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Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 5 Like(s)
I was at last year's final and I actually thought there was more mayo fans in the place , apart from the hill of course... all the neutrals cheering Mayo, was that not beneficial to them, on a fantastic surface. Dublin didn't win an Ireland for 15 years or so and it didn't bother anybody. Like I said its an incredible group of players and let me tell you they will win a few more, but then the tide will turn and other teams will win a few here and there and this great team will break up when older heads move on and maybe Gavin steps aside. As a neutral the country is very anti Dublin in my opinion, they play great football and can adapt to any system. Tyrone racking up huge scores and then Dublin come to town and beat them. What more do you wants !!!

GAAdundalk (National) - 29/07/2018 15:09:15

Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "It's interesting you say that mo chara, I often find the atmosphere at All Ireland Finals odd, don't get me wrong it's a great day with the streets heaving and craic flying. I find it a bit different in the ground though, Id say 60% fans from the competing counties. 20% hangers on who have come by a ticket and are their for day as opposed the match and 10% neutrals. Celebrations etc are excellent of course and their is a sense of occasion. But atmospheres for semis etc seem more tribal and less diversified everyone is there for the matches opposed the occasion."
I try and go to as many games as possible,lenister matches,quarters semis, doesn't matter what county or code, even went to a few Munster matches when down the country,I try to be vocal and cheer the teams on. I love our sport and love watching it at its highest level...as the saying goes nothing beats being there.

GAAdundalk (National) - 29/07/2018 17:37:59

Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 4 Like(s)
Dublin could play on the moon and still beat any team in the country .they could probably beat 2 teams at once, just enjoy this bunch, they will go down as one of the best in history

GAAdundalk (National) - 28/07/2018 19:32:32

Gaelic grounds development - 3 Like(s)

Replying To tommybhoy:  "The kitchen sink and everything else should have been thrown at the prospect of a DKIT deal. Never in the history of my 30 years in this county have the pros far outweighed the cons when it came to the DKIT idea. (motorway, parking, accom/services, area to develop an actual stadium). The County Grounds are exactly what we all know they are: a disgrace, an embarrassment, a bloody eyesore. And I wont forget to mention the other massive eyesore in the middle of the county i.e. the Centre of "Excellence" (seriously). How much could have been put into a decent grounds set up with the money thrown away on this nuisance of a project in Darver?"
True...I remember when I seen the plans for it I thought that after all the years it was finally happening.it ticked all the boxes and was unfortunately too good to be true as usual. Is it dead in the water? DKIT are quite adventurous and that campus is constantly growing. The last I heard about that deal was that it was a closed idea as they wanted to pump the money into Drogheda. Now that is finally over as a proposal surely it can be looked and again. 3 options for me are 1) explore the DKIT route, cheaper 2)greenfield site, more expensive but total control 3) do nothing I feel it will be 3

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 27/03/2018 11:54:56

Club Championship 2020 - 2 Like(s)
At least we will finally see what the Marys are made of. I always thought they didn't have the stomach for big crucial matches, but they have been impressive this year. Hardly be another Blues v Martins final could it. Nice wee bet could be a Marys v Mochs, thatll do nicely. Fancy Kilkerly to make the final, if there is one man in louth who the mark is absolutely perfect for its Shane Lennon, they have been racking up great scores. I'll go for a Kilkerly v SOM final, omahoneys going and winning it. They have the grit back, the ability to curtail teams that can score. Naps pushed Togher all the way, literally. Mitchell's have been doing quite well, not to tuned into their set up have they the ability to go all the way. Dundalk Gaels, well where do I start with them. Hammered by 18 points. I think they got lucky with the draw this year, in with Joes and OConnells and only for that they could have been in another relegation scrap. Town teams have been disappointing, Clans are still miles away, they had so many chances down the years to get back to senior, feel like few oul stalwarts like McGeown, Gore just won't be able to get their hands on Flood cup. Have to say having the championship run off this quick is satisfying, its a nice buzz although I'm sure players and management would like 2 weeks in between to cater for knocks and injuries, but as a supporter of Louth football its going well and smooth and must be commended

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 07/09/2020 12:05:07

Minor Championship - 2 Like(s)

Replying To bobby22:  "1 from glyde 3 from seans 2 from the mitchells and 2 from hunterstown all starting . Dont blame the young lads who want to be competing at higher level of underage football, but leaves all the other teams with no hope of winning anything . we could have the debate all day that all these lads want to play with their friends etc etc, yet the bottom line is these young lads are not playing for their own clubs, simple as."
What about their friends in their respective clubs, their communities. I'm sorry but this really annoys me, the GAA is all about the local club, local pride, playing for your area. I do not agree with lads leaving for reasons such as winning a trophy, or playing more competitive football.how about stick with your local club through thick and thin and maybe help bring some good times to your own area. It's stinks to the high heavens and then people call the Mary's a great side, oh their great underage they hammer everyone. And what about the young lads from st Mary's true parish, who get overlooked and lose interest in the game. It's a rotten culture that goes against the grain.

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 21/08/2018 16:01:46

Louth V Meath - 2 Like(s)

Replying To itslouth:  "If Down Beat Meath the Louth v Meath game will not go ahead as meath will be relegated If Meath win Louth v Meath will take place Easter Sunday and the club league games will be posponed. All because a few of Louths senior players would not play on Monday. Instead, They had a good night on the town on sunday night. Cannot understand why they would not play monday considering we were relegated on Saturday night when Clare beat Cork"
Just imagine if it was a club league game and they decided to move it to a bank holiday Monday , you's lads would be giving out till the cows came home about the county board. It is not acceptable at any level to just give a days notice. Doesn't matter if Louth already gone. If players had work commitments that's the end of it.we are constantly saying how hard it is for lads to juggle work and football. And also Meath are not relegated yet so what if they had 3-4 players who had similar commitments? As far as I'm aware both teams had an agreement not to fulfill the fixture. So it certainly didn't suit the Meath lads and rightly so of they are still in with a shout of staying up. Honest to god lads cop on.

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 23/03/2018 11:03:49

2017 Senior Championship - 2 Like(s)

Replying To DundalkGael:  "Thats the O Mahonys finished now anyway. Be back Intermediate within 2 years"
Are you a Gaels man? This is a terrible comment. It sounds personal, the Gaels won a qtr final that is all. How would the O'Mahonys be in intermediate in 2 years? That's their first championship loss since 2015 final. Give them credit.there's no doubt they haven't maintained their high standard this year, they've been on some run since 2014. They looked burnt out and I expect them to come back next year hungry as ever. They have earned that respect off me I'll tell you.

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 11/09/2017 16:11:44

Gaelic grounds development - 2 Like(s)

Replying To THE_SNAPPER:  "Why didn't you answer Dundalk Gaels negative post about Ardee if you didn't care? Why did you answer my reply to DundalkGael instead, when all I did was point out the similarity of Clones, Navan and later Cavan to Ardee. You are one and the same and you forgot which account you were logged in under me thinks ;)"
Yeah because I have so much time on my hands I have 2 Hogan stand accounts! Good man have a good weekend fella. Like I said you got confused, that's OK it happens. I'd take a county grounds anywhere at this stage but no more going into partnership with clubs. Greenfield site, build it and they will come !

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 31/03/2018 21:30:30

New Championship 2019 - 2 Like(s)
Also a lot of people saying ah look only 3/4 teams can win senior, so let's change it up. I guarantee you that at least 7/8 senior teams believe they can win it and will do everything possible to do so. Also the SOM boys showed that the trend can be bucked. They are a small club with little history of titles and they went on a run for 3 years in inter and senior, didn't have a particularly skillful team, just good old fashioned hard work. Also around the country every year I see the same teams winning senior titles!!! Dr Crokes, Corriffin, Slaughneill there for near 4 years, small parish, Rhode from Offally 10 titles in 13 years tiny parish. Scotstown, Ballintubber, Portlaoise, Kildare is 2 same clubs Moorefield and Sarsfields. This is the same in majority of counties ok, didn't even mention Crossmaglen. If the Blues win in for next 5 years so what? It's up to the 11 other club teams to beat them, just like Dublin the greatest team of all time possibly and people are crying about it, saying it's not fair etc etc. It would make ya cringe listening to it, if ya want your club to do better, get involved, get involved underage, come up with ideas. Don't cry about it and say it's not fair, I seen the Glyde twitter account on full flow today and it's embarrassing, saying clubs at adult happily want to Amalgamate to do better, get away out of that I never heard so much nonsense in my life

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 17/01/2019 22:27:17

New Championship 2019 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To cameroosh:  "Structures change all the time, how many different championship structures have we had over the years and i can remember when we changed from straight knockout we had the usual suspects saying it is a joke and its a bad thing. people just dont like change. if most of the people in the county never heard of this going to a vote then i think you should go back and have it out with your own club as this was issued to every club weeks before it went to a vote, if you did not know about this then maybe your own club is not being ran as it should, its up to your clubs to have the debate on this and then bring all the flaws to the co board meeting on monday night, if there is things that your club is not happy about or didnt know then vote no, why vote yes to something you dont know fully about, typical yes man attitude that is in every club. just to note i am not fully for this proposal i think it has its flaws and should have been brought in 2020 when a proper plan strcture was in place, but what i am for is change and trying to improve football in the county and the county team, there is no guaratee that it will or no guarantee that it wont but its worth a try. if a player has any aspiations of winning a joe ward under the current structure i dont think he should be booking a holiday in june 4/5 weeks before the start of the championship, i would nt call that serious commitment. monaghan changed there league structure this year to have different points awarded for different games with or without county players, there was outrage when it was brought in but most people in the county think it worked well this year. we in louth throw the toys out of the pram even when we try to introduce 2 star games never mind change a structure. if senior teams are not for this or not going to play in it i would like to see the gaels proposal for the leagues put in place as this was a bad idea, it would mean more games and should be against teams at similar level"
Your talking nonsense here, so grown men who train since December can't book a holiday in June, men with children by the way! So ya can't go in June because of a group match 4/5 weeks away. Stop will you. Can't go in July because championship starts, can't go in August or September either. So basically no holiday.good man, and also these men are from 2 different clubs, and both have won a Joe Ward so it shows your level of knowledge. People don't like change in GAA your right cuz you know what, it changes too much, every couple of years there is drastic overhauls. I've seen the days where you got promoted in the league to 1a or 1b and that got you into Senior championship football, ive seen when there was just 2 groups with 6 teams in each. Ive seen the league change upon change, as with Championship. And do you know what the common denominator is in all this change...Louth still never did any better.

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 18/01/2019 10:07:37

Louth V Laois - 2 Like(s)

Replying To colm1888:  "Amazing how well Louth seem to play on a decent playing surface, never mind the surroundings in drogheda, the players deserve a pitch for there brand of football"
Now ya said it! I've yet to see a decent county final in the place as well.anyone I've ever talked to that played their with club or county hate it.

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 05/02/2017 17:40:06

Tipp V Louth - 2 Like(s)

Replying To OLLIE:  "Another bad day in the office for the Wee County. They have now lost their first five matches in the league for the very first time since 2004. Along with Wicklow they are the only teams not to score a goal in the league this year. They have the worse scoring difference in the country with -52 and they have the worse defence with 107 conceded. On average they have conceded 21 points and only scored 11 points. Remarkable if results go their way they have a slight chance of staying up if Louth beat Meath, Cork beat Clare, Louth beat Clare and Down beat Meath.Get the rosary beads out."
You always find the silver lining Ollie.. Candles lit

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 12/03/2018 17:34:07

New Championship 2019 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To cameroosh:  "it looks like your the fella who has never kicked a ball, a manager be it club or especially county wont tell a player when he can or cant go on holidays but what he will tell him is not to come back if he tips off on holidays a few weeks to championship. your making up things in your head your going mad, who mentioned portugal?? plenty of other places you can go on holidays that is hot in january but i reckon portugal wouldnt be freezing. So your saying parents follow the rules and dont take kids out of school for holidays? your having a laugh. i will make it easy for you how about they can book there holidays for the mid term break when the kids is off usually around april/may"
So now your saying take the kids on their summer holidays in April, so it's an Easter holiday now is it.All so the regular Joe club player can keep June, July,August, September and of course October free because we have the longest championship in the country. I'll tell ya you must be a single and with no kids because if you had a missus and kids you'd be told to catch a grip. So your telling me if a player goes on his holidays 4/5 weeks before the group stages of championship he will be told not to come back...im sorry this is the maddest comment I have ever heard, you my friend have won the internet for today. There is literally lads flown home early from stags, holidays, from J1's every year before matches. Look I'm done with this particular conversation because it's pointless

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 18/01/2019 16:43:54

2017 Senior Championship - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Redzer_Brown:  "Ollie, Clutter got collarbone smacked in training. A huge blow to jocks, he one of the best high fielders not only in Louth but in country, class act"
What age is this fella.that's some claim now to be fair...in the country... I haven't heard of him and I'm only from North Louth!!

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 06/09/2017 21:48:40

Transfers - 1 Like(s)

Replying To DundalkGael:  "Is this a joke? Sean O Mahonys in recent years have got..Nixons from DYI, Fisher is a Roche man, Mackin (not played much last 2 years) is a DYI man, Quigley (too many clubs to name) Gaels have Errol Boyle DYI man, Clarke Malachis man who lives in Hackballscross Thats just off the top of my head"
Ok you seem to know your transfers. The Nixon's one was a shambles and was a form of protest sure all 3 were back at DYI 2 years later. You wouldn't see a clans man moving to SOM or an SOM man going to the Gaels or vice versa.these 3 teams have massive rivalry on and off the pitch. From what I'm hearing in Drogheda young prospects leave their clubs to go win championships with the blues, and that's going on years and years. Maybe I was misinformed which is why I asked

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 05/03/2018 21:09:14

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To cameroosh:  "If this new championship was played for the joe ward cup would senior teams be happy? and get a new cup for the senior championship"
Senior clubs want to play other senior clubs for the senior championship. You can't just come up with plans to change whole structures just because you haven't been successful. What's next, split the blues in two. Senior clubs are organising a meeting so just because this was voted it means nothing, most of the people in the county never heard about this till other night. the club delegates if known about this for months should have been put out amongst the players and people that are actuality involved in the game, should have been discussed. If affects to many people not to have been properly debated.spoke to several guys today. 2 have holidays booked for June, thought they'd miss league game now could miss championship. Is that fair? Fellas that train near all year round, make serious commitments.Catch a grip. As a secondary competition yes, not the main senior one.

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 17/01/2019 17:16:26

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Just when I thought Louth Gaa got their act together...completely devalues Joe Ward. This should have been brought in as a secondary competition if it was for the reasons they said. The 12 teams that are in senior got their on Merit.and they should battle it out against other senior teams for a county title and not by getting a handy draw against an amalgated team and winning a title. Not surprised to hear a junior team proposed this. You need to earn the right through hard work, years of it maybe to play senior and have the chance to compete against the best in Lenister. Incredible that the team that wins this goes into Lenister

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 15/01/2019 15:10:40

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To LemonySnickett:  "so playing with players of a higher quality and mixing and training them will stop transfers rather than encourage them?"
Put them on the show window more like it

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 15/01/2019 15:11:14

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Mesut:  "Aye join together for a new championship that runs after the junior/intermediate/senior championships have been run. It'll be great to see the likes of Tommy Durnin lining out to play at senior championship level with an amalgamated team in north louth, but am I right in saying that the winner of this new competition goes on to represent louth in the Leinster senior club championship? Does this not completely devalue the joe ward?"
If the winner is an Amalgamation they can't go through. Aye sure it's amazing what response a certain transfer request from an individual can stir up. Mickey Mouse competitions now

GAAdundalk (Louth) - 15/01/2019 15:13:19