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Jimmy McGuinness. An Overrated manager? - 8 Like(s)
You have based your entire opinion on the fact, Mc Guinness lost one game. A game, in which things were going along nicely until the GK kicked the ball straight to Kieran Donaghy. This is a manager who came in, in 2011, and took a team that hadn't won a provincial title since 1992, and led them to 3 Ulster titles in four years, along with an AI title, and another AI appearance. He transformed Donegal football, and for that reason alone, he is a great manager. As a neutral, I was in Crossmaglen back in 2010, when Armagh hammered Donegal, yet within two years they were AI champions, this is down to having a great manager. Anyone who claims he is overrated is doing so, for other reasons apart from football.

PK57 (National) - 12/07/2016 11:17:39

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 7 Like(s)
I was in Portlaoise last night and Dublin were a million miles ahead of Louth in every department - something everyone knew would happen when the draw was made last October. Why do the GAA persist with these pointless games between opposition that are worlds apart. Up until yesterday, Louth's biggest defeat of the year was a 2 point loss in the opening round of the league, because we were playing sides at our level. If yesterday had of been a once off then no one would complain, but these 20 points plus defeats are becoming routine for sides facing Dublin in Leinster(Westmeath were beaten by 31 points in '17). If someone suggested starting up the connacht championship again in Hurling, they would be laughed at, such is the superior level Galway are at to the rest, but the Leinster championship is persisted with, despite Dublin being far ahead of the rest. If results like yesterday don't see a change in the championship structure, then I don't know what will.

PK57 (National) - 26/05/2019 09:59:51

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 7 Like(s)
The Sunday game came back for its 40th anniversary last night and yet again, the coverage was poor. They spend the day covering Hurling and on my way back from Wexford park, all i heard on the radio was Hurling. Surely, football should get first billing in the evening show. Then when the football was shown, every game was rushed through with little or no analysis. From a Louth perspective, our game received a 2 minute report and not even a mention by the panel. Anyone who hasn't seen the report on the Louth game, should watch it for the comically bad reporter, who i seen on social media likened to Father Stone (from Father Ted) such was the lack of interest he showed in the game. You have Joe Brolly screaming about weaker counties being disrespected by the GAA but it never dawns on him that this is exactly what the TSG is doing.

PK57 (National) - 13/05/2019 07:56:22

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 7 Like(s)
I can't understand how anyone would criticise the GAA for questioning yesterday's announcement. As they are directly affected, it stands to reason they should be able to ask for any evidence that proves fans at games are a risk, and if evidence can't be provided then it would appear the government is just cherry picking as to what is a risk and what isn't. This weekend, you can go to a restaurant, go into different shops, even travel all over the country, and yet standing outside in a field is not allowed. This is without getting into the conditions in which school kids will be sent into next week. This decision is selective at best and will do nothing to halt the spread of the virus.

PK57 (National) - 19/08/2020 11:17:21

2020 Tier 2 Championship - 6 Like(s)
It's near impossible to predict any results in this farce, as some counties will end up with B teams playing, as was the case in the Tommy Murphy days

PK57 (National) - 21/10/2019 12:38:13

Kildare Maintain Underage Superiority In Leinster - 5 Like(s)
Imagine arguing that your county doesn't have a financial advantage but then using an U17 game as proof. This defeats your own argument.

PK57 (National) - 08/07/2019 07:02:29

Dublin 10 In A Row Odds! - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Hitnhurl:  "For the love of god give it a rest it's getting ridiculous just a great genersti6of players co.e together kerry done it cork kk tipp galway ireland soccer rugby every now then a good team comes together it never lasts.!!!!!! Can we get up off our grovelling knees and come back to reality"
This "it never lasts" argument is grand except Dublin aren't just winning games, they are destroying all in front of them. The average winning margin by Dublin in this year's championship is 14.9 points and their lowest winning margin(excluding the dead rubber in Omagh) is 10 points. If you think a team is going to come from nowhere and stop them then you need a reality check. Is it not at all alarming to you that 10 in a row is a possibility. Maybe we should be talking about someone giving them a game first, before we talk about this era ending.

PK57 (National) - 12/08/2019 16:24:57

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 5 Like(s)
I seen it mentioned elsewhere but Joe Brolly has spent all year screaming about the sky deal and looking out for 'true gaels' and yet sees no problem in throwing a referee under the bus to defend his new favourite team - what a great act by a true gael. After Sunday im glad to have Sky and hopefully RTE'S viewing figures will go down for the replay as more switch over to hear real analysis. When will the likes of RTE learn that the public is tuning in to hear actual analysis not biased pundits who want to turn every match into an act of self promotion.

PK57 (National) - 03/09/2019 07:12:49

Dublin bullying of media... - 5 Like(s)
I'm no fan of Pat Spillane, but I fail to see how he is getting criticised so badly for his comments on Diarmuid Connolly. He merely stated that Connolly had broken the rules, and for other reasons Brolly criticised him for it. Also, Dessie Dolan seems to agree with whoever is on the show with him, and Des Cahill doesn't control any debate properly. I dont agree with Spillane much, but on this issue, he is 100% correct.

PK57 (National) - 02/07/2017 16:52:43

Kildare Dis-Service To Smaller Counties - 4 Like(s)
Being from a smaller county, i think Kildare have opened the door for smaller counties to challenge the hierarchy in the GAA, for the shambolic decisions they make and ones that conveniently seem to always go against the smaller counties. Look at this year as an example, in which Tipp footballers were forced to play 6 days later after beating Waterford or the ridiculous situation the Kildare/Antrim hurlers find themselves in. Back in 2016, after Louth lost to Meath in Leinster, we were forced to play Derry in the qualifiers 6 days later(the only county forced to do so). The GAA are looking to cater for the stronger counties and effectively forget the rest - which is seemingly the motive behind the calls for a 2 tier championship. Kildare deserve credit for finally standing up to the GAA.

PK57 (National) - 30/06/2018 09:14:25

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Royal.Legend:  "Louth were a farce last night though there heads dropped after only about ten minutes, if teams of similar enough standard as louth such as Carlow and laois can put up a decent performance against dublin then why cant louth, can't blame dublin for louths lack of bottle, if dublin were wearing meath jerseys then I think you'll find there be allot more fight in that louth team."
What a nonsense post, Here are the margins of victory for Dublin in 2018 and 2017 in Leinster. In 18: Wicklow by 23 Longford by 19 Laois by 18 2017: Carlow by 12 Westmeath by 31 Kildare by 9 So in the last 2 years, only once has a county even had a single digit loss to Dublin. The Leinster championship is dead. I suppose all the counties mentioned had no fight or bottle in them either.

PK57 (National) - 26/05/2019 11:53:00

12 weeks for Connolly. Is a GAA Witch Hunt in progress? - 3 Like(s)
If there is a supposed witch hunt against Connolly, then why give the GAA an excuse to suspend him? He lost his temper over a line ball, in a game that Dublin were never going to lose. At some point you have to blame the player, rather than making excuses for him.

PK57 (National) - 07/06/2017 17:22:26

2020 Tier 2 Championship - 3 Like(s)

Replying To moc.dna:  "Tomas O Se thinks it's a great idea ? Despite that the majority of players, the CPA & GPA & supporters think it's a bad idea at the wrong time. The fact that anyone thinks it's a good idea before the Fixtures Schedule Committee report on matters that affect 98% of GAA membership, is beyond logic. Of course when you think of it, people making big money out of print media & TV love everything about the direction the GAA is heading at the moment."
He is entitled to his opinion but asking someone from Kerry his opinion on a competition his county will never be in, is like asking a millionaire his thoughts on the minimum wage.

PK57 (National) - 22/10/2019 10:11:53

Leinster Football The Reality - 3 Like(s)
The reality is that the Leinster championship is completely dead. Not only have Dublin won 14 of the last 15 on offer, they have done so for the best part of a decade without even facing a competitive match in the province. Including the 2013 championship, Dublin have won only 2 games in the province by less than 10 points - a 7 point win over Meath in 2013 and a 9 point win over Kildare in 2017. It's one thing for a team to dominate but when they aren't facing any tough games and every year is a stroll to another title, then why bother? In Hurling, they don't run the Connacht championship for obvious reasons yet we are persisting with a Leinster championship that should have been extinguished long ago. When Dublin have won 15 or 20 in a row maybe then the GAA will acknowledge the need for change.

PK57 (National) - 25/06/2019 07:09:17

Proposals For 2Nd Tier Championship Pathetic - 3 Like(s)
When i started this thread, i thought there was a small chance that common sense might prevail, so to see 75% of delegates vote for it, is mind boggling. One of the most insulting parts of yesterday was to hear the powers that be say that the competition was about helping weaker counties, when it is obviously the opposite. This is about removing the likes of Louth, Wicklow etc. from competing, so the GAA can have games involving the top sides and therefore generate more revenue. It was also hilarious hearing how this new competition will have a promotional campaign to ramp up interest. Does anyone think that an opening round match in Aughrim between Louth and Wicklow will attract anymore than 500 people. Also, no chance that any TV station or national media covers these games(apart from maybe the final or semi-final). This competition doesn't deal with the obvious problem of the provincial championship's. If the GAA were honest, they would admit that they want the top counties playing each other regularly and as for the rest, they couldn't care less.

PK57 (National) - 20/10/2019 10:19:51

Stupid Double Headers - 3 Like(s)
As a neutral, I'm looking forward to going to this next weekend. Why would anyone have a problem with getting to watch four top teams face each other, on the same day.

PK57 (National) - 31/07/2016 13:36:29

Tyrone Team For Eurovision - 3 Like(s)
Sean Cavanagh's response to this is embarrassing. "I'm not political" - then proceeds to make a judgement about the lads based on singing a song, sounds political to me. Also makes reference to how his brother 'rightly' wouldn't know the words to the song as god forbid he would tar himself by singing that filth. The only embarrassment here is you sean, trying to dictate others behaviour based on your own sensitivities. It's also poor form for a Tyrone legend to be scolding young lads for a song they sang in a private setting.

PK57 (National) - 12/07/2019 07:18:24

RTE V SKY - 2 Like(s)
RTE went to An Nuacht, at Half Time in the Leinster final yesterday, that sums them up, they are beyond backward.

PK57 (National) - 18/07/2016 16:28:51

Jimmy McGuinness. An Overrated manager? - 2 Like(s)

Replying To TheMaster:  "Well that depends on how much you rate him. He is a bit Mourinho-esque for me; fine for a couple of seasons but his ego starts to grate on his players. Donegal weren't the same team after 2012, I felt part of this was because they seen past the mask of the manager a bit. But when his team is buying in and playing well, he is very good."
Mourinho-esque? That suggests that in his final year, things had gone pear shaped, when in fact they won another Ulster title, and lost an AI final due to a GK mistake.

PK57 (National) - 12/07/2016 11:34:36

Tyrone Team For Eurovision - 2 Like(s)
It's pathetic that as a society we feel the need to apologise for anything and everything. They should sing whatever song they like and if others have a problem with it, then that's their problem.

PK57 (National) - 10/07/2019 06:59:52