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Stop the Hand Slap Goal - 4 Like(s)
diving headers would be fun lol

kikfada (National) - 17/07/2017 14:59:28

Donald Trump & The GAA - 2 Like(s)
We need DT badly in the GAA because he could wipe all the silly rule changes that have been taken in during th Obama years with one stroke of THAT pen

kikfada (National) - 30/01/2017 09:37:54

Another referee making up the rules - 1 Like(s)

Replying To browncows:  "You were obviously watching that incident on tv like myself- in real time it was difficult to for anyone to be sure so I would give the Ref the benefit in that situation. However there were two Ferm players taken out of it with head high dangerous tackles which was very obvious to everyone in real time with no card given. In Mayo/Sligo match the first goal was scored by taking 7 steps-the scorer was fouled and it should have been a free in. It is strange how all the big decisions go in with the big teams"
Remember lads if a player is signaled ADVANTAGE and then fouls the ball by throwing or overcarrying it is NOT a free in it is a free against him so a Referee should always try to blow the free before the player with 'ADVANTAGE' loses out.

kikfada (National) - 22/05/2017 14:24:16

Hurling Manager - 1 Like(s)

Replying To UpLouth91:  "Heard through the grapevine that former manager Aidan Costelloe is a leading candidate. Been involved in and around the Knockbridge set up over the last few years so wouldn't be a surprise to see him named"

kikfada (Louth) - 06/09/2016 16:24:21

Louth v Derry - 1 Like(s)
11/2 louth with pp...... i would'nt fly Ryanair Snapper did'nt they land in the Wrong airport in Derry onetime.

kikfada (Louth) - 14/06/2016 17:12:51

Louth v Derry - 1 Like(s)
this is a desaster waiting to happen.....the timing of the game is soooooo bad. If WEE have 200 supporters there i will be amazed so why make the Players train all year and degrade them like this. Imagine the Dubs were asked to travel to Derry on saturday with their travel time clashing with the Ireland game.... WW3. Pull the Plug and let the CCCC refix it for a more suitable time. Step up CB.

kikfada (Louth) - 15/06/2016 10:12:34

Weekend betting - 1 Like(s)
Could London be the bet of the weekend...... Wicklow look to be in bad shape and that was some fiasco in the u21 last night...... a disgrace in fact allowing hundreds of LU folk travel even though the pitch was never gonna be playable

kikfada (National) - 23/02/2017 18:30:24

Meath v Louth - 1 Like(s)
Expect Louth to win this, WEE are getting the exact same fabric from O Neills that the Cork Hurlers wore yesterday and seemingly this Magic Cloth will give us the Powers to bate the ould enemy........ just like yesterday. Louth by 5.

kikfada (National) - 22/05/2017 10:43:49

Leinster Club Championship Draws 2016: - 1 Like(s)
This time 2 short years ago SOM beat Castleknock in the Leinster IFC in the Clans. Castleknock are now in the Dublin SFC Final V St Vincents and SOM start their Leinster SFC campaign this Sunday in Aughrim. Maybe they could meet again.....

kikfada (Louth) - 28/10/2016 14:03:56

Question for hurling coaches - 1 Like(s)
Best tip is to use the Platic Rubber bottomed indoor sticks when practising your blocking. These sticks will be located under bags of rubbish, old jerseys and burst balls in the dirtiest corner of your club's gear/equipment room. The main reason lads dont wanna practise this skill is that it normally ends with their favourite stick been damaged or broken - so give it a go lads i'tll work just brill.

kikfada (National) - 27/01/2017 19:33:27

Fine Job by Hurling Ref - 1 Like(s)
He had a good game but one very bad mistake in Rule was the free in the first half from Calanan that was blocked by a Kilkenny defender who was only 10-12 metres from the free instead of the required 20 metres.... a bad error which cost tipp a score

kikfada (National) - 10/09/2016 00:30:25

Louth v Derry - 1 Like(s)
moresthepity its in Owenbeg the Tyrone game was Celtic Park.

kikfada (Louth) - 16/06/2016 14:53:11

Carlow vs Monaghan - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Shelbourne:  "Being a Louth GAA man isn't easy is it.....just let him work off his obvious frustration I suppose !"
See yas on the way down Shelbourne your Boxing way over your weight and all them miles have totted up. As i have said Ulster teams way over rated carlow near bate ye and look what Longford done last year. Specsavers are 2 for 1 this week bring your mate Shaggy.

kikfada (National) - 18/07/2017 16:18:49

Louth v Meath! - 1 Like(s)
MASSIVE day for Louth Football ..... good luck lads..... WEE will know where WEE stand at 17-00 today ...... our ratings could change from anything from 12 to 24 depending on how WEE perform. Big Day.

kikfada (Louth) - 12/06/2016 13:37:31