"It discredits all the work and time we put in" - James McCarthy

September 21, 2019

Dublin's James McCarthy in action against Meath. ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne.

The funding debate surrounding Dublin’s unprecedented run of gaelic football success annoys James McCarthy ‘a lot’.

In a wide-ranging interview in today’s Irish Independent, the Hill 16 hero strongly rejects the claim that money is at the root of their historic five in-a-row achievement.

“What does money have to do with family? Me and my da. Jack McCaffrey’s dad, Bernard Brogan’s dad, Dean Rock’s dad. We have brothers on this team. What does money have to do with a family playing football all their lives?

“It annoys me a lot. It discredits all the work and time we put in. Have a look at Ballymun Kickhams. Our pitch is 20 minutes away from the community. You wouldn’t send a kid up there on their own with the M50 so dangerous.

“We’ve an astropitch that we probably should never have built, one grass pitch and a clubhouse which is almost derelict. Look at Philly McMahon, coming from the toughest place to grow up in the country.

“But we’ve six players on the squad. It’s just a constant rub on our team, on all the hard work and the time so many people put in.”

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