked them out in the end. Wexford the only unbeaten team in the Leinster round robin 3 draws against the 3 other top teams let's say. Hard one to digest if I was a Galway hurling fan.

WildPundit (National) - 15/06/2019 21:03:34

Is Hurling Now Becoming Boring? - 3 Like(s)
Yes the sliothar is lighter but there are still more high quality hurling games than football games. And I disagree with the comment too that Kilkenny ruined hurling and the way it is now they bought the game to a whole new level and for years everyone else was slow to catch up. Even today you see the likes of Tipp , Kilkenny and Cork playing still more traditional 15 on 15 where the likes of Clare , Wexford and Waterford in more recent years have developed a different brand of hurling. At least with hurling the players use the hurley where as with what is supposed to be football turns into a game of basketball / handball with one kick for every 80 hand passes.

WildPundit (National) - 02/04/2018 08:08:09

Teams you hate playing? - 2 Like(s)
Since 1994 Clare!! Always an edge to those games I feel plus only living over the bridge from Clare!!!

WildPundit (National) - 10/08/2016 17:51:05

Eoin Murphy's Tackle - Wexford V Kilkenny - 2 Like(s)
Touhy done the same to Bonner in Ennis came out full pelt and high leg lucky a yellow. I'm a goalie myself in soccer, hurling and Gaelic and I'd always be mindful of an opposition player not to hurt them even if means conceding an advantage. I nearly broke a young lads leg about 15 years ago kind of stuck with me since I dived recklessly on a loose ball as he was going to kick it and I caught his leg in my arms with the ball. Was so lucky.

WildPundit (National) - 18/06/2019 20:02:51

Dublin Knock Galway Out! - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Cockney_Cat:  "Nonsense. Carlow "put it up to them" in Salthill as did Wexford. They got a very lucky win against Kilkenny last week; but got found out today. The emporer has no clothes."
Kilkenny were found out too keep TJ quite and you have them in your pocket. Lucky goal kept ye in the championship mind you just be glad it ain't your crew sent packing tonight. If Wexford had half bothered to play a forward line they would have beaten ye. Don't get your point about my post been nonsense everyone else including KK beat Carlow handy enough but Galway didn't and I think that was more Carlow been up for it than Galway been poor. They did beat ye afterall and I don't think that was a lucky win to be honest.

WildPundit (National) - 15/06/2019 22:22:46

Tipperary v Mayo - 2 Like(s)

Replying To TheFlaker:  "And just to prove how bias people are against Mayo blabbing on about the ref. Did everyone miss the constant goading off the ball from numerous Tipp players. It was constant, but sure let's have a go at Keegan and claim the ref was against Tipp. One of the Tipp players had D O Connor by the throat at one stage, but hey, who cares? Anyone who has read my posts on Mayo in the past when they have been beaten will have seen I never blamed an official, even when we were screwed over in Limerick 2 years ago,but I just won't listen to this crap on how we get away with stuff."
All manly stuff Tipp were never gonna lie down. I'm glad we gave ye a game Tipp have been accused in the past to lying down to Kerry and Tyrone. I'm sure there's a valid reason why the Tipp player had the Mayo man by the throat!! Mayo in fairness gave plenty back and both teams got the rub of the green at times. I can see from a lot of social media Tipp GAA Pages the blinkers are on sum lads blaming the ref as usual. Yes an off day for the ref but Mayo got the crucial goals and when on top for 15 minutes the only time they were on top they scored 1-07 and to Tipp 0-01 and that won them the game. Best of luck in the final.

WildPundit (National) - 21/08/2016 22:35:56

Tipperary V Westmeath - 2 Like(s)
Lot of us Tipp fans were certain game would be in Mullingar after draw was made. I was planning a weekend away and everything now I'm only flipping 30 mins from Thurles!! Thought our CB would have offered rather than have to be asked. I made this point right after the draw in another thread that the game should be played up there. Un-Reserved seating in Thurles on Saturday so they are expecting a small crowd where if it was in Mullinagar the pitch is on top of the crowd and id say there would be a cracker of an atmosphere. I'm dissapointed to say the least given we should win anyway and whether travel or whatever time up there is about 2 hours for most of us in Tipp its about the same if we were drawn to play Dublin or Cork for example.

WildPundit (National) - 28/06/2017 14:42:31