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Meath V Laois - 4 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Can't wait, tickets hopefully ready to print out Thursday morning. Can't see Meath slipping up at this junction. However Laois have to be respected. Meath are perhaps a year further on in their development, so for that I'll go for Meath by 2. Hon the royal"
"Laois have to be respected" is alarm bell stuff for a anyone that thinks like that. To me that translates to this game is in the bag and it's only a formality. Meath should win but it will be tight especially if complacency like you are showing RD is also in the dressing room.

ged (National) - 06/06/2019 11:23:58

The last 14 remaining in football championship - 3 Like(s)

Replying To CastleBravo:  "There's no such thing as the last 14, you haven't reached further than other teams in qualifier round 3 just because your game throws in later than theirs. It sounds like that joke of the manager saying "the longer we stay in this dressing room, the longer we stay in the championship!". On top of that, I doubt any team will ever get a draw as lucky as London+Leitrim in the qualifiers ever again. As usual the 99% of games are ignored and one game selectively chosen in order to prove a point. There's a 99% chance that next year Carlow will lose their first round in Leinster, then lose their first qualifier too."
Can a man not revel in his glory without being knocked back down. So what if the draw was kind. What the Carlow man is celebrating is the run and experience of the sequence of games. It's great time to see Carlow there longer than Wexford or Meath or teams that would generally experience more than 2 games. No B championship game would replace a home game packed to the rafters against a team with notions about themselves and trotting about the field with their huge guns. They can live the dream and things can happen. Up Carlow.

ged (National) - 13/07/2017 08:48:15

NFL Division 3 - 2 Like(s)
Great win yesterday in a championship atmosphere. Always difficult to get a win in Ulster. Could see the Louth team learning from game to game so hope to see it continue for Westmeath game. Wind seemed a bit erratic with cross winds near the goals and a downfield wind in the middle. Down keeper looked afraid to kick out the ball at times as he had little options. Louth have been up and down the divisions more times than a quare ones knickers. Will it happen again next Saturday? I hope so and if not it won't be lack of effort from the Louth squad that causes it.

ged (National) - 25/03/2019 13:41:32

Meath V Laois - 2 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "What?? As I said Laois have to be respected, tell me where is there complacencies in that sentence. Please I really want to know."
It was more of a general point/opinion about people/managers/players/coaches using the phrase respecting the opposition/underdog in the run up to the game. Mostly, it is used as "giving the opposition the respect they deserve" I see the phrase as a token gesture, kind of patronizing and really behind that phrae the favourite team fully expects to win and has written off the opposition. Now this is not a dig at you RD or am I saying that you are in any way patronizing or writing off Laois. It's just my view on how that phrase Is used and interpreted. I see it as a tight game but expect Meath to win out in the end.

ged (National) - 06/06/2019 14:52:58

Meath v Louth - 2 Like(s)
Well done to Meath today. Better team won. We lost it in the first half and were lucky to be just 5 behind at half time and too many of our forwards were not performing. Mind you if we could have nicked a second goal youse may have got the shakes. Good luck against the Dubs.

ged (Meath) - 12/06/2016 19:29:11

12 week ban for Cody? - 2 Like(s)
Diarmuid Connolly - looked in to the eyes of the linesman as he pushed him. His brain then told him that it was not a good idea and he backed off but it was too late. 12 weeks was harsh but to the letter of the law. For value for money Diarmuid could have punched him. Brian Cody - 4th official put his hands on him to prevent him moving further and Brian told him to get his hands off him. The 4th official was at fault here. Brian did touch the official but in response to same. Ryan Burns - I was at the match and even in the footage it's clear that he whacked the ball hard back for the kickout and had turned away before it hit the umpire. If he had seen it hit the umpire surely he would have just went over and explained. He didn't even see it himself. Should have challenged the ban too and I'm not wearing my red and white glasses.

ged (National) - 11/07/2017 18:51:38

Footballers 2019 Season - 1 Like(s)
I've been keeping an eye on Carlow since Louth defeat down there. I think that to rob a phrase, Carlow are a "1 trick pony" and even Carlow supporters seem to be calling it out. • Maor Foirne on pitch constantly for disruption of play • Players going down/diving with minimal contact • No strength in depth/belief in bench • Plan A is 15 behind ball and counter attack • Plan B is 15 behind ball and counter attack

ged (Carlow) - 28/03/2019 20:09:26

Footballers 2019 Season - 1 Like(s)
Swings and roundabouts regarding referees. In game v Louth Carlow had the ref in their pocket, getting frees for smallest of contact but Louth couldn't buy a free. Carlow man diving to the ground after handbags incident like he was hit with Thor's hammer. I sat behind Carlow subs and they were constantly shouting to the forwards to go down with any touch. Physio being shouted at to go on every 2 mins to disrupt play. Very cynical and disheartening carry on. The footage on line regarding b Down with the ref being approached following the "baffling" failure to give a free in to Carlow clearly show the Carlow man throwing himself to the ground. This ref was obviously no idiot. In saying all that, I do hope Carlow remain in Div 3 as it took long enough to get there.

ged (Carlow) - 18/03/2019 10:58:50

Qualifiers Draw 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To joej:  "Should be €10/15 entrance but more like a €10 to watch 2 very poor teams."
Good news that planning for 1st stage of ground works for new grounds is approved. Agree that price of €20 is ridiculous for a qualifier. Expect poor turnout as a result of this crazy decision. Disagree strongly with you about 2 very poor teams. Don't know about Antrim, but we had a decent league and were toe to toe with the best in the division. Just because we were hammered by Dublin, this makes us a poor team? There's probably 3-4 teams in the country that could avoid such a beating against them. Frankly it's disrespectful to the effort and commitment that the players and management put in through the year to come out with that.

ged (Louth) - 05/06/2019 09:51:19

Louth v Armagh - 1 Like(s)

Replying To in_a_bind:  "I think Snapper makes a very valid point. Even if we win next Sunday, are we as a county truly ready to step up to Div 2 standard, on and off the pitch? I cannot volunteer any solutions but there is a lot of investment, financially, administrative and as well as coaching required to get up to that level never mind dreaming of contesting in Div 1! I think the long term trend shows us to be at mid-Div 3 level. And that is the limit of our ambition. However, here's hoping for a victory next Sunday and removing the gloom that was evident during and after the game yesterday."
I too would be nervous about playing in Div 2 next year. It could be one big car crash or It could be a competitive bunch of games where we do enough to survive like we did before. Staying in div 3 wouldn't be too bad but if we get promoted it will be because of the hard work of CK and the players. Getting to div 2 will encourage more to want to play for Louth than staying in Div 3 You can't question players commitment with the hours of training and personal time given up. What about the lads who do all that and still sit through game after game on the bench. If we beat Tipp then we deserve it end of story. What about Cavan, Roscommon, and Monaghan? It's not that long ago that we would beat any of them. It hasn't done any of them any harm to be in a higher division.

ged (Louth) - 20/03/2017 22:03:51

Louth v Tipp - 1 Like(s)
On to round 2 between us and Tipp. We might need to put a saddle on yer man Quinlivan and maybe Decky could hide his gum shield in him to put him off. We say we like big open fields because it suits our style. It suits them and all so hard one to call. Thankfully we are in a position to have these concerns.

ged (Louth) - 03/04/2017 19:04:08

Meath v Louth - 1 Like(s)

Replying To bobkarlgees:  "Replying To southmeathgael: "Subs are..... Big joe Toher Newman O'Caoileann Douglas Conlon Thomas o'reilly Cian O'brien Sean tobin Adam Flanagan""
I asked the question earlier this week but was not allowed through. My question was is big Joe still on the panel. Obviously he is and fair play to him. I would like to apologise in advanc for any booing or cheering when he's on the field (warm up or otherwise). These will not be the 200 or so dedicated supporters that I see at every OB, league or championship game. It may be only in jest but not nice.

ged (Meath) - 03/06/2017 15:24:32

O Byrne Cup Draw 2017 - 1 Like(s)
Funniest part of today was PA announcer when big Joe was getting ready to enter the field. He made it sound like it was Mc Gregor entering the arena in Vegas. Thankfully big Jim stuck it past him. Our defensive strategy and counter attacking worked better today than against Carlow. Hope the improvement continues.

ged (Louth) - 22/01/2017 21:01:56

Louth v Tipp - 1 Like(s)
I think it will be a close game. Louth by 1 in an open high scoring game. Snapper - I wrongly accused you of not posting after a win for Louth and for that I apologise. I was tired of constant negative postings by yourself however even if they are your true opinions.

ged (Louth) - 21/03/2017 19:23:00

Kevin McStay Incident With Linesman - 1 Like(s)

Replying To THE_SNAPPER:  "This fella was very critical of the people who jostled with referee Martin Sludden at the end of the 2010 Leinster final between Louth and Meath if my memory serves me right."
McStay was indeed very critical of the lads who jostled Sludden after the full time whistle. The keyword here is jostled as all that happened is that they grabbed his arm and verbally abused him and ended up in court for it. They didn't throw something at his head. Also Ryan Burns got 12 weeks for hitting an umpire (not intentionally IMO) with a ball. He was kicking it back for a goal kick. I would be very annoyed if McStay gets away with this. He'd be the very one on the Sunday game shouting for blood. Let there be blood.

ged (National) - 23/07/2018 16:49:46