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Tyrone game tickets - 2 Like(s)

Replying To hill16no1man:  "I don't know about others but I would never have any interest in going to the final if Dublin aren't involved, why would you want to witness other team elation at winning a competition you wanted to win"
As a player I agree but as a supporter no. Your saying you wouldn't like to experience a World Cup final. Catch a grip

Frederick (Dublin) - 18/08/2017 18:09:51

Time to savour - 2 Like(s)
This thread was absolutely hilarious. I really enjoyed it. Oh and I'm as big a culchie there is. Hope it's dubs mayo final

Frederick (Dublin) - 17/08/2016 16:06:00

Joe Canning - not fit to lace Shefflin's boots - 2 Like(s)

Replying To SaffronDon:  "dia think Jackie Tyrell and Tommy Walsh and brain hogan jj Delaney and the lads would allowed bubbles get his equaliser. Not a chance! so you weren't watching the 2014 AI final drawn match then? they almost gave him the equaliser and the winner that day."
I was watching it but had to watch the last 5 minutes of it you refer to again. if you think restricting a tipp forward line that was on fire that day to a point under that pressure in those last 5 mins is the same as what bubbles was allowed do in 30 secs in the league in a game where Galway needed to win more than tipp, wil you need to watch more hurling. And that 'free' in the last minute could just as easily have been given to Kilkenny and in reality it should have been play on. To relate to the topic, if joe had of been over that last minute free, he would have scored it. It is a ridiculous thread, let's just cherish both players. Watching joe on Sunday, his frees from inside his '65 were sailing over, like with a good 10-15 yards to spare. Is there a record of longest free ever scored in hurling. Also no one answered my question if Henry could score sideline cuts?

Frederick (National) - 05/07/2016 17:21:23

Club Championships - 1 Like(s)
Dreadnots have a massive chance. Bet in final by a better pats team two years in a row and the last year caught cold in a semi when they knew pats were in the final and they didn't fancy a third crack while som were on a crest of a wave. This time they have the best bunch of players in it. Pops, d Campbell, a. Williams, shelvin, peach, Pepe, pat lynch(on his day), p.kirwan returning from travels, have no excuses this year. Gers will be close. Best manager, good system, good players. Gerry hoey and Jim Mac need to stay fit though as they hold the Attack and defence together. Have a mental edge over dreadnots as wel Omahoneys are capable of an upset in a game but I don't think good enough to win it out. I dont actually think their forwards are as good as other sides, and they don't put up huge scores, but they have a great defensive setup and no better man than jobser to lead them. Kilcoyne, Crawley, finnegan, fisher are all good in certain areas but are mark able. nixon is a loss as he was a great worker and contributed both ends for them. Mary's are in with a great shout and seem to be hitting form and their squad allows them to prepare for any team/system by playing 15v15 in training. Bingham, Darren Clarke, paudy Clarke, dean Matthews, are very capable. Rj Callaghan Ronan Carroll give them stature and physicality and they have some fearless young fellas as wel which could come off the bench. Pats don't need a briefing. I just don't think they have the hunger though, most of them have at least 2-3 joe wards, their best chance at Leinster has gone. Cooley are sitting mid table in the league but I don't think are good enough. Depend on b white for scores too much and not as teak tough at the back as they were. Blues are similar to Cooley although their belief is never in question and always makes them dangerous. Kilkerly have Shane Lennon who is still the best club player on his day in Louth and now with mc eneaney to help him you never know. Have a winning mentality from last year as well. Gaels are targeting to get back to div 1 and are too defensive any ways. Haven't added the attacking dimension I expected them to . Rats not going well and could go down in championship. Ben rogan and baz Flanagan not as lethal as before and seem to be aging a bit. O Connells can cause an upset they have some brilliant players who blow hot and cold. Consistency is their prob and they lost a lot of league games by v.small margins. Martins I don't believe will win it. JP not as good as before, as with Nicky mc d, and mick fanning. Although with Berill,Campbell, jp, and if Craig lynch plays on square, they could score a lot. Problem would be getting the ball to them. That's my thoughts. I definitely think we will have a different winner other than collon,blues,pats for first time in a while

Frederick (Louth) - 04/07/2016 16:42:51

Club Championships - 1 Like(s)
Darver is a joke for a venue and turns supporters off it, especially neutrals. Ifs it's windy, cold or wet, I wouldn't go see Kerry v Dublin above never mind Louth club games, no disrespect. Ardee should have lights with their set up above, gers is a good venue with lights and dromiskin would even do( though not much better than darver regards crowd facilities). Clans also has lights and is good venue. I don't see a prob with Friday night games at 8, any earlier yes, but most jobs now finish early on a Friday and 5 at the latest. An hour commute and most lads are home, yes it's strenuous on the few who are away, but then you've a free weekend for lads with family and all so it's hard to suit everyone. I also think instead of double headers with adult teams, they should play some underage matches before an adult game. Better for kids to play in front of a crowd even if it is just for a few minutes, and the pitch wouldn't be cut up as bad. Another thing on double headers is warm up facilities for the second game, this needs to be addressed

Frederick (Louth) - 07/09/2016 22:37:47

Joe Canning - not fit to lace Shefflin's boots - 1 Like(s)
For me it's the killer instinct. Galway took several points yesterday when the goal was on. In the first half in particular. If galway were in kilkennys goal scoring opportunity yesterday, the mid fielder would have put it over. Back to topic. I would agree that shefflin has been better. He does have a better team though. Like when canning put over a 55metre cut v tip in the league, dia think Jackie Tyrell and Tommy Walsh and brain hogan jj Delaney and the lads would allowed bubbles get his equaliser. Not a chance! Genuine question, could Henry score from sideline cuts, marvellous skill and it's just something I've never seen him do and didn't want to get slated for saying so. Obviously he made up for it in other things? Canning seems to nearly have his best years behind him when he was racking up anything from 1-12 and above in games on a weekly basis in NHL, u21, fitzgibbon, and Portuma all Ireland club games. Still one of my fav passages of gaa is when shefflin puts Kilkenny ahead and then joe equalises. Think it was league game? Commentary and all, the King and the prince.

Frederick (National) - 04/07/2016 17:01:29

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)
why o why didnt they call the new championship Joe ward, then it was perfect. That was the whole idea of it, to give players from lesser clubs the chance to win a Joe ward. The senior championship would be devalued, but so be it, if your good enough you'd beat a combination, at end of day, you can only put out 15. Blues would nearly beat Louth never mind a combo of couple of clubs, and the combo would never have chemistry. There is no incentive to win this new championship as an amalgamation, its not a thing players would desire, you'll win it most likely with rivals, and only 2-3 of your good mates. Everyone wants a Joe ward, by hook or by crook, they wouldn't mind, hence the transfers to blues .Also this way, it still gives no chance to westerns players of a Joe ward, it gives them chance at this new thing which nobody will want, who wants to go into Leinster to get whooped. It will become a farce, someone please reply to this post in 2-3 years and tell me i was right. Baile Talun will win it the first year as they'll be only ones to take it seriously as it was their motion, prob have a squad picked already.

Frederick (Louth) - 15/01/2019 15:56:04

How can Meath beat Dublin in Leinster? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To WhyTheLongFace:  "it wasn't really a lazy answer to me...i know what he is saying because he has touch on the subject in the past many times before.But do give your opinion on how to stop the Dubs?"
I taut it was Most of what he said was fairly obvious like taking your scores, fast players. This is wedged to win any game. First thing is win the throw in and drive straight at them, the throw is in when most teams are most vulnerable these days. If you w.in the throw in and beat your man, you've theoretically 7v 6 which means at this level you need to score. Watch Dublin next throw up, and watch how quickly Paul Flynn gets goal side as to ensure this doesn't happen against them. Make it happen sow the doubt seeds early. Everyone goes on about their kick outs. Dublin take their starting position on kick outs and make the pitch as spacious as possible thus one player makes a run and cluxton picks him, quarter back style where most of the time the receiving player hardly breaks stride, this allowing Dublin to create the overlap straight away and their players are too good not to take advantage of such an overlap. Just look at Connollys goal v Laois. Now I don't know the Meath personal that well,( as wel as say Louth) but I think concede the kick out and then set up in the '50 with 14 men, get the turnover and Spring, just like Tyrone did v Derry.key thing here is stopping the first phase so they recycle and switch wing so you must shuffle as a unit. Much like A back four in soccer(I'd love to see mourinho set up a defensive structure in Gaelic ).dublin may try 4-5 phases in an attack so focus and awareness is as key as pace and tackling. It requires serious discipline in the tackle and ensuring that Dublin don't get ahead by much with 50 metre points. This was how Donegal bet them. If Durkan hadn't of saved Connollys shot on goal, Donegal wouldve found it difficult. Scoring is essential when you turn them over in play, after perhaps 4-5 phases of attacks, more lads join the attck like cooper and mc Mahon leaving bigger gaps at back. Also not only that but these lads are more likely to give it away than say Connolly or Kilkenny so when they are 50 yards out the intensity don't have to be in them as much, tempt them into a 20-30 yard kick pass into say brogan and then pounce on the bad pass or smother brogan with the blanket defence, get your turnover and Spring(Wallace,g Reilly,tormey, mc Mahon) Other thing is frustrate the bejaysus of them, slow the game down at every oppurtunity as to not let momentum build. Especially after a few scores for them. This is a complete dark art. You also need a bit of luck. Just my opinion and I'd be interested in anyone's tauts ( positive and negative) on it

Frederick (Meath) - 09/06/2016 01:20:07

Rip Brendan Reilly. - 1 Like(s)
RIP benny, by all accounts a great lad Absolutely tragic and thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.

Frederick (Louth) - 18/09/2017 22:55:39

Club Championships - 1 Like(s)

Replying To OLLIE:  "Fred the venue is fixed for Drogheda on Sunday 2nd September."
Both teams be delighted to be in it, but id say they would rather play in Haggardstown or a more convenient place for supporters. SOM will have an advantage with experience of last year. As well, it was an absolute disgrace, that the senior semi finals were fixed for the same time as the ladies SFC final. and the geraldines involved in it as well, yet they needed to provide stewards. Why not play a ladies game as a curtain raiser to the mens, to raise the profile of the game in the County a bit.

Frederick (Louth) - 19/09/2016 12:55:07

Dublin v Meath - 1 Like(s)
It is what people do with young players. Look at Marcus rashford and martial. Dublin have a huge following Damo and telling people to hush about c o'c in like trying to keep the tide out. He carried a u21 team to a Leinster. He came on the other day and had that balance and elegance about him which made ya watch. I am only mad I didn't watch more of him when he was first mentioned on this, although only the 21 semis be on tg4 so that was only chance I'd have. People hyped up ck when he was young and rightly so. The chap plays with maturity and experience of gooch, never making the wrong decision.he scores, works hard, tackles, covers spaces, has vision has it all. If he hadn't hurt his knee and lost maybe a half yard of explosiveness hed had he'd of been better than Connolly I think in an overall sense. Add to that he is only 23. A future Dublin captain I would say.

Frederick (Dublin) - 08/06/2016 11:32:49

Two years on - management review - 1 Like(s)
CK should certainly continue and I would actually like to see it for resins previously stated. I also agree that the biggest problem with Louth football is not who the senior county manager is.

Frederick (Louth) - 01/07/2016 16:14:11

Well done Ireland - 1 Like(s)

Replying To hill16no1man:  "I see they all were on the boos directly after the match, pictures from the dressing room of them all with Carlsberg drinking and they have a match on Sunday Bad advertisement for kids. Reminds me of the cricket team after they beat England went on the lash for the week."
Hill these must be wind up posts. Everyone knows a huge victory for any team is usually celebrated with some boo's

Frederick (National) - 23/06/2016 13:46:05

Cavan v Tyrone - 1 Like(s)
I fancy Tyrone on the basis that they don't generally lose replays( championship and in general) in my memory any ways. Some one might have stats on this. Would love to see a Monaghan Cavan final. Imagine the banter

Frederick (National) - 01/07/2016 16:46:05

Kerry's easy path - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Leinster may not be what it was, but up to 10 years ago Leinster was uber competitive. Had Kerry been in Leinster they wouldn't have half the All Ireland's they have. Its no coincidence that the county with most football titles came out of the weakest province and the county with the most hurling titles came out of the weakest province also And thats just a fact................ :)"
In that case Antrim or Galway would have the most hurling all irelands.

Frederick (National) - 01/06/2017 13:25:12

Division 1 League 2017 - 1 Like(s)
its a joke you cant organise a thing in confidence cause of football.

Frederick (Louth) - 01/06/2017 13:36:30

Rory Mcilroy played Gaelic football - 1 Like(s)
I thought it was a great article. Regarding throwing the Tri colour, he explains the reason for that(not that specific incident, but he said he doesn't feel one or the other and he is entitled to that). Mad the obsession the great pros have, tiger in the gym at 4am because he couldn't sleep, may weather is the same, mc Gregor. Anyone know of gaa lads like this? Also to the poster who said it's probably all lies, could they care to elaborate on or explain such a statement.

Frederick (National) - 10/01/2017 19:56:30

Dublin v Meath - 1 Like(s)
Con O'C Defo a big star. Actually reminded me of a young Conor mc manus?? BB was quiet but ye know he can do it on a big day . Mannion looked like he was trying too hard I taut instead of doing the simple thing, get space and pop it over.the two early goals made the game a circus event really. Jim would learned v.little bar the lack of ruthlessness probably. On Louth, we would like a spin up to play ye, although some of us would fear the worst. Don't think Meath Wil give yous a bother either if its them. Louth would work very hard for the full 70 mins though whereas Meath wouldn't, they not as spirited as usual. Also Dublin might let up v Louth whereas the players would like to hammer Meath. For those reasons I think ye would beat Meath by more than you would beat Louth. I'd love a good trilogy with this Louth Meath tie with a few replays and then a one point win for Louth in the end. Only then would we be high on confidence, spirited and believe we could challenge what would then be a 4-5 week rested/stale Dublin if ya know what I mean. Although I can't imagine the 15v15 Dublin have is far from championship pace as The dream of running out to a blue hill in croke park on September is at stake

Frederick (Dublin) - 06/06/2016 14:34:06

Louth v Meath! - 1 Like(s)
wel lads new user got to grips with technology. MY opinion for the game. This game has huge capacity for Louth to cause an upset. We are on a good winning run, Meath dont have quality like they had when GG, Darren Fay, Ollie Murphy, Trevor Giles played. Most of this team wont fear Meath either.

Frederick (Louth) - 31/05/2016 11:54:25

A poll for Neutrals - Connolly v McManus. - 1 Like(s)

Replying To waynoI:  "To summarise Connolly makes an average team very good. Mc manus makes a very good team top class Oh i really hope we stay average, and monaghan stay top class for a very long time :) :)"
Lol Wayne I think you misunderstood me. Taking Louth as an average team, put Connolly into it and they are very good. Taking Mayo and Tyrone as very good teams at the minute, put mc manus in and they are top class. It was nothing to do with Dublin's or Monaghan's currently.

Frederick (National) - 06/06/2016 14:37:06