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New Fermanagh Manager - 14 Like(s)
And so the Molaise rant still goes on...and on...so you do not seem to get it that 21 players to 9 favoured change...voted by intelligent adults many of whom are from the legal, teaching and financial sectors... that's what's called democracy... as for reappointment the procedure is simpler does not carry require the same amount tick-boxes as there would be for the appointment of a new manager...however I think on hindsight that the players should have been consulted before confirming McGrath's continuing management...I agree with gaalltheway that McGrath's disclosure of internal matters was less than honourable...the players and I know many of them personally are gentleman and deserve better press than they are getting...so let this be the end of this rant against our galant lads in green and white!

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - 19/07/2017 13:57:47

League Finals - 1 Like(s)
I think Harps would be a safe bet to do the double as they are not only better than Ederney but they are much more cleverer and that includes management! Next season Belnaleck will give both a good run for their money!!

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - 30/09/2019 13:14:10

Kildare V Mayo - 1 Like(s)
Many are describing Kildare are showing great courage by digging their heels in over the venue for Saturday's Qualifier against Mayo but I see it differently. I think that the Lilywhites by refusing to travel to Croke Park shows a lack of respect for the GAA bosses at HQ. The decision reached to have the Kildare v Mayo at the larger Croke Park capacity venue provides more opportunity for both sets of fans to gain entry rather than at the inadequate provision of the Kildare stadium. In addition, Croke Park facilitates better the GAA major contributor, Sky Sports for their screening of both games on that evening. I say, that the GAA HQ should stick their heels in and sit this impasse out and let Kildare forfeit the game if they wish. Maybe if that outcome happened then that would teach the Lilywhites and indeed others in the future that the GAA's decisions have to take precedence for the greater good.

TurnipHead. (National) - 26/06/2018 23:50:22

Dr Mckenna Cup 2020 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To KeshGFC:  "If I could only insert a tumbleweed gif it would answer your q perfectly .. no positives and not sure what system we were playin and players likewise"
Yeah tumbleweeds describe well the situation at Brewster yesterday. Has anyone worked out what game plan was employed by Ricey and co, if indeed there was any?? D'gonnelly lads need to cool down and concentrate on the footie. Would have liked to see Tomas Corrigan and get an idea of were he is standard-wise. Overall, not a day to be inspired but we live in hope. Not sure what the macca guy prob is but it must to be to do with his precious Dom not taking or interested in taking the job. Get over it macca and move on.

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - 30/12/2019 19:03:36


Replying To macca999:  "Finally the Ulster Championship gets underway this weekend,only two weeks away before we welcome Ulster Champions Donegal to Brewster for what will be a huge task. I see they beat Down last weekend without number of main players. Any news from the Fermanagh camp and their preparation? Hopefully full panel to choose from and no injury worries."
I wouldn't be too optimistic at the thought of Fermanagh's chances of serving up a win unless we get a Champions League outcome such as Liverpool's miracle or Tottenham last minute bit of luck! As for your use of the word "welcome" this is inappropriate and should be more like "permit or facilitate" the mountain men to Brewster Park, Now to the team and these are most of if not all of the players reporting for training and/or took part in this 2018/2019 season's McKenna Cup and/or the National League but I gather some have now dropped out...so there's you pick macca999 and can they deliver the result you desire or is that too ambitious?? Thomas Treacy Lee Cullen Che Cullen Tiarnan Daly Jonathan Cassidy Declan McCusker James McMahon Aidan Breen Ryan Jones Eoin Donnelly Garvan Jones Conall Jones Paul McCusker Darragh McGurn Sean Quilgey Ciaran Corrigan Barry Mulrone Richard O'Callaghan Kane Connor Daniel Teague Cian McManus Ruairi Corrigan Kevin McDonnell Enda Ferris Conor McGee Tomas Clarke Cian McManus Tomas Corrigan

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - 08/05/2019 22:45:29