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Cathal McShane Going To The AFL? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Would Donegal have won an allireland without Murphy? Or a better 1, would Derry have won the 93 allireland without Tohill?"
Exactly that's it. It's great saying we only lose 0.0 whatever percent of players but the players we are losing are the players in the top 1 percent of players in the country and the top 5 percent of inter county. It changes things drastically. If a club who are close to winning a county championship lose their best player then they are much less likely to win the championship, same with county teams.

Kerry15 (National) - 08/01/2020 17:27:33

The Corona Virus And Possible Effects To GAA Matches - 5 Like(s)
The GAA are dead right to question that decision. It is totally illogical and will do nothing to decrease the numbers of cases. It'd make you wonder do these experts have any cop on at all.

Kerry15 (National) - 19/08/2020 11:37:57

Sunday Game Football Team - 5 Like(s)
The Sunday Game Football team of the last 40 years as decided by a public vote: 1. Stephen Cluxton 2. Marc O'Sé 3. Seamus Moynihan 4. Paidí O'Sé 5. Tomas O'Sé 6. Lee Keegan 7. Jack McCaffrey 8. Jack O'Shea 9. Brian Fenton 10. Diarmuid Connolly 11. Peter Canavan 12. Pat Spillane 13. Colm Cooper 14. Michael Murphy 15. Maurice Fitzgerald Thoughts?

Kerry15 (National) - 15/05/2020 16:10:45

Galway V Mayo Connacht Final - 5 Like(s)
Galway must be sickened. They didn't play well at all but still could easily have won it. Near the end, Galway were denied a stone wall tap over free when Keith Higgins misjudged a short kick out and then proceeded to climb on top of the Galway player when he was picking it up and the ref gives a free out. That point was the difference in the end. Shane Walsh, Conroy and Sean Kelly can be happy with their performances but apart from those 3 no one really played well for Galway.

Kerry15 (National) - 15/11/2020 15:35:34

HS Readers' Football Team Of The Year - Revealed - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Kepak10:  "Keoghan for McCarthy.......he was injured for half Dublin games.Poor in the drawn final, average in the replay."
Ya McCarthy definitely doesn't deserve an all star. If he gets one it will be based on how he has played in the past which shouldn't come into it.

Kerry15 (National) - 04/10/2019 21:52:23

Kerry National League 2020 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Horsebox77:  "Ah Jesus, what have we started, here back to reality the two primary danger men are Comer on the 40 and Shane Walsh inside I take it Foley will go on Walsh with Crowley on Comer ya?"
Or else Morley could be on Walsh. Although Walsh is very quick so Foley might be better suited and it is about time he is tasked with a big job in the opposition's main forward to see how much he has developed.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 31/01/2020 18:05:49

All Ireland Championship 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 08/07/2019 17:19:31

Kerry National League 2020 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "We seem to have the makings of a side strong in all areas lads. The question is should we be looking to simply secure D1 status and experiment as much as possible or should PK go out to win the League and give this young side a taste of National silverware and winning a final in Croker. It was great experience getting to the League final last year and we improved so much between then and Sept as to have left an AI behind us. I'd say go for the League and use that as a stepping stone to Sam"
I think we can try to do both. Try a few new players and players in new positions in each game while still going out to win every game. Looking at our competition of making the final I can only really see ourselves and 3 other teams being in the mix to make the final. Dublin, Mayo and Galway under new management. The others won't be as strong in the league I think. Donegal are missing a few key players (McBrearty is abroad and will miss the whole league, I think Murphy might miss part of it too). Tyrone will be missing their two best forwards while Meath and Monaghan are probably the two weakest counties in the division although maybe I'm being a bit harsh on Monaghan.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 15/01/2020 13:46:41

Spillane's All Ireland 15 - 4 Like(s) Can someone with a subscription to the Irish Independent post up Pat Spillane's 1 to 15?

Kerry15 (National) - 03/05/2020 21:11:51

Off Season Discussions Thread - 4 Like(s)
Lads did ye hear the great news about Tony Brosnan? He actually will be available to Kerry for both league and championship as it was a collapsed lung and not a punctured lung as reported. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do at county level. Also saw in the Kerrys Eye new players have been brought into the panel. I wonder who could have been brought in? Joe O'Connor of Stacks, Dan O'Donoghue of East Kerry and Mike Breen of Mid Kerry are the only possibilities that I can think of who could be good enough.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 19/09/2020 13:45:30

Off Season Discussions Thread - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Horsebox77:  "From this weeks Kerry's Eye Sport section: "Peter Keane has called up three new players to the Kerry senior football panel as preparations begin for Kerry's League and Championship campaigns which will be staged in the final three months of the calendar year. Mike Breen (Beaufort), Joseph O'Connor (Austin Stacks) and Kevin O'Sullivan (Kenmare Shamrocks) are the trio who got the call-up based on their performances in the recent Club and County Championships" In fairness all there are played well and consistently Starred for their club or division in recent games.. the only one that I've heard mentioned outside these trio is young McGuire the ex Emmets man who is playing well in the Dublin county championship,"
Interesting. As you say all 3 were impressive in the club action and have earned their call up. I mentioned Breen and O'Connor when speculating on who could have been called in. Kevin O'Sullivan isn't a player who came into my head. He has been outstanding at midfield for Kenmare though alongside the other O'Sullivan who I presume is his brother. The main thing that stood out to me about him is he has a great engine. Something to note is he never played minor or u21 for Kerry, just interesting to see how players develop at different rates. No harm having him inside to see how he fares. With 2 midfielders added to the panel, we have a lot of midfielders inside, 7 now by my reckoning.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 23/09/2020 22:47:40

All Ireland Championship 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To 37sowhat:  "Under 17 , wizard with ball but small of stature"
You're a gas man. You're constantly telling us how badly we're lacking in big tough mean defenders yet you're also getting excited about a small 16 year old forward who can't start for our minors!

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 12/05/2019 15:18:12

Off Season Discussions Thread - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "I was looking at the IT panel and it's impressive up front horse, anyone have a UCC panel?"
Don't have a UCC panel but Sean O'Shea, Killian Spillane, David Shaw, Diarmuid O'Connor, Conor Geaney and Graham O'Sullivan are definitely with them. Their game against NUIG is being streamed on Sunday at 4pm. I'll say I'll head in to IT Tralee's game. If they both win they'll be playing each other in the quarter final, there would be a huge Kerry interest in that.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 09/01/2020 22:13:28

Kerry National League 2020 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Horsebox77:  "We actually have a tidy panel now for the league with only Moran and the two Na Gaeil lads missing for the Dublin game. I wonder who will be the new bolters or who will kick on from last year - has there been any confirmation of our new Captain yet.? The topic appears to have gone off the grid in this regard."
I hope to see Graham O'Sullivan and Gavin O'Brien really push on after being given game time last year but getting little to no minutes at the business end of things. As for totally new players I would be looking at Paudie Clifford, Barry Mahony, Liam Kearney and Daniel O'Brien.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 13/01/2020 22:38:38

Off Season Discussions Thread - 4 Like(s)
Others gone from panel are Eoghan O'Brien, Sean T Dillon and Barry Mahony. Nothing too surprising, I think Barry Mahony is good enough to be on the panel but he's just had so many injuries.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 25/09/2020 22:46:35

A Winter Of Discontent: Post Championship Thread - 4 Like(s)
I agree I think the only players that could possibly call it a day are Walsh, Enright and Moran. They're all still only 32 though. I do think it is time for Walsh and Enright to go. I can't see them seeing any pitch time and it's for other players to step in. I hope and think Moran will stay on. Even with his flaws he is our best midfielder and I still see him as a starter unless someone really puts their hand up in the league. What I would be doing though is bringing him off with 10 or 15 minutes to go. Also I think James O'Donoghue could be best served being left with the club until the Summer and being brought in around Championship time if he's fit and on form, although he'd be 5th in the pecking order for the inside line.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 15/11/2020 00:10:35

Donegal Vs Tyrone - 4 Like(s)
This should be a fantastic game, a great way to kickstart the championship. Predictions? I'd fancy Donegal although bad weather will even it up.

Kerry15 (National) - 29/10/2020 15:05:41

Kerry National League 2020 - 4 Like(s)
"O'Donoghue didn't reappear for the second half, a planned strategy according to his manager." "Kerry were missing Tadhg Morley and Sean O'Shea from the named selection. The latter was a bug, according to Peter Keane, who said Morley should return for Tyrone. Briain O Beaglaoich and Adrian Spillane will miss the trip to Omagh though." Found this in the Irish Examiner. Very positive.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 02/02/2020 23:28:39

Championship 2020 And Post League Discussion - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Lol I suppose those lads would still have the hunger in them all right, in fairness from the outside we probably look the most likely to dethrone ye but for me I think the best time to take ye out would be the semifinal where a battle hardened team like Donegal or Tyrone could catch ye on the hop. We could be cold enough going into a semifinal against a Galway or Mayo so that could be 50/50."
I actually think Roscommon will win Connacht. I think both Mayo and especially Galway have come back a bit all over the place. Neither I feel are sure of their best 15 and positioning of some players and Galway have an awful lot of injuries. Roscommon are a very balanced, settled team which I think gives them the edge. That would mean we'd be playing Roscommon in the semi final which we should be very confident about if it comes about. Roscommon wouldn't be as half as dangerous to us as an on form Galway or Mayo with everyone available going at full tilt.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 29/10/2020 17:16:10

A Winter Of Discontent: Post Championship Thread - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "I think we're well back in the pack now kerry15 after seeing Donegal yesterday they have big strong fast athletic footballers and they have a working game plan, Tyrone have Mcshane Donnelly Makenna and Canavan sudden and an excellent goalie and Pete Harte also they'll have a new manager as well. Mayo will be in year 3 of their development under Horan Galway have an excellent team Cork are only going to get better as well and you have dublin a mile ahead of us all."
I think it'll be ourselves, Donegal and Tyrone if they get a good, attacking manager in, challenging Dublin. I think Galway and Mayo will be in the level below with possibly Cork as well. Meath are on the up as well and could push on.

Kerry15 (Kerry) - 15/11/2020 16:17:21