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RIP Micheal McKeown - 3 Like(s)
Sad news this week as our game, club and county has lost a true gaa stalwart. Condolences to Mary and the immediate McKeown family, Louth ladies and wider GAA community with whom he was held with such high regard. Ar dheis de go raibh a anam

Shearer (National) - 07/06/2018 08:59:53

What's the smallest GAA club in your county? - 3 Like(s)
The smallest club is easy. Go to the smallest county - Louth The smallest club in Louth - Annaghminnon Rovers GFC 1959 "The wee club from the wee county" Division 6 with about 30 members (which includes all committee and players) Most of the committee i.e secretary, vice chairman, vice secretary, PRO play football still No underage and living on a year to year basis. Some lads are playing from the mid 90's still and haven't missed a season. The GAA is still alive. https://www.facebook.com/ANNAGHMINNON-ROVERS-GFC-243130923081/ We need a manager/trainer at the moment so check us out above.

Shearer (National) - 16/01/2018 09:07:34

2016 Ulster SFC - 1 Like(s)
Jaysus lads, looking in from my side I'd be greatful for what you achieved......A great bunch of committed players and a class manager.......Re-group after 2 tough Donegal games and a blip and you'll be flying again next year.......a jealous neighbour!!!

Shearer (Monaghan) - 16/07/2016 10:48:04

Louth Minors! - 1 Like(s)
Love to know how many posters on here are involved or have been involved in underage football in Louth. A Leinster final was a great achievement and the lads have another game against the benchmark Kerry. All great experience.

Shearer (Louth) - 17/07/2017 17:56:59

Club Championships - 1 Like(s)
There's a lot of clubs close to Ardee town like Mitchells, Rovers, Seans

Shearer (Louth) - 21/09/2016 14:09:54

Junior 2A & B Championship - 1 Like(s)
Reply to Gooch It was annaghminnons choice to drop down from the junior championship they knew the structure. Am sure they weren't complaining when they only had to play 3 games last year to win the 2B championship. They would've been allowed go straight back to the junior championship this year if they wanted and I'm sure they would've competed better than the nicks & Cu Gaels. Thsts just knock out football for ya I'm afraid,was the way for years in louth in all grades. Gooch, ARGFC re-graded in the championship a number of years ago, yes by choice but by necessity. The club is fully aware of the perils of the 2B & 2A championship whereby a defeat means exit. Not a problem in our eyes. The JFC was discussed but it was decided to go to 2A after winning 2B which is a natural progression. In 2012 we were on our knees as a club, we took serious beatings in the JFC and Div3 for a number of years and we had to steady the ship. You should research your club data a bit more before shooting from the hip. Our club lives from year to year. Perhaps we'll be back in the JFC in the future, perhaps not. Either way we'll continue to compete at the levels that we find ourselves in. We were gutted to loose to St. Josephs on Tuesday night but they finished the stronger in extra time and best of luck to them. We now turn our attentions to promotion from division 6 which is our main goal this year. We were also delighted to win 2B last year regardless of the number of games it took, many's a team in Louth won junior championships in 3 games (including ourselves). ARGFC Championship Record Since Re-grade (steady progression): 2013 - J2B first round defeat to Oliver Plunketts..........Div4D League Semi 2014 - J2B final defeat to Hunterstown.........................Div4D League Semi 2015 - J2B final defeat to St.Nicholas after replay........Dive 4D League Final Defeat to St.Kevins 2016 - J2B win over O'Ragh's............Div6 Promotion final defeat to DYI's 2017 - J2A first round defeat to St.Joes aet.......Hopefully promotion!!!

Shearer (Louth) - 10/08/2017 11:16:40

Division 3 League 2017 - 1 Like(s)
The system is in place now. It would be disastrous to change it again so soon but it does need tweaking. Non fielding at any level should be severely punished. Perhaps a number of punishments such as financial, points deduction and loss of home fixtures to start with. The senior clubs could be hit with sanctions on their senior teams also. Top 12 should be changed to top 15. The fixture issue's need looking at to accommodate the second teams. Competition at both ends of the leagues i.e promotion & relegation ensures healthy competitive leagues which can only benefit our county team. I can only speak of Division 3, for years before the new system was introduced the same few teams finished bottom and sometimes didn't even field near the end as they were guaranteed their status. I agree that small clubs need protecting but they need to find their own level first and its been quite clear that a number of clubs that were in Div3 for years are no longer up to standard such as D'hill, Nicks, Tones, Annagh Rvrs, Omeath and possibly more to follow. County players like Tommy Durnin need to be playing against better teams and in more competitive leagues. To sum up, there's changes required but it needs to be given a chance. All effected clubs need to lobby the county board at this years convention. I know we will.

Shearer (Louth) - 29/08/2017 09:28:39

Club Scene 2020 - 1 Like(s)
That's it lads I'd say. We done well to get this far all the same

Shearer (Louth) - 05/10/2020 20:29:49

Convention - 1 Like(s)
Good luck to Fitzer. Very passionate acceptance speech and he's got a whole new board to work with.

Shearer (Louth) - 18/12/2019 18:05:12

2017 new club season - 1 Like(s)
There were a few motions in of late. I believe the Brides one of a top 10 was withdrawn or perhaps someone can correct me on this. I commend the 3 teams who put forward the motion to remain in Div3 but it was never going to be a runner this year anyway, motions being thrown out a regular basis due to technicalities is common, perhaps they can re write it for next year. Having said that, no team should be immune from relegation, competition is healthy at the top and bottom of the leagues. The teams who put forward this motion raise a genuine concern but its up to the county board to try and solve this problem to create a healthy league system. I agree that Div 1,2,3 should be played on the same day but this is unlikely to happen at least this year. Div4 is a minefield for the relegated Div3 stand alone clubs, the county board need to focus on this division and police it better as in top12's being reviewed. the threat of heavy fines for illegal players etc.

Shearer (Louth) - 07/02/2017 11:27:18

Division 3B (2019) - 1 Like(s)
Revenge for Reaghstown I'd imagine! Should be a fairly tight game.

Shearer (Louth) - 20/05/2019 15:25:16

Lutv - 1 Like(s)
top class service....well done to all

Shearer (Louth) - 05/09/2020 12:27:24