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Replying To David:  "Goalposts padded. Are you having a laugh? Its not Rigby Union/League or American Football etc we are playing. How would penaltiea be scored if going in off the posts? Or a shot deflevtwd onto the post; no rebound? Come on logic please?"
No I would not agree with having them padded. They are now steel, what is wrong with going back to timber, you know they are still called goal posts. With the technology available today it would be possible to fabricate circular wood laminate goalposts that would be almost as strong as steel and not just as hard, come on you budding inventors!

MillerX (Meath) - Posts: 695 - 09/07/2019 01:15:57    2208264


Replying To Ibbecek:  "Donal Keoghan is probably Meath's best player of the past 5 years.

Just one issue though.

Donal's direct marker scored 4 points from play for Clare.

Does this mean anything?. maybe not."
Not once in the game, literally not one split second did he pick up James Malone. It was mccoy at the start and quickly then Seamus Lavin ..... but in fairness if you keep your man from getting around you and he still scores 3 points from 45 metres, ya cant really be too harsh on him

southmeathgael (Meath) - Posts: 706 - 09/07/2019 07:25:26    2208279


Replying To royaldunne:  "Says on main page there shouldn't be a problem with him playing, once no concussions then I'd say he will be fine.
On a side note. Goalposts should be padded."
A meath man looking for padded goalposts ! Is it any wonder we're seen as a soft touch going into the 8
I think your post should be deleted as it paints us as
A nanny pamphlet outfit . No a bother on Newman and will most likely train tonight . Hope no other county reads your embarrassing post !

noluso (Meath) - Posts: 151 - 09/07/2019 08:50:07    2208287


Sorry RD ..that should read " namby pamby "

noluso (Meath) - Posts: 151 - 09/07/2019 09:35:46    2208310


Replying To Young_gael:  "I found the commentary very patronising. Both Marty and McStay seemed very tongue in cheek about the game. Both teams were clearly very nervous and edgy and the little mistakes were frequently being commented upon as if to make a mockery of two good (not great) sides. Ive come to the conclusion that aside from Colm O'Rourke obviously, and Ciarán Whelan, none of the RTÉ brigade have much time for Meath. Davis and McStay seem to despise Meath."
They despise us because of how they faired against Meath back in the 80's and 90's. They'll hold those grudges till the day they die. It's a pity RTE don't hire more partial pundits.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - Posts: 2920 - 09/07/2019 13:28:54    2208431