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New Fermanagh Manager - 2 Like(s)
Nothing against these lads but Jones came on against Monaghan, after missing the whole year through injury. R.Corrigan out for 10 months and gets played against Armagh. Then Pete had the cheek to say there was no preferential treatment. And then like usual with everything, he goes STRAIGHT to the media. Might have suited him better to listen to players concerns rather than drafting up his next Newspaper article!

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 20/07/2017 00:46:42

Rory Gallagher Steps Down - 1 Like(s)

Replying To allfermanagh:  "Hard to know, I am sure word will break soon on why he left! Malachy would definitely be 1st choice but if we couldn't get him are there any other local men qualified or capable of taking the job?"
Wouldn't be sure off the top of my head. I just hope everyone is available next year as it would be far more difficult if some didn't commit. Considering how small the pool of players is.

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 29/07/2019 14:57:30

Killkenny vs Waterford (hurling) - 1 Like(s)
Thank you for the "hurling" in brackets here!! was not sure if it was handball , rounders, ladies football or camogie you were talking about.....

shotgun (National) - 06/07/2017 11:30:46

Fermanagh Manager - 1 Like(s)

Replying To allfermanagh:  "Obviously? But I also have seen kinawley and Enniskillen both play multiple times and kinawley has a better team!"
Fair enough. Calling a team red hit favourites when they're in relegation play offs, compared to a team finishing second. I just wouldn't call them hot favourites is all.

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 02/08/2019 18:08:02

Fermanagh Club Championships - 1 Like(s)
My predictions for the weekend: Devenish to beat DG (Hope more than expectation just to leave it wide open) Tempo to beat Teemore. Tempo look to be going extremely well in division 2 having beaten a strong Belnaleck team to first place. Ederney to beat Belnaleck. Ederney to just edge this. Would have fancied the leckers if they'd got a kinder draw. Belleek to beat Roslea. I am hearing Tommy McCaffrey is injured for Belleek and James McMahon and Niall Cassidy are out for Roslea. All key players but I think Belleek will have enough. Seamie Quigley is back in contention though so it really could go either way. Belcoo to beat Aghadrumsee. Belcoo just have enough firepower in their forward line for me. And have a great man marker in Eoin Shiels to curtail Eddie Courtney who will always be Aghadrumsee's main threat. Donagh to beat NTB. Donagh have had a very poor year but I can still see them edging this as they'll have everyone back ready to go. Newtown have been on the decline in the last few weeks of the league going from first down to fourth. Irvinestown to beat Skea. Skea have been going well towards the end of the league but I think division 1 football will stand to I'town and they'll win by 3-5 points. Ekn Gaels to beat Kinawley. On paper this is the game of the weekend. But I can see a very defensive game with the Gaels organisation and eventual scoring power to swing it in their favour. Bridge to beat Brookeborough. Bridge should be winning this easily on paper but that isn't always the case. They'll pull away last 10 and win comfortably. Derrylin to beat Coa. People have been saying Coa are always a different team in championship which is true. But this year losing 18 out of 18 I just feel it is too unrealistic for them to turn things around. All in all, this should be an extremely close and entertaining weekend of football.

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 08/08/2019 15:37:27

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To ERNEDEVIL:  "What i like about Teague is that he is dierect (attacked minded) willing to take his man on. He is a sure thing to get a booking in the game at sone point. He might be better coming off the bench as an impact sub. "Nobody else has the pace or fitness/work rate." I disagree we do have pace on that bench at moment in Corrigan bros and you cant fault R.Corrigan work rate. we also have E.Maguire and C.Corrigan and others but they are not as dierect as Teague. I am not sure when it comes to the championship would Teague have got a starting spot anyhow with the likes of T.Corrigan and Sean Quigley trying to force there way back into the team."
I have to agree with some of that. But still disagree that any of them lads mentioned have the pace or work rate. Not sure I've ever seen R Corrigan win a turnover off the opponent. But then again Teague is over the top some times. The positive is at least there are options in McGee , T corrigan, Sean Q and Teague for that spot.

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 26/03/2018 01:53:26

I think it's mad that people want Gallagher out. We nearly got promoted to DIVISION 1 !! Then we got the 2 very worst draws possible, Donegal are the best team in Ulster and we closed the gap from last year. And Monaghan were the best team by a mile out of the possible teams we could've got in the qualifiers. Only for missing easy chances , the penalty in particular, then we could still be in the championship.

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 14/06/2019 14:26:09

Ulster Club Football Championship 2019 - 1 Like(s)
Can see the Harps winning another 3 on top of their haul already. When you have Paul Ward probably returning next year. As well as Leigh Jones. 2 quality club players. Gary Mckenna would also probably start when fully committed and fit. Ominous for everyone else. Leckers probably the best equipped to stop or challenge them.

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 18/11/2019 19:21:27

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To 2222:  "Cannot underestimate the value of the open Croke Park pitch. Under Rory, Fermanagh are flying fit which is one of his traits for every team he has coached. The presence of Seamie alone will always cause a pit of panic among the defense due to his ability to score from anywhere if he gets the ball - he cannot be contained 1 v 1 so Armagh will have to deploy some sort of scheme in order to counter this. I can see Seamie mainly relying on dead ball scores this weekend compared to his usual exceptional outings but I believe Fermanagh will be able to get most of their joy from the runners coming from deep due to the extra attention being paid to Seamie. Those 5 yard gaps they usually have to run through will now be 10 yards wide giving more time to get the shot off. If you look at both teams, man for man, Fermanagh clearly have the pick of the bunch. No one really to threaten us up front from Armagh and they certainly can be got at the back. If we break even in the middle third then I see no other logical outcome than a Fermangh victory!"
I really hope you are joking. Firstly, Do you think Kieran McGeeney won't have Armagh flying fit? Also, You clearly have no idea about football if you think they have nobody to worry the Fermanagh defence. Ethan Rafferty has been one of the players of the league for a start. Rory Grugan is extremely consistent from frees and play as well. Andy Murnin as well can be dangerous, Not to mention Gavin McParland who made his return last week or the week before. That is just off the top of my head without even talking about Forker being a class playmaker. Again I will presume you are joking with that statement. Armagh will no doubt be favourites with their firepower up front. But I still think we can do it if we all turn up on the day !

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 30/03/2018 02:26:36

Fermanagh Manager - 1 Like(s)

Replying To BigToeJoe:  "Dom Corrigan is the emerging as the early favourite to take the vacant Fermanagh senior team manager's position. He has been recent All Ireland winning St Michael's College team manager. Dom was also the Fermanagh Team manager that guided the County Senior Team to the All-Ireland quarterfinals in 2003. Dom with his first-hand knowledge of players coming through over the years is likely to consider a few players around the county that could strengthen the Fermanagh squad and they include Brandon Horan - Enniskillen Eoin Beacom - Enniskillen Stephen McGullion - Derrygonnelly Gary McKenna - Derrygonnelly Daire O'Cathain - Kinawley James Allen - Kinawley Eoin McManus - Teemore Eddie Courtney - Aghadrumsee Darragh McBrien - Belnaleck Danny Leonard - Derrylin James Duffy - Irvinestown Sean Cassidy - Ederney Mark McCauley - Ederney Finbar Gillen - Ederney Jason Flanagan - Newtownbulter Tiarnan Bogue - Tempo Rory McCaffery - Tempo"
I'm not going to individually get at lads. But I agree with someone above me that so many of this list are nowhere near county standard. From that list though I'd love to see Brandon Horan, Darragh McBrien, Sean Cassidy, Mark McCauley and Jason Flanagan given a chance. Even to train for the year and then maybe break in a year later. That's exactly what worked for Ultan Kelm

shotgun (Fermanagh) - 30/07/2019 14:31:59