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Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 10 Like(s)
I think Dublin can win this easily, I'd love to see Dublin concentrate on the onion bag only and I suspect 5 goals alone will be more than enough to beat Meath, but would love to see Dublin put 8, 9, or 10 in the Meath net. Forget the points, we all know that Dublin can rack up 20 points plus but they also have the players to hit more than enough goals in 70mins to beat what is an average Meath team. Hammer the s***e outta them..

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 19/06/2019 21:02:35

Why Did The Referee - 5 Like(s)
give a close in free to Tyrone late in the game when it was Colm Kavanagh who shoulder-charged into the chest of a Monaghan player ?

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 12/08/2018 17:49:48

Kildare V Meath - 4 Like(s)
RoyalDunne is a bit slow so give him some slack.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 17/06/2017 21:00:18

Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 3 Like(s)

Replying To katser:  "I fancy Meath in this one"
I think I fancy Meath to get another point in the second half.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 23/06/2019 16:46:05

Meath - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Furlong1949:  "So the reason Meath were so sucessful in therror last 80 years was not because of hardness maybe it because they had some of the best defenders ( O Brien Quinn Lyons Fay O Connell O Malley) some of the best midfieldersolution ( Meegan Hayes McEntee McDermont) and some best forwards ( McDermont O Rourke Stafford Giles Geraghty) and some of the best managers( Fr Tully McDermott Boylan ) of all time. That's the reason. Even a Kildare or Cavan supporter ( counties that obsessively hate Meath with passion ) would begrugery admit this."
The GAA was going for well over a half a century before Meath made the break through and that break through would not have come were it not for the farmers from other parts of deprived Ireland been given land to farm in the early 1930's, and that is the truth.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 11/07/2017 15:28:21

Why are pundits taking it easy on Kerry? - 3 Like(s)

Replying To cuchulainn35:  "Yesterday we witnessed a fine game in CrokePark... but the result ultimately fell on a cynical piece of work by Kerry, pulling down an opponent as he goes down on goal. Now the Kerry man did the right thing , took the black card and Kerry won the game...................BUT no analysis of this in the RTE studio.... Sean Cavanagh was near lynched for doing this in headquarters against Monaghan, Ciaran Whelan said it was against the spirit of the game, but last night said nothing, Spillane said no Kerry footballer would defend like that, while Brolly went on a whole campaign against the player...... Michael Lyster said at the time that people don't pay into games to watch men being pulled down rugby style....... So has RTE lost the plott!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
the result ultimately fell on a cynical piece of work by Kerry, pulling down an opponent as he goes down on goal The foul was a long way out for starters, nobody was in on goal. Also there were plenty other similar instances of pulling players back during the game so the incident in question was just another moment in a game that lasted 35+2 minutes in the first half and 35+6 and more in the second half. The result of the game did not come down to one single incident in the game cause if it did then you could say the result ultimately fell on Rocks missed free kick could you not ?

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 10/04/2017 11:28:22

O Byrne Cup Draw 2017 - 2 Like(s)
The lads that are back now didn't show much allegiance to Louth when the county was playing in division 4, some of whom were involved up until relegation to the bottom tier. Players who can't be loyal to the cause when things are bad are not to be trusted at all.

THE_SNAPPER (Louth) - 05/01/2017 17:25:45

The McCann Ban - 2 Like(s)
https://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2017/0627/885998-burns-banned-for-12-weeks-for-kicking-ball-at-umpire/ The following was tTaken from the above 2017 article; "Louth's Ryan Burns has become the latest inter-county Gaelic footballer to receive a 12-week ban for 'minor physical interference with an official' after kicking a ball at an umpire in the Wee County's qualifier defeat to Longford." McCann must have friends in high places ?

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 14/06/2019 18:22:34

Cavan V Monaghan - 2 Like(s)
Hate to see a player like McManus simulating being fouled, he has to be the best forward in the country at manufacturing a free.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 12/06/2017 17:23:29

Meath V Tyrone - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Richieq:  "Yes I am in a position for the following reasons; 1) We own a county ground 2) We have full planning permission for a complete redevelopment to begin this October And dont worry you'll see plenty of the redevelopment stadium, it'll be your home from home so to speak, we look forward to ye stimulating the Meath economy for years to come....."
You are in no position. Come back when your proposed developments are all done and paid for cause only then will you be in a position to boast about a county ground and that you own it.....I doubt it very much that you or I will still be around should that day arrive.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 12/06/2018 14:03:36

Mayo V Meath - 2 Like(s)
Meath will need to get more quare stuff into them for the next day. they ran out of steam with 10 minutes to go against Donegal .

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 16/07/2019 01:02:59

Kerry V Tyrone - 2 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "And what did mcminamin do to Clifford a few weeks ago? He wasn't interested in the ball what so ever only in keeping Clifford away from it. I'm not complaining by the way as every team does it. As for the reff, I and many Kerry fans around me thought that deegan was screewing us big time then I come on here and read yer comments and I'm thinking what the fook, but then again I suppose being Kerry fans we were being a little bit biased. Now I'm off to bed only just in the door and il watch the game back tomorrow at some stage."
I thought the ref most definitely favoured Tyrone in the first half, in the second half he reffed it more true and Kerry and Tyrone probably got most of what they were entitled too overall. This type of inconsistant refereeng can often make it appear that the ref is therefore bias, Tyrone can't seriously have any complaints about the refereeing in my opinion.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 12/08/2019 10:42:53

Dublin V Kerry NFL Final - 2 Like(s)

Replying To bangbang:  "Fair play to Kerry. Some dubious decisions by the ref through the match. It was quite funny watching some of the Kerry players and especially Fitzmaurice celebrating like they'd won the All-Ireland. It's only April lads, calm down."
It's was funny watching Desperate Dan cursing himself when he was going off the field after he was black carded.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 09/04/2017 18:09:30

County Grounds - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Shearer:  "At the county board convention last night there was a huge emphasis on moving forward with the Gaelic grounds in Drogheda and work has been going on behind the scenes. Some legal issues being worked on at present which they are hoping will be sorted out in the coming weeks...........In a recent survey we are currently ranked the worst county grounds in Ireland.....The only way is up!!"
"Sorted out in the coming weeks" lol. In my opinion Louth is clearly a county with absolutely no desire to better itself, I'd describe Louth as a county void of ambitions both on and off the field .

THE_SNAPPER (Louth) - 13/12/2016 18:52:12

The McCann Ban - 1 Like(s)

Replying To LaLu:  "Full rigours of the law. Furthermore, as well should be two words. Improving though......"
"Full rigours of the law. Furthermore, as well should be two words. Improving though...... LaLu (Louth) - Posts: 198 - 16/06/2019 01:24:28 2195596" If bullying someone for their spelling mistakes is your thing then you have come to the right place here on Hoganstand. Hoganstand seems to be very happy and content to facilitate you, which is sad really given they do not provide posters with any option to amend any typos a post may have and/or delete a post. Once you push that 'Post Message' button you then expose yourself to the anger & stress of bullies. I previously stated that; "Correcting someone's spelling and grammar can be helpful in the correct context, but using it as a weapon is low. Language is tough. Some people are dyslexic, some people speak English as a second language, some people don't have the best education and some just make an error. Trying to make yourself look better by pointing out other people's mistakes is a crappy thing to do" Your repeated mocking of my spellings and grammar is unwelcome.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 17/06/2019 21:05:35

Louth Juniors! - 1 Like(s)

Replying To croker16:  "I think that was an U-21 match and not a junior one."
It was a Leinster Junior Championship game played in Haggardstown, went to extra time if I recall correctly, think Rock got subsituted on the night.

THE_SNAPPER (Louth) - 05/06/2017 00:00:01

Louth V Longford - 1 Like(s)
Everyone at the top table, the management and all the players have to go.

THE_SNAPPER (Louth) - 17/06/2017 20:21:16

Meath v Louth - 1 Like(s)

Replying To LoyalRoyal:  "I'm happy enough with our starting 15 and I think we'll have enough to win this. We might even win by 5 or more. But we'll see, it could go horribly wrong if Micko hasn't learned from the Westmeath game and the league this year."
Poor Micko can only work with what he has and that mighten be good enough, did you ever consider that ?.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 11/06/2016 21:54:19

The McCann Ban - 1 Like(s)
"Ok lads, calm your heels. What happened was not very nice and I was more annoyed about how this might impact our younger gaels. The act itself was not nice but there were a couple of worse incidences over the last couple years (eye gouging) which of course were far, far worse. But whataboutery is a waste of time, I may as well be a DUP candidate!lol Not nice - punishment given - move on. As an ex-player, I've never seen this move, but I've seen a lot worse. Saying that, it's no excuse. Tiernan McCann does not deserve a witch hunt. He's an amateur player like the rest of us. I've witnessed many a man dish out much more damaging abuse over the years. Not making excuses, but we have to let the GAA authorities deal with these things as much as we love or hate the player. He broke the rules and we don't want to see the rules undermined. The poor player who lost his mouth-guard is a tough enough boy - I'm sure he's not having sleepless nights over this. Brolly (Monaghan) - Posts: 4460 - 15/06/2019 04:02:43 2195141" It appears that you can put on a GAA jersey, take to the playing field, commit acts of thuggery and not face any real consequences afterwards. Donning a jersey for your club or county should not exempt you from facing the full rigors of the law should you willfully and deliberately assault another whilst representing the aforementioned. If the GAA deem an offence has been committed then the guilty party or parties should not only face disciplinary measures from the GAA but they should also be subject to a Gardaí investigation aswell. If you assault someone on the streets you will be arrested and charged where appropriate.

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 15/06/2019 22:26:53

Meath v Louth - 1 Like(s)

Replying To runnerin:  "We havent the players we used to have at the moment but think we have some very good players who I have no doubt are doing their upmost to win tomorrow and do well this year but if we dont win we wont blame anyone outside our county unlike some"
If you lose why would you direct blame at anyone or anybody, how about you simply weren't good enough and that you lost to a better team than you..

THE_SNAPPER (National) - 11/06/2016 22:26:00