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Mayo vs Fermanagh - 4 Like(s)
Instead of a black card for diving for A O Shea its a penalty for Mayo and Fermanaghs Championship over. Just terrible refereeing by supposedly one of the best. He would never have whistled that if the defender was a more notable figure like McMahon, McGee, Wylie so why did he give it here? Because it was a no name Fermanagh defender and the forward was Aidan O Shea. Really disgraceful stuff!

breakingball22 (National) - 09/07/2016 17:00:33

Mayo vs Fermanagh - 3 Like(s)

Replying To cluichethar:  "Ya it was a soft penalty but as I said it evened out the brutal non call in the first half that gifted Fermanagh a goal How many frees did Fermanagh commit without getting a yellow card They had 2 high tackles and got nothing I guarantee that there's not a player anywhere that wouldn't have done what AOS done Joe McQuillan shouldn't be allowed put a whistle in his mouth even to hail a taxi outside a hotel"
I'm sorry but it is not accurate to suggest that any player in O' Shea's position would do that. When you think of the space he had to work with, he just took the easy way out and, while certainly some would follow suit, I don't think all or even most would.

breakingball22 (National) - 09/07/2016 18:09:32

Defence clap clap clap.. Defence clap clap clap - 3 Like(s)
Both teams set up defensively today. Can it really be said that Donegal "initiated it"? In fact, Dublin actually executed the blanket a little better than Donegal in my opinion. Its obvious that they work on it. I for one have no problem with either setting up like that. It was tactically fascinating to watch. Why be naive to the fact that today's game has more mobile and fitter players who have the steam in the engine to attack and defend in numbers?

breakingball22 (National) - 26/02/2017 19:03:19

Kerry v Mayo - 2 Like(s)
Went to the game as a neutral today and it was great viewing. Players putting bodies on the lines for their cause and surprising composure by Mayo when they had Kerry on the rack. Kerry set out to up the physical stakes from the start. Each one of there defenders tried to rough up their opposing forward before the opening whistle. I'd imagine this was to test Mayo's underbelly. Unfortunately for them, Mayo were not found wanting and if anything they were fired up by it. Also, despite players making it difficult for him, the ref was very good. He blew so many frees in the first 15 mins because Kerry were pulling and dragging their men off the ball and he was switched on to it. He has had a few dodgy performances in games but I think this was not one. Finally, I would say that there ain't too much love for Donaghy here and his punch was thuggish but if he retires it is a disappointing way for him to finish. I thought that he showed leadership today when many others didn't. The jeering of him was annoying because this isn't bloody soccer and mayo fans generally have more class than that. Apart from that the mayo support was fantastic.

breakingball22 (National) - 26/08/2017 21:18:42

Louth V Meath - 2 Like(s)
On the one hand it will be frustrating to have the club games put back. But I honestly think not completing the full round of fixtures in Division 2 NFL would borderline bring the competition into disripute. Surely, Louth vs Meath as a fixture is enough to bring a half decent crowd in no matter the stakes.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 23/03/2018 14:35:59

New Championship 2019 - 2 Like(s)
Rolling it out in 2019 would be sheer madness....so I expect that they will roll it out in 2019. So so many questions that need time to be answered before you go making it the flagship competition of the summer.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 15/01/2019 10:51:22

New Championship 2019 - 2 Like(s)
I'm glad other have mentioned holidays. I know of a few lads on my team and rival teams who have organised holidays early to make sure they can focus on championship. As the new proposal reads, they will now likely miss key championship games. This is one of the most important reasons why it should be stalled until 2020. Players (especially lads like this who plan their lives around playing football) deserve better! And someone else accused senior/intermediate clubs of looking inwardly? Can we just stop pretending that the betterment of Louth football was the primary motivation for this proposal? There is no evidence to suggest that the benefits outlined in the proposal will improve Louth football. That ceiling can only significantly improve by better coaching standards and higher participation levels at underage.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 17/01/2019 14:53:32

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To cameroosh:  "Just wondering what the alternative is to this championship? and dont say leave it as it is cause it aint broken. Where talking about tradition, what tradition have wee got we are brutal at every level, Louth are one of the worst counties in Ireland and have been for 60 years, something needs to change. Yes this new proposal has its flaws but these can be fixed all it needs is everyone to buy in and it will work, example being sheelan cup be scrapped, league starts end of january, 2nd teams be allowed compete in division 2/3, players that dont make the all county teams allowed play in junior 2a championship. Maybe it should have been held back too 2020 to iron out these flaws but the westerns cant be blamed for this they put a motion foward and the majority of your clubs delegates voted for it, if there was something they were not sure of then they should have voted no until things where cleard up and brough to the table next year. lets face facts only 3/4 teams have are fit to win a senior championship, same with junior so the rest of the teams are lying idol as it is and have no chance. intermediate id a minefield and is a good standard. 4 of the top 5 sam maguire winners have this structure in place, Kerry,Cork Galway and Meath, theres 4 counties who have tradition and past success, if these can have this championship why will it not work for us? another statement i read why its not a good fit is the nefl and soccer, that should not even be mentioned in a context like this if a player picks soccer over gaelic then soccer is his first sport let him go play soccer, this is providing more quality games for players so it should keep players away from soccer"
"This new proposal has its flaws" - bit of an understatement there "lets face facts only 3/4 teams have are fit to win a senior championship" - how many are fit to win in Kerry? Armagh? Galway? Dublin? Roscommon? Derry? Down? Laois? Westmeath?....how many championships (or sporting competitions for that matter) have more than 1/3rd of the field as legitimate contenders." in 2016 and 2017 most people felt that almost any team could have won senior. The Blues have taken a step ahead now of course but the point remains. "4 of the top 5 sam maguire winners have this structure in place, Kerry,Cork Galway and Meath" - how can we compare with these counties...especially the first 3. They are way bigger with way more clubs. If success is the reason...why not look more recently, why aren't we mirroring Dublin or Mayo or Tyrone or Donegal. Tried to use a similar league model to Dublin and many junior teams had their nose out of joint...fair enough I suppose. Maybe we should model ourselves on a county with a small populatio who punshes above their weight...and we don't have to look to far. Monaghan have home and away league games...more games for players within their clubs. But many voted against even a watered down version of this. I wonder why? "Maybe it should have been held back too 2020" - I agree with you on this. Realistically it has to as this new proposal just has not given enough time to iron out details and does not account for the notion that players may have already organised holidays and other commitments. Although, I ultimately think it will not work, I wouldn't be against something in 2020 where there has been time to reflect and produce a competition that complimented the other key competitions but there needs to be a solid plan otherwise its Mickey Mouse time again.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 17/01/2019 16:59:50

League Fixtures - 1 Like(s)
There was a master fixture list published around this time last year and they were, by and large, well adhered to. I was shocked (in a good way) by this.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 21/02/2017 15:00:55

U21 All Ireland Football Final - Dublin v Galway - 1 Like(s)
The Dubs worked Galway into the ground. They couldn't cope with their intensity and discipined tackling. Galway full back was great and the number 24 stood out for Dublin!

breakingball22 (National) - 29/04/2017 20:26:44

Club Championship 2020 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Louth Gael:  "That's just it. We whinged and moaned in 2010 yet ten years later we have a team screwed out of a county title, would this happen if the ref knew he would have to explain himself later. Would he play beyond the time he himself had given, would he give a free if he hadn't actually seen a foul."
I get what you are saying but if we move to the point where amateur referees have to come out and explain their decisions afterwards, then you will have no referees and teams will play each other on the honour system.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 30/09/2020 10:51:02

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To westyboy:  "The jocks seem to have a chip on their shoulder they skittered there one chance to do it and now that the Westies/Sean's/Glyde team might be on the cards they see that last year might be their only chance they may ever get. No surprise Baile Talun dominated underage football for periods in the past, there's a real chance they can dominate Joe Ward for years to come."
Great! Good for Baile Talun. Sure why then could you not just amalgamated these clubs and leave everyone else alone. You'd walk junior,be favourite s for inter the next year and possibly have a shot at JW withing 3 years. Instead, put a proposal together that the majority of players do not want. Will Drogheda teams play together? Dundalk teams? What about lads left with no football after May (or very little). Ah sure to hell with them?

breakingball22 (Louth) - 15/01/2019 18:23:07

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To westyboy:  "You're making yourself look a bit stupid Kerry have less than 20,000 more people than Louth it's probably one of the counties who's population is fairly close to our own. Dublin county has more than a million. So obviously we can't mimick the Dublin model however the Kerry system is within our remit. We do the same things we'll get the same results. It's pig headedness conservative views that keep things as is."
Good man westy...have a wee re-read. I mentioned population but there was a key word in front of that and that is a difference. As it happens I think we should look closer to home at the model of Monaghan as it is far more representative of Louth's situation. On a sidenote, my issues with the recent proposal wasn't the idea itself. Albeit it has many issues to address. It was the fact that people wanted to rattle out a seismic change in 4 months. The height of stupidity in my view. And I do still feel that the rationale that it was proposed for the good of the county was a bit of a red herring.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 10/02/2019 21:55:53

Winter Leagues - 1 Like(s)

Replying To WheresDeBallBag:  "Jaysus lad, I don't know whether you think your running for the Dail or in The Free World from 8 mile. Beautifully put but you'll have to excuse me when I say you are missing my point. You are blaming the county board when it's out of their control. I've had plenty of gripes with little fixtures over the years but as I said a few years ago when I tried to prove a point and do out how the year past should have went I couldn't do it any better. Unless we played league without county players, started earlier or missed the provincial comps at the end of the year. So maybe you should spend more than a half an hour and do out a master fixture plan that can't be wrote on the back of a bar mat. I've no bother throwing a few f**ks at any lads in the wrong. I just think there is to many people in our county giving out about the people who are actually doing something. We should be supporting our county not criticising at any little opportunity. If we took away the 22 from the end of your user name and put in an s. It would suit you better"
Since you have never directly addressed any point I have made and just constantly deflected and misdirected the debate, there is no point continuing with this. I could offer a few edits to your user name but my argument is tight enough so I don't need to go there;)

breakingball22 (Louth) - 10/02/2018 19:49:44

Experimental Rule Changes Proposed For Gaelic Football - 1 Like(s)
I think some of these rules are absurd on their own merits. Handpass and mark will promote blanket defences even more. And that kickout zone will not promote the skill of high catching but it will promote the skill of being very fast. But the biggest thing that has not really been thought about it seems is club level. Specifically how this is refereed. Club refereeing is, by and large, awful...so how will your average club ref officiate the zonal ko rule? How often will a referee lose count of the handpasses? How often will a referee count 15 seconds in their head for a post-mark free and blow for a throw ball after about 6 seconds? Could the GAA not just get real. The only reason there are huge calls for change is because of social media and the depth of analysis nowadays. Anyone who thinks that football was better in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s is bonkers and should be forced to watch GAA Gold on repeat until they cop on. Could the game benefit from subtle changes over time? Yes. But these changes are certainly not subtle.

breakingball22 (National) - 02/10/2018 22:06:31

Dubs and Kerry on TV? - 1 Like(s)
Thoughts both teams were cynical at times and both got men behind the ball. Kerry had an interesting tactic of covering that ball into the corners. Dublin are very good at drawing the defence out from there and opening up the middle. Referee gave equally soft frees for both teams. I did think he handled the flashpoints better than most though. If Kerry are to beat Dublin in August/September, they would need to get their matchups right. What is interesting is that Fenton cleaned Kerry in midfield in the last 2 champ games but this time himself and McAuley lost that battle? Can't see that happening again though.

breakingball22 (National) - 19/03/2017 14:46:40

Tipp V Louth - 1 Like(s)

Replying To GAAdundalk:  "Lads is this really such a big issue.did you ever think the game is not just about the players.it's about supporters , management teams, refeeres , umpires the whole lot. The game was cancelled for unforeseen circumstances. A lot of you have a big chip on your shoulder with the Louth team and Louth county board. This moving around of fixtures goes on in every county in Ireland. It's moved from a Sunday to a Saturday. How many lads of a team work those days? If a game was mid week you'd be saying the same. We must be one of the only counties that seem ashamed of our footballers."
I am definitely not ashamed of the county players. I know a good few of them and they deserve support. However, there are thousands of other players in Louth who give serious committment and the short notice given to them shows a huge lack of respect. I know that my club have 4/5 players who cannot now play after making arrangements to be available for Sunday. I completely agree that the game is not all about players but 6 days is ridiculous. If it was a once off then great but it has happened before. Surely the fixtures could have been left the way they were and clubs could have re-arranged...rather than vice versa. It is easy to say people have a big chip on their shoulders but players at club level train 3/4 times a week (and sometimes extra), have work committments, family committments and many volunteer within their clubs within coaching and admin. They deserve a bit better. But then again that is just my opinion.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 07/03/2018 14:34:06

New Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Roversreturn:  "People giving out to the westerns because they suggested something in turn of all county championship? Does people not realise it was voted in be other clubs too? And the likes of judgy mouthing off on Twitter and calling it the "Joe durnin" cup now instead of joe ward, when Louth are playing he does be shouting for tommie durnin"
Some call it mouthing off while others call it asking some very valid questions related to running this competition especially in 2019 without any siginifcant time to prepare for it.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 17/01/2019 11:48:08

2017 Senior Championship - 1 Like(s)
Can't comment on Dunleer as I wasn't there but in the first game in Dowdallshill seriously awful tackling was being rewarded with turnovers or frees for over carrying. It was crazy stuff. It is fine to allow games to flow and be physical but there are certain contacts and impacts which have no grey areas. I find the whole "sure you can go and referee yourself" argument very frustrating. Can we not also improve what is already there? Are the Co. Board trying? Do we have assessor? Is there accountability? I don't know the answers to these questions but I'd say my guess wouldn't be too far off the mark.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 21/08/2017 11:04:42

Tipp V Louth - 1 Like(s)

Replying To WheresDeBallBag:  "You are talking nonsense. You said fixtures left the same and clubs rearrange themselves. Why don't they just rearrange themselves from Saturday. Once the intercounty fixtures got canceled everyone should have known Louths fixture would be the following Sunday as its coupled with a big hurling game so why anyone would rearrange so they where free Sunday is beyond me. All the county players and officials etc that is mentioned all commit just the same and more as us club boys so I think you need to stop pushing this us versus them shit."
Why should it be left to the clubs? Who adminstrates the games? And how many club players versus county? Everyone should be taken into consideration but the balance is demonstrably lopsided. But honestly there is no point in debating with you because you aggressively defend the county board no matter what and you can't see why players should not be constantly prepared for fluctuating dates. There is a big difference between dates being changed and clubs having to change them versus dates remaining and clubs having the option to change them.

breakingball22 (Louth) - 07/03/2018 16:03:53