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Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 5 Like(s)

Replying To clondalkindub:  "Carney from Donegal/Mayo still gets the Rte gig when we've all heard his commentary from the end of the '17 final on a Mayo radio station. We all have no problem with that. Whelan is a very good panelist."
Whelan is one of the worst, just last week he stated at halftime "I'll be biased towards Dublin and Pat will be towards Kerry," to which Pat replied "no I won't". Pat said it wasn't a penalty. The point being Whelan is not supposed to say live on air he is going to be biased, we don't want biased coverage, we want good balanced analysis...its the All Ireland, for the people of this Island not just the 'Dubs'

PointRoad (National) - 11/09/2019 14:21:52

Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 4 Like(s)
Get rid of Whelan and O'Rourke next

PointRoad (National) - 11/09/2019 10:26:21

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 4 Like(s)

Replying To BlueBeret:  "Why not bring on Eamoan Dunphy to spar with Joe Brolly ? RTE must get rid of pundits from the competing counties and that includes Colm O Rourke when Meath are playing. They just can't be honest and really objective when their own team are involved. One point that wasn't mentioned was the head injury sustained by John Small in 58th minutes in a collision with Shane Ryan. As it was a head injury the referee should have stopped the game. His umpires had clear sight of it and should have called him to stop the game. Instead, while Small was lying on the ground with blood flowing from his head, Kerry were allowed play away and scored their goal. A bad and costly (to Dublin) mistake by the pro-Dublin referee. To me it was worse than his mistake with neglecting to 2nd yellow card O Sullivan."
He gave osullivan the same chance as Cooper... Tick, yellow, yellow. That was only osullivans second foul...get over it

PointRoad (National) - 03/09/2019 11:48:46

Championship Fixtures - 2 Like(s)

Replying To DundalkGael:  "Martins have players away on holidays this week (they informed county board of this yesterday) Game re-fixed for Sunday, you couldn't make it up"
I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for this.... What if it was a draw

PointRoad (Louth) - 14/10/2019 11:38:29

Kerry V Dublin - 2 Like(s)
Why can't we just enjoy that game as a spectacle, as a neutral my heart was pounding the last 5 mins. Am I about the witness history in the making... The game had everything, nerves, beautiful high fielding, Cluxktons amazing kicks, controversy, some great points, Jack mcCaffery in full flow, David Moran is an animal. Probably the greatest side of all time against maybe the next team that will dominate and we get to watch it again in 2weeks... Bloody spoilt...move over hurling..this is footballs year

PointRoad (National) - 03/09/2019 07:15:37

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Thelonesomegoose:  "I still can't believe the ridiculous punditry about the Cooper incident. It was almost as if it was a school ground game by Whelan and Brolly to annoy the hell out of Pat Spillane and say it should be a free out and not a yellow card offence. Except in this case one million people were watching it. There is no enjoyment in the constant interruptions by Joe Brolly and the extraordinary length of time it takes him to get an observation across. The only reason I watched the punditry yesterday was hearing Brolly saying 'stop patting me' to Spillane. I thought Spillane might finally snap and let fly but he's too cute to do that. Makes Brolly look even worse. I wouldn't mind but Brolly can be a brilliant and thoughtful writer in his columns."
Always liked Brolly but Sunday was a farce, straight away trying to bring the referee down. He is a very bad advertisement for the biggest day of the football year. I've never seen such obvious fouls in my life, and all by Cooper who is a great player but plays on the edge.

PointRoad (National) - 03/09/2019 07:28:43

Timekeeping - 2 Like(s)
Couldn't believe I seen a Dublin player kick a ball away with seconds to go resulting in ball being moved up. The Gavin era is well and truly over.

PointRoad (National) - 26/01/2020 11:19:27

Div 1 2019 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Anlubuchaill:  "Just about maybe holding his place but the big word there is 'WHEN' fit..."
Absolute nonsense, just about holding his place. From an Omahonys man who has seen him in action plenty of times against our club and for Louth he is a very talented footballer who can produce something out of nothing and is always a danger . Would def be on starting 15

PointRoad (Louth) - 14/04/2019 09:06:41

Final Nail In The Coffin - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Jack_Goff:  "This needs to be highlighted to the GAA. They made such a fuss about saving the GAA from soccer in Dublin and threw limitless funds at them. Let's see how much they care about Louth. Just so you know lads it's the same in every leinster county bar Dublin. There's no hope and the GAA don't care. Something extreme needs to happen. If counties got together and threatened a breakaway to form their own championship minus Dublin we wouldn't be long seeing all their funds redistributed to everyone else. In 2016 Dublin GAA took it 4.2m in revenue and had a profit of 500k. I think their total bank balance showed funds of 7m sitting in their account. Imagine how high it is now after winning 2 more all Irelands. They clearly don't need all the funds they receive as their revenue from sponsorship and other means is so high. So it begs the question why do they continue to get so much while neighbours are left to rot?"
It seems like the GAA spotted years ago that Dublin would be the cash cow if they got ahead of soccer, they've done that and now we're talking about 7 million in accounts...we have no chance in Lenister, and it looks like more or less the same for the rest. Dublin scored 5-21 on Louth, 26 scores. And they got 26 scores against Kildare, yet Kildare would hammer Louth. Something drastic needs to happen such as all the counties in Leinster bar Dublin need to "Opt Out" of next year's competition. Only then will the GAA take notice. Dublin are a professional team at this stage in my eyes, Millions in accounts, half the team on Ads on telly, Londis , Supervalu etc, they all drive sponsored cars. It's like Liverpool against Dundalk. If we all stick together and refuse to play in Lenister until it's addressed we have a starting point

PointRoad (Louth) - 10/06/2019 20:42:50

Focus On Actual Fixtures - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Anlubuchaill:  "There's that negative attitude again tut tut...."
That's not negative at all, but you are comparing Louth straight off with Dublin and Kerry...up to 60 All Irelands between them...catch a grip fella. Football in Louth died a death a long time ago and you're gonna blame 17/18 year olds for not being committed... What happened this year with the u20 team? What happened that messages were going round days before a game asking young lads if they knew anybody who wanted to come up and tog out?why did that happen can you tell me? Would that happen in Kerry or Dublin? With numerous 18 year old players playing for clubs all over the county why was a league fixture fixed midweek during leaving cert? Would that happen in Dublin or Kerry, if these lads were really committed to football I hoped they didn't study and played football instead. The underage, minor ,u20 and senior set ups in this county are a joke 80 per cent of the time...you reap what you sow. Don't go blaming kids for Louth footballs failings.

PointRoad (Louth) - 06/09/2019 22:42:50

Young Lads Playing In The Championship - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Northlouth:  "What I'm saying is it's hard for any young lad to break into the Blues and Jocks teams at the moment as they have huge numbers. Fair play to your lads to win a joe ward with a tight panel. Ye have great heart in your team and some pretty good footballers"
Ok, but it sounded like you were saying that it was down to the quality of the team. Ye look it hasn't been our year to be fair, Ya have to take the rough with the smooth sometimes. It's all about how players react to a bad year and again hope that next year the younger lads get that little bit stronger and have added experience

PointRoad (Louth) - 04/08/2019 14:10:43

Championship Fixtures - 1 Like(s)
I'll be getting ready to go watch Joe's v O'Connell and then my own club SOM v Gaels. I must say I think 8:30 throw in is just not acceptable, if the first game goes to extra time that could be a 9pm start or 9:10, and if the second game goes to extra time what time would it finish at.. About 10:40/45... Why are these games double headers

PointRoad (Louth) - 16/08/2019 16:37:29

2019 Club Season - 1 Like(s)

Replying To lubuchaill:  "Is it really that hard for the ccc to release the first few league fixtures.They usually start first week in April and run 4 weeks in a row but is it really that hard to release the exact dates now so lads who work on shift work can plan ahead?!!!!"
It's nor hard at all, it's actually very easy. Have they got it done and they choose to delay, or do they just not give a toss. Stone age stuff it's no wonder the game is heading the way it's going

PointRoad (Louth) - 02/03/2019 15:59:21

Championship Fixtures - 1 Like(s)

Replying To DundalkGael:  "The replay was going to be in 2 weeks after the Final if a draw (Martins were informed of this by county board)"
That just does not make sense replays are normally always 1 week after

PointRoad (Louth) - 15/10/2019 13:32:33

Championship Fixtures - 1 Like(s)

Replying To N08CUTN:  "As today unfolds and the more people I talk to regarding the facilities yesterday the more I am baffled as to how this decision was reached spoke to 4 different people who also visited or are connected to the Oraghaillys all of whom can not understand why the games were not played, facilities were damp underfoot with no more rain falling would be drying out during the day ."
I have seen photos on social media of the pitch and bank area. No issues bank looked fine, I did go to Gaels and Blues final 2017 a terrible day and stood by the bank no problems again. I think in my opinion it was called over because they were worried about low attendance, so money talked

PointRoad (Louth) - 14/10/2019 15:21:55

Louth V Leitrim - 1 Like(s)
God not another thread, seriously need to file these under League2020

PointRoad (Louth) - 27/02/2020 22:13:54

Need For Increased Games Development Administrator Numbers? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To N08CUTN:  "why do the clubs need to hiring coaches this is a voluntary organisation and lads going off to a couple of coaching courses and buying a set of cones think they have the right to be now charging for there skills is a joke."
If you think anything is voluntary in the GAA your in the wrong decade, those days are gone. Club underage is voluntary that's about it. All around the country in the biggest counties ie Dublin, Mayo, Kerry, Tyrone etc etc and the majority of counties that want to compete are all paying the bucks. The game at county level has transformed into near professional level for the top tier counties in Football and Hurling. Have you ever seen the Dublin backroom staff? They have enough for a full team and 5 subs. Nobody does something for nothing anymore. I'm not saying we should take out loans to get the money and pay because there is zero interest from our county to progress to the zone that we are even serious about competing. Our CB think it's grand and maybe some day we will trip our way into a Leinster final and happy days things aren't so bad. Unfortunately you need to be spending money to even get into the competing zone and we simply do not. We do next to no Fundraising in the county, we have zero ambition, no Captain on the ship. We are getting stuffed at senior level right the way down. We have lads leaving the senior panel and one of the reasons was he wasn't getting any kit. We have lads in u20's turning up like a ragtag bunch all in different gear, mostly club gear...to the sheer amazement of the opposition. We have hurlers being told no money for food after an away match. We are a laughing stock and I'm ashamed to put on a Louth Jersey on holidays. I'm not the man to fix it, I wish I had the level of football knowledge for coaching or managing but my god we are so far off the mark I think we should be like Kilkenny and not even bother with a senior team

PointRoad (Louth) - 10/06/2019 15:57:23

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To DundalkGael:  "No im not a Gaels man. Im a Louth Gael in Dundalk, i.e Dundalk Gael Fisher was poched from Roche (never had anything to do with Quay) Ronan Byrne is a Brides man (still plays Hurling there)"
Well state your club then...ie Dundalk Gaels you can see why one would assume so. Fisher yes indeed but then anyone that knows the omahonys knows his Uncle Anto Mackin, former player his whole life and current underage manager so that's that one. Ronan Byrne to the best of my Knowledge had a falling out with Knocbridge football team and transferred in at 18, again no poaching don't know why he picked SOM to be honest. Like I said every club in county has players who might have started elsewhere. Your clutching at very few straws here my friend

PointRoad (Louth) - 20/02/2019 19:17:24

Thank You Dublin and Kerry - 1 Like(s)

Replying To mayotyroneman:  "Really...are we being serious....it was an ordinary game..nothing more nothing less...there was a total of 15 wides and 5 shots hit into the goalkeepers hands..therefore 20 scoring chances kicked away...twenty! And we think it's a great game 31 fouls committed in the game and with a referee who was doing his best to let the game flow..he could have whistled up a lot more but he would have seven stopping the game all day..so much cynical fouling in the middle third of the pitch There was 19 scores from play out of a total of 34 scores in the game, which means 56% of scores coming from play..a truly great game would see this figure at least 80 and over. The only thing that kept this game exciting was the closeness of the scoring. It was an ordinary game and there was much better games this year namely Kerry v donegal, mayo v donegal, Roscommon v Galway . This game was not a patch on those..."
The perfect game doesnt need to be flawless... There was so much at stake, so much pressure on the players, the Two teams with the most amount of all Ireland between them and Dublin trying to get the 5th in a row. Both teams put fierce pressure on shooters, always gonna be wides, I was on the edge of my seat for that match, something that can never be said for a Tyrone match. That's how you play football, we want to be entertained.id rather watch that match than a match with 2-21 scored which feels like am exhibition, both these teams have great forwards and great backs...when that happens they can cancel each other out.

PointRoad (National) - 03/09/2019 07:21:53

Timekeeping - 1 Like(s)

Replying To arock:  "It is not nonsense, if he is arbitrarily adding time that is wrong, nothing wrong with someone asking for transparent time keeping. The game was scrappy, stop start, that was down to him and people are entitled to ask why a game was 79/80 mins. That said a draw was a fair result."
No It was also down to the nature of the game these days, cynical fouling, diving, conning the ref for frees, the game has gone down hill in that regards big time. The keep possession mentality has meant that frees are crucial so players are trying to win one rather than score from play.

PointRoad (National) - 26/01/2020 11:18:15