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New Louth Manager - 3 Like(s)

Replying To scooter:  "What a joke , we get to Div.2 we appoint a man to take us back to Div. 4 .Has finance anything to do with decision, I wonder. Lots of Better canadits but they wanted to put a structure in place which would take financial support . Wait till you see the retirements all the other sporting bodies in the county must rubbing their hands ."
Scooter are you ready... To explain the logical song that you are slinging in this comment? What are you basing this negative view of the man on? Has he not won all Irelands, has he not shown he can achieve great things with limited resources? I know the Fermanagh players ousted him after a three years of service which suggests something negative but he was apart of it in 2015 when they stuck it to the mighty Dubs, their moral was through the rough that day and he was on the line. Who were the better candidates out there? What do you mean by they wanted financial structure, who did, like do you mean we needed to be able to afford it with the limited finance we have? Like to be fair none of us mouths on here are busting ourselves to organise fundraisors or run some commercial entity on behalf of our county. So the fact that our books are balanced and Croke Park arnt having to co sign our counties cheques is a testement to the boys who put their necks out and spend their time for us in Louth, when they could be posting comments on hoganstand. I personally think its a great appointment and hopefully all our players in the county are prepared to continue the hard work and belief they have shown us in the last few years, with a man who's guided men to the Holy grail before. Hopefully he can get the understanding back in the preponderance of know it alls amongst Louth people that not everything is negative and there is no point in crapping on other peoples hard work if it dosnt come off 100%, sometimes the hard work should be appreciated not the outcome. So to quote your great self show a bit of "Respect to the man in the ice cream van" and explain your comment a bit better or give us some facts/ clear opinions.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 27/09/2017 23:47:27

New Championship 2019 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To kwiksilver:  "I do find it comical that some of the contributers here believe the issue is just a naming thing and that if the new comp was called the Joe Ward Cup all would be right with the world. Do it correctly. Use this year as the beginning, next year as the formation with an agreed way how to proceed with this tournament. Not this carry on of throw it into the mix and let's see how it falls in 2019. How much of a joke is that? It's no wonder the Louth county board come across as clueless. Your playing with young men's lives here. Their families, education , there own free social time. Like I have said before. There are too many unknowns to do it this year. Too many moving parts. It's priceless hearing others say "there will be kinks to iron out" how about no kinks? Do it correctly first time round and people actually might buy into it."
It's comical how many lads just don't know how the gaa works. People give out, blame, say how things should be without reading the official guide and understanding how it works.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 17/01/2019 22:14:24

New Louth Manager - 2 Like(s)

Replying To elizabeth12:  "Best of luck to Pete he will need it.How many of the team that played in this years Leinster championship were of inter county standard,you wouldn't need the fingers on one hand to count them.Picking the best players from club teams you usually end up with many similar types,which usually means small and light and no ability to stop an opponent who runs directly at them.Hopefully Pete can find a number of young players who are physically big and mobile and give them the full length of his contract to mole them to do a particular job for the team.Forget about division 2 status concentrate on the future with a different approach and a different type of player for us to be able to compete in a respectable manner.If he is not going to change the personnel immediately the county will be no better off at the end of his term.Pete your going nowhere with the present panel.The old saying still holds its harder to get off the team than to get on."
Any suggestions as to who these universal soldiers who currently arnt on the panel are? I think we currently have a group of lads who commit and work hard to represent our county as best they can and have done so the last few years. I'm not saying there is no room for Pete to find some new contributers but I don't think it is fair to fault the current panel especially not with some imaginary stronger candidates. You do know Elizabeth when the lads where talking about Cuchulainn earlier they where only joking he's not able available for selection he's sticking to the small ball not willing to commit to the fitness required for the big ball game.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 01/10/2017 22:57:33

Louth V Roscommon - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Red2017:  "Where's de Ball Bag.Important I agree for the county and the general punters to be supportive but in fairness that is very hard. Not sure if progress is being made to be honest. These defeats have the potential to be very damaging. Yes, it was always going to be very difficult but to be getting bet on average by 10 points a game must be soul destroying for all involved and by the time championship comes around, looking like we must get struggle to field a team."
Completely agree its hard and has to be soul crushing for the lads. Nearly all of these lads have been following the county and Louth club football all of their lives and are very knowledgeable, passionate footballers. They are a direct product of the generations past so that is why overall we need to change the attitude in Louth. Sometimes we have to understand we have to get knocked back to step up. If we struggle to field a team it will just epitomise this flaw in county Louth. I couldn't help but feel envious of Roscommon with their own Club Rosie on their jerseys. I don't think the people or Gaels of Louth would ever be willing to take ownership of the county like this. I think there is plenty of people in Louth who are passionate and take on huge responsibility in driving Louth GAA on but unfortunately it just seems that the majority of people of Louth are more interested in criticising the ones who are trying. We're a very good example of the "us" versus "them" nonsense mentality towards the GAA festering across the nation. Sad really. If anyone involved with Louth GAA by chance reads this all I can say is keep the faith and I commend and admire your passion. To our players the same message but also to be compassionate towards themselves and keep striving to improve and go out and enjoy their football for the rest of the year.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 25/02/2018 18:57:10

Louth V Roscommon - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Greengrass:  "Ignore The Snapper . He's been at this for a very long time. He's only looking for attention ."
I know the craic Greengrass I've been a long time read since the days of Squid worth, Joeyminor, Butch and the rub. Still think alot of the problems around the GAA are revolving around public perception. If we leave the mouths to have free reign on any forum they may influence the people who don't know any better. The Snapper is the type of lad who has done nothing for Louth but gave out about everything. Then likes to point out how bad everything is as a direct result of their doing nothing. I imagine if there was work in the bed snapper would sleep on the floor! That's me being nice

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 25/02/2018 20:42:03

Another Spectacular GAA PR Own Goal - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Donegalman:  "Didn't hear this. Is it from a club source or your own deduction? I wonder if it were possible to get one off insurance for an event like this."
My own deduction based on the reported penalty. The penalty is specific to a rule which relates to particular situations. Of course you can look for insurance for anything but you might not get it. If a club wish to use a pitch belonging to a body outside of the gaa for training or a game they should get a letter from the GAA's insurers to indemnify the property owners. I imagine the same is possible and required by the GAA's insurers in the case of an event outside of the normal activity of the GAA with its own insurance policy. Its a shame that this nonsense restrains the good will of a community but the rule is there to protect the clubs and the organisation from the nasty letigous world we live in.

WheresDeBallBag (National) - 27/04/2019 23:30:19

Louth V Roscommon - 1 Like(s)

Replying To joej:  "Hard to know how to feel today after yesterday. Very envious of Roscommon with their free scoring fowards, big men around the middle, club rossie and there team bus. Little or no buzz towards louth football now, i cannot remember us not getting a single point in the league in previous years. Looking to the cship i fear the worst with carlow on the up and us probably going down. With lads leaving the panel and the possability of more to come its hard to stay positive. Very poor support for Louth yesterday, outnumbered 3 to 1. Says it all really Hopefully lift it for Clare and Meath, cant see us doing much in Thurles though"
Their bus was class to be fair. We went down to Semple last year and game away with a result no reason why we can't do the same this year. Keep the faith Joej don't want the deficit of Louth support to increase. Its tough but if it was easy everyone would be doing it

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 26/02/2018 14:22:08

Winter Leagues - 1 Like(s)

Replying To breakingball22:  "Why? Reason 1: upon your request, I came up with it over the course of a half an hour. Bit of simple research around key county dates and things like that. Reason 2: the will of the clubs regarding fixtures has fallen on deaf ears so many times that really is there any point submitting something like this? What's really muck is this blind devotion to the fixtures committee in the county board? The first argument is "why don't you come up with something better?". Then it's followed by "Well why don't you tell your ideas to the county board or get elected yourself?" An absolute cop out. I will repeat myself again. WE ARE NOT DUBLIN, KERRY OR CORK!!! It's a difficult job to arrange fixtures but not the impossibility you make it out to be. I'll leave you with a question, do you think I am wrong when I say that the majority of club players are completely fed up with the situation and feel like they have no voice? If i am wrong then shame on me. If I am right the shame on the county board because they are letting the players down big time."
Jaysus lad, I don't know whether you think your running for the Dail or in The Free World from 8 mile. Beautifully put but you'll have to excuse me when I say you are missing my point. You are blaming the county board when it's out of their control. I've had plenty of gripes with little fixtures over the years but as I said a few years ago when I tried to prove a point and do out how the year past should have went I couldn't do it any better. Unless we played league without county players, started earlier or missed the provincial comps at the end of the year. So maybe you should spend more than a half an hour and do out a master fixture plan that can't be wrote on the back of a bar mat. I've no bother throwing a few f**ks at any lads in the wrong. I just think there is to many people in our county giving out about the people who are actually doing something. We should be supporting our county not criticising at any little opportunity. If we took away the 22 from the end of your user name and put in an s. It would suit you better

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 10/02/2018 14:19:36

Louth Football Over The Next 5 Years - 1 Like(s)

Replying To LiathroidiMor:  "I understand the community thing but if you really analyse that view it is more realistic to clubs in rural settings. You can see it where there is the local pub and everyone would meet up there and the GAA would be the focal point. Come into the towns and there is any number of pubs and different sports operating. It is full of housing estates and maybe only a fraction have an interest in the GAA. To believe the GAA should 'be' the community is a very simple view to take. The times are changing and there is so much more to do for young people. You can keep so many interested at adult level."
I have to disagree with your view on the gaa in the community. The SOM's and Mary's I think are a perfect example why. There is many towns that around the country are enriched by the Gaelic Clubs at the heart on them. The GAAs success is based on the straight forward structured platform it provides people around the country to actively serve a community. There's always going to be people not interested like I said so be it. However it's a cop out to say times are changing.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 16/02/2018 17:47:33

Qualifiers Draw 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To THE_SNAPPER:  "Kildare 1-25 0-14 Antrim Antrim are useless, now where does that put Louth ?"

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 23/06/2019 03:23:10

Westmeath Game - 1 Like(s)

Replying To DundalkGael:  "Most of North Louth lads were on the town in Dundalk Sunday, that's prob why"
And rightly so, hope they enjoyed their plans for the weekend.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 19/03/2019 15:42:28

Louth V Roscommon - 1 Like(s)

Replying To THE_SNAPPER:  "The quicker Louth go back down to their true level in div.4 the better....another absolute muck display today...."
2 + 2 = 0, good man you just love kicking lads when they're down. First year meeting the learning curve that is Div 2 and you decide that means we are the lowest in the county. I can't fathom the metric you are using here.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 25/02/2018 16:23:17

2017 Junior Championship - 1 Like(s)
Yeah it's just a pity the Emmets captain wasn't there for the speech I'm sure we would have said "Well Gooch what do you think of that!" Gooch is great sometimes I wonder if every poster is Gooch... Sometimes I wonder if I am Gooch... Then I remember there's only one gooch13

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 26/09/2017 23:04:09

Another Spectacular GAA PR Own Goal - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Uimhir.a.3.:  "Contrary to your argument, I know of a soccer club who sought the same conditions & had all the cover as your athletic club & who were refused, so that implodes your point. There are also many cases where clubs have been punished for hiring their facilities out to soccer clubs, it happened last year in Ulster. Can you tell me where in the Clar Oifiguil that it clearly states that Central Council can give clear permission to other codes to use vested GAA property of clubs. The ruling has been changed this year since Congress for Central Council to grant permission for County grounds, I cannot see where it states that Central Council can make such decisions for clubs even if it "furthers the aims of the Association". Maybe you can tell us how many times Central Council have granted such permissions & how many they rejected. Surely raising funds for a very ill man that contributed his time voluntarily both playing & managing at his local GAA club, furthers the aim of the Association ! Take off the suit & blinkers & look at how your trying to spin the wording to suit yourself, typical official speak."
Section 5.1. Hardly implodes my point when it's fact. If correct procedures are followed the gaa fully facilitate other community Groups. I can't tell you a number but from my own experience if it's done right it's fine. Don't know what more you want me to say. It's not going to stem your outrage at the "GAA". Set up, or if there is one, contribute to a go fund me for the cause. Everyone wishes they could help this man, his family and friends in their time of need but who would fundraise the money to save the club if it was found liable for any accident that happened on the day. At the end of the day that's what it comes down to. Not the sport not the cause but protecting a club.

WheresDeBallBag (National) - 29/04/2019 20:06:24

National league Division 2 Fixtures - 1 Like(s)

Replying To joej:  "Ballbag You are on a public forum agreed, but you are obviously so well informed on every topic that you should really give your real name. If nothing else so that the CB and Pete McGrafh can call you for advise. With your obvious thoughts on Louth football and your extensive knowledge of the County ground situation and so on, its a wonder how you have kept quiet fior so long. With your meager 27 posts I suggest you are a Wum like the ones we have had in the past and you probably have 2 or 3 other accounts on HS."
Don't really appreciate the sarcastic tone of your last post but I can't say I'm surprised. Alot of the debate on here is simply to belittle or berate anyone who is questioning or opposing a view. I am very active in Louth GAA through my club. My voice and opinions are heard through the official channels that actually see action taken so don't you worry, I'm in the trenches. As I've said before I'm a long time reader of Hoganstand but a first time poster. Compare the opinions, compare the syntax I have never posted under any other name. I believe Chesney Hawkes said it best when he said I am the one and only. That being said, I am flattered that I seem to have had such a profound effect on you with my few posts that you are comparing me to those remembered in the history of Louth Hoganstand. This isn't personal I read a post, I question it or express an opinion on said post. Some people may not like my supportive, realistic/positive outlook and my distaste for I'll thought "outrage" that's fine. However it is not going to counter or change my opinion by attacking me as a person. I love when i learn something especially a new perspective on a situation so please Joej enlighten me. Yours in sport, WheresDeBallBag

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 26/10/2017 00:27:18

Youngest age to play senior - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Barry93:  "I am 16 and have two more years at minor. But I turn 17 in March. Does this make me eligible for senior football?"
Nope sorry Barry would have had to have turned 17 before 1st of January 2018 to play adult football

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 30/01/2018 22:55:37

Louth V Dublin - 1 Like(s)

Replying To THE_SNAPPER:  "You usually get out of something what you put into it. Using Dublin's dominant status to try and excuse and/or play down the failures in Louth is laughable. You'll not hear Kerry, Tyrone, Galway, Mayo etc etc placing any blame on the system or on Dublin's finances to deflect from any failures they as counties may have."
The laughable thing is the counties you used in your post have similar revenue to Dublin. So yes you won't hear them use finances as a complaint. I remember when you didn't completely hate the GAA el snappo. What happened, do you even have a club you support and are involved with anymore? Or are you the prime example of why we should fear the elitest game that is trickling over our floodgate. You're the equivalent of an Arsenal fan at this stage. Sad really.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 26/05/2019 21:26:39

League situation - 1 Like(s)

Replying To TopDog(lu):  "Keeping them numbers is what we are trying to do by giving them consistent competitive football. U need to get over yourself before you move on from poor Gooch u should also stop judging people. & the motion was with held not ruled out of order. We also didn't get an invite to the meeting of Div 3 teams to state our case. But that's where we are with corruption & meetings outside the meetings to get what they want. We have put a huge effort into underage in the last 10 years & are beginning to bear the fruit of it but are been pushed back by CB & other clubs who are happy to play in a div with no relegation. Enough said no more can we do."
In the words of Frank Kelly. "I'm so so sorry"
As I said before ones are one club in a county and we can't all bow down cause yous have worked hard. We all appreciate and envy what yous have but you seem to have no appreciation for the one or two guys in an area in some cases who have worked just as hard over the last 10 years just to keep a club open never mind excelling in every way. In my eyes and clearly the majority of the county both are just as important.
A motion can not simply be withheld so stop trying to make out some big conspiracy. It was either ruled out of order for some reason which happens most motions over the years or yous came with it after the deadline.
Regarding meetings outside of meetings there is absolutely nothing wrong with that I'd rather think things were being thought out and discussed so county board delegates where mandated how to vote for their club and not just making up there own personal mind on a given night.
I know the coverage is bad in Donnegans but sure yous could have used a phone and communicated with the other clubs. I find it hard to believe that going by the vote most clubs must have been contacted on this issue that there wasn't a phone call to anyone from Naomh Mairtin. Unless you are the club secretary or county board delegate and you can tell me there wasn't a call or missed call unreturned then I say your lack of communication with the clubs just highlights a selfish mindset.
As I said show a bit of respect to others and some people might listen to what you have to say. The way you are going the Jocks will be hard pushed to swing any votes to any motions on this coming in the future. I'd actually advise you to pick up the phone and politely invite clubs down for a meeting of your own and hopefully a good solution for everyone can be found.
I'm done on this I love doing a bit of stirring on HS but talking to you is like talking to a brick wall.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 01/02/2018 16:43:16

Louth V Roscommon - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Red2017:  "Been at all league games this year and have been following Louth for a long long time. I know the current group are out of their depth in Div 2 but to me there appears to be a total lack of chemistry across the whole group and that goes right from the management team and how they are interacting with each other right down throughout the whole team. Body Language very poor and again I feel looking at all the signs, there is something wrong.....Peter McGrath deserves huge respect but did the players react in Fermanagh for valid reasons ??"
Appreciate what you're saying Red. At stages today and it's not the first time this year, I found myself saying does Lynch even train with the rest of the lads. Don't like singling a lad out but it's just not working there. Goalie is the focal point of the team and should be the one who has the best understanding of the rest of the team, he has worked hard over the last few years for Louth but its just not there this year,
I'm not sure if I'd be pointing the finger at McGrath either. We always knew we'd need to evolve further to step up. This wasn't going to happen over night.
I think as a county we need to start bringing a bit of compassion and patience into our mentality.
I feel like we're a bit like a hamster on the wheel. We get going build momentum until we work so hard we can't keep up and we're fired out of the wheel.
I thought today there was a stark difference between us and the Rossies in terms of frustration versus controlled aggression. Also, our lads seem to be fixated on learning and carrying out their "jobs". This is leading to hesitation which is leading to mistakes.
I'm glad to see them working and I do believe that Louth GAA is progressing, slowly, in terms of coaching, development and structures. However, the mentality and expectations of the ordinary Louth person seem to be completely unrealistic which is damaging to the overall PR.
Thought this was reflected today by the feeling that there was more Rossie's in Drogheda than Louth supporters. Did anyone else get this impression?

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 25/02/2018 17:19:36

Tipp V Louth - 1 Like(s)

Replying To gooch13:  "No point in arguing with Mrknowitall he'll continue to reply with an essay until the cows come home!!"
Bit of a stretch calling LiathroidiMor a know it all Gooch

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 08/03/2018 10:47:16