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McKenna Cup 2018 - 3 Like(s)
Enjoyed the game last night. As far as January football and the Mckenna cup goes at least there was a little bit of bite, some excellent scores and yes of course the odd mistake and patches of sloppy play from both sides that the shite conditions will inevitably serve up! We were quite strong last night with maybe only 5 or 6 regulars missing. You lads seemed to have had near enough a complete B/Trialist team out. I was very impressed with garland playing inside for yous but most impressed with your no.6 McGuirk. Beast of a lad but also very composed on the ball. I was a bit disappointed monaghan didnt go a bit stronger but non the less it was great to have some football back on the agenda to get us out of the house!

RedRum (Monaghan) - 04/01/2018 16:04:35

Donegal Vs Fermanagh - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Lockjaw:  "How do we see this one going? If it was a home match for Donegal I'd be very confident but the fact that it's in Brewster worries me a small bit. Fermanagh will be extremely fit and well drilled, and Rory will have them revved up to the last to try and get one over on us. For ourselves we are pretty much at full strength except for missing Odhran of course. Any team would miss his class. It remains to be seen if Paddy McBrearty will be deemed sharp enough just yet for a return to senior county championship football. He has been in good nick at club level of late, but obviously a big step up to county level in terms of intensity. I wouldn't put too much stock in Fermanagh's victory over us in the league. They were way ahead of us fitness wise that day. Plus we were reduced to 13 players. Fermanagh took full advantage though and fair play to them. I just think with us up to near full strength and a lot fitter than our last meeting we'll have too much for Fermanagh. I'd imagine it will be a good battle for 50 - 55 minutes but that we'll then pull away to win it by 4 or 5 points. If Fermanagh folks think that's me being cocky it's not. Just an honest assessment of how I see the game going."
Completely logical thinking Lockjaw, and I'd say most supporters either side of Belleek would agree with you. However, I just have a sneaking feeling we can nip this by 2 on Sunday. The tight Brewster pitch, big home support and the team itself who have been alot more progressive attacking wise this year makes me feel like we are crossing paths at a good time for Fermanagh. The reality is of course that we could well be licking the wounds of a 6 or 7 point beating on Sunday night, but both the heart AND head (this time around) is making me believe we can cause an upset. Please God it's an entertaining game either way.

RedRum (National) - 21/05/2019 11:50:33

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Player ratings v Donegal last night: Pat Cadden 7 looked very comfortable coming out under a couple of high balls, was very unlucky not to save the goal, scrambled across the line and got a hand to the ball. kicked ball down the throat where donegal were eating us up for a 15-20 min spell but I presume those were the instructions from the line. He was vocal as well. Eamon McHugh 8 picked up where he left off vrs queens, came out and won every ball or got a hand ahead of his man, came off injured, hoping not too serious as could be very important for us this year. Che Cullen 9 Excellent. Took no shit, was aggressive and commanding, great leadership and worked well with lee in front of him who could sit in if he needed to carry possession out the field a bit. Glad he's hanging about. Kane Connor 8 Good performance from Kane I thought. Worked hard and used possession well. He's another that wont take any crap regardless of opposition. Paul McCusker 6 Unfortunately another frustrating game from Paul. He's very important to us but at present he just needs to flush out cheap mistakes and handling errors. Unlucky with a ball off the left foot into seamie that could have set up a score, right idea - wrong execution. I've no doubt his game will pick up, V good player. Lee Cullen 7 A decent game from lee. Was looking forward to his battle with McNiallais until Paudie Hughes inexplicably black carded the Donegal man! Would have liked to seen one or 2 more surges forward from him with the bodies we had back, but him and Che have started the year very well. Declan McCusker 6 Almost an identical performance to Paul's, had a sprinkling of errors but again like his brother - 2 of the hardest working players anywhere in the country and their quality will show up more throughout the league I've no doubt. Eoin Donnelly 7 Can be so effective at times but is lacking consistency in performances. fielded well at times and got cleaned out for spells as well. Missed a sitter after great team play when a point would have done! Missing those chances at this level is a sin. Did drive us forward well at times. Ryan Jones 6 Awful decision to kick 3 identical wides from distance when there was ample opportunities to keep possession and work the scores on each occasion. Overcarried (again when there was no real pressure to) and conceded a free. Again I think he looks like he could do with a weeks rest or so, for mental fatigue as much as physical. need him back to his best very quickly. Barry Mulrone 8 Very good showing last night, full of running and kicked a very good score. Looks like a man who will be peaking nicely for the start of the league. Danny Teague 6 Could have scored him higher but was taken off at half time. Kicked a fine point from play. Named at 11 but played wing forward and seemed to get through alot of running dropping to sweep on the D when we lost posession. Aidan Breen 8 Again a good showing from Breen bar a bad miss in front of the posts. Tireless work ethic and can mix it physically with the likes of Donegal as good as anyone. Puts an awful lot of work into every performance , just hope its sustainable throughout what will hopefully be a long season for us! Ryan Lyons 8 That's alot more like it! struggled with form the last 2 games but was V good last night, even putting Donegal men on their backsides! Played around the half forward line and worked hard. Kicked a poor free but other than that everything else was positive. Conal Jones 6 was alot quieter than his last 2 games. looked promising very early on the game when he outmuscled a couple of Donegal defenders to win possession but faded afterwards. Needless black card in the second half which opened up a scoring chance for Donegal. Seamie Quigley 9 Tracking back, sweet strikes for all of his points and a typical Quigley flick to the back of the net. He's in good shape and we'll be praying he stays that way and stick around for the year! Noteable subs: Ruairi Corrigan got the full second half and done ok. Would still like to see a bit more from him, particularly under the breaking ball where he can really be effective, but i'm delighted he's working his way back to full fitness after shoulder trouble and being out a good while. Hopefully Rory goes as strong a line up for the Tyrone game. We know they'll be fielding a strong team so it would be great to get a real tough test before the league starts. Making the final would be nice too, as you wouldnt fear much from the other semi bar maybe UUJ who have a good bit of quality turning out for them. Looking forward to Sunday.

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 11/01/2018 09:59:11

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)
A wins a win lads. Wexford were gutsy and the pitch was clearly energy sapping (unsurprisingly with the mckenna cup games + bad rain/snow in recent weeks). It was never going to be pretty. The important thing is the outcome at this stage. I wouldnt want to be waking up in Derrys shoes this morning. That was a disappointing home defeat to westmeath for them and now they are facing a tough away day to longford. Like I've said from the beginning... get a win against wexford and take advantage of easier ties at home to longford and away to sligo (no disrespect to either intended) then we put ourselves in a great position before facing Derry and Armagh. I like the current fermanagh squad alot. I dont think any of them would take the next few games for granted. The mindset seems to be where it should. Looking forward to Offaly, It would be nice to see a bigger crowd at Brewster!

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 29/01/2018 11:48:44

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Vrs Sligo I'd probably opt for: Cadden Connor Cullen M Jones (RG will prob start Cian) Cullen McMahon D. McCusker Jones Donnelly P. McCusker Mulrone Breen Teague Sean Seamus (But RG will likely start C Jones) Lyons, C Corrigan, E Maguire, mightnt be too far away from his thinking either. Not sure what the injury status is on Corrigan bros & E McHugh?

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 09/02/2018 09:49:32

Dr Mckenna Cup 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Baffles me how people year on year continue to get so excited and flustered about the mckenna cup. Relax. I have to say though it was a bit of a head-scratcher to work out why we were playing a 5 ft 8" 'full back' against a 6ft 2 full forward? On another topic - any rules nerds/referees care to confirm whether its even within the rules to award a free for someone allegedly diviing off the ball? Ive came across that ref faloon a few times now and he has to be one of the worst ive seen.

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 06/01/2020 12:17:53

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)
My Player Ratings v Monaghan: Patrick Cadden 7 - Good distribution & smart save second half to keep them goalless. Best option for us in nets Eamon McHugh 7 - difficult for both corner backs but coped reasonably well with wilson. made 2 good tackles Che Cullen 7- freeman was lively and won a good bit in front but Cullen was game and Solid where it counted John McCann 6 - had a tough job in tracking the non stop Garland but I think he cant be overly disappointed with his debut Paul McCusker 8 - work rate tremendous as always and got forward well, just needs to learn to press closer in that unfamiliar defensive role when the opportunity to double up is on. Declan McCusker 9 - played at championship pace, block, tackles and supporting the forwards from no.6. V good display Lee Cullen 8 - again, put a serious shift in and seems impossible to stop when in full stride, missed sitter of a point! Eoin Donnelly 6 - Frustrated at times with his over-running of the ball (not for the 1st time ever!) but was fairly steady throughout Ryan Jones 6, - looked tired after a long season with club understandably, needs to switch on to marking quicker! the correct midfield paiting but we need more from them both by the time we begin the league. Eoin McManus 7 - Good to see him get meaningful game time, thought he showed well bar the odd mistake Ryan Lyons 6 - maybe a harsh 6 but he seen a good bit of possession yet made some poor decisions, but did work hard, Aidan Breen 9 - like mccusker played at championship pace, got scores and set up chances, v good game. Lorcan McStravick 6 - again maybe harsh giving a 6, showed well at times and wasnt afraid to shoot but quiet for large spells, like mccann however he shouldnt be anyway disappointed. Conall Jones 8 - Wanted the ball constantly and took his scores very well, wouldnt have him on frees though! Sean Quigley 6- quite disappointing bar a lovely strike from play on the 45. looks leaner but with a bit to go still. McGee, McManus (Cian) and R Corrigan all made significant contributions coming off the bench. All in all an encouraging start with maybe 5-6 regulars still to feature. Monaghan largely a trialist team but still nice to see a decent performance from Fermanagh and good start to 2018.

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 04/01/2018 16:35:32

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To ERNEDEVIL:  "Guess redrum is not doing a player rateing this week of the wexford game. What did every think of the new jerseys? thought they were alright looking. What team would you pick for this week vs offaly? Goals. Thomas Treacy Full Back Line. Micky Jones, Che Cullen, Cian McManus Half Back Line. Paul McCusker, James McMahon, Declan McCusker Mid. Eoin Donnelly, Lee Cullen Half Forward Line. Daniel Teague, Barry Mulrone, Aidan Breen Full Forward Line. Conall Jones, Sean Quigley, Seamus Quigley. This is not the team I would pick when everyone is fit, it would not be far of though. Rory seems to be rotating the goal keepers at the minute, thats why i have picked Treacy over Cadden. I picked Paul McCusker over Kane Connor because think he would be more attack minded and he impressed in that position before the league started. I picked the 3 target men in the full forward line as experiment to see how they would work as a unit, I would have all 3 lingering round the box. This would also be a change to our style of play rather the running game that we play. I would drop high balls in on the box for the target men, having the target men all round the box would also create space for McCuskers, Breen and Teague to run into out on the wings. I would only try this tactic in this game as I see Offaly as one of the weaker teams in the group ( sorry Offaly supporters). Would also like to see some of the younger players and those who need game time get a round out depending on how the game is going. Players like Locan McStravick, Jack McCann, Conr McGee, Eddie Courtney. That is alot to read sorry."
I agree with your team selection and rational. Hopefully get the player ratings on the go again next week. Looking forward to all receiving an 8+ ;)

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 01/02/2018 09:12:13

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Looking ahead to the start of the league, there is a real chance to gain early ground on promotion rivals over the first the 3 rounds. We play Wexford (who have lost a lot of experience this year and will be a squad in transition), Offaly and Sligo and we should be realistically aiming to collect maximum points from these before the 4th round visit of Armagh to Brewster. I can see Armagh struggling with Westmeath away in round 2 and they will also be tested at home by Longford before facing ourselves. Derry will also struggle to gain 2 wins against the same pair before the fourth round, so I feel we have an excellent chance to gain some momentum and potentially be the only team on 6 points going into the 4th round. It seems as though the team Gallagher fielded against Tyrone on Sunday past wont be a million miles off what starts for us vrs Wexford on Sunday week. Based on Mckenna cup performances and current levels of fitness, availability and injuries I would foresee the following team lining out: 1) P Cadden 2) E McHugh 3) C Cullen 4) L Cullen 5) P McCusker 6) J McMahon 7) D McCusker 8) E Donnelly 9) R Jones 10) B Mulrone 11) R Corrigan 12) A Breen 13) D Teague 14) C Jones 15) Seamus Quigley K Connor (who can come in at corner back or wing back without too much disruption) might be unlucky to miss out. Sean & Seamy will not both start and at present Seamy seems a bit ahead of Sean fitness wise. Cian McManus has done ok but has made errors and will maybe take a bit more time to break in and establish himself at corner back ahead of the others. Lyons hasnt taken his chances so i cant see him lining out inn the first 15 v Wexford. Eoin McManus the same. McStravick could be a lively option to spring from the bench particularly in the absence of Thomas, maybe Eddie Courtney can do similar. 4 other players I'm hoping we will get back in around the starting team before too long are Thomas Corrigan, Eamon Maguire, Tiernan Daly and Ciaran Corrigan. Great to see Clucker involved for another year at least, and should be the steady head we need for the last 10-15 minutes of certain matches. Its nice to be talking about options and not a lack of!

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 16/01/2018 11:57:05

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To AnBuachaillGlas:  "When's a trip not a trip .. when it's a fermanagh man tripped I actually enjoyed that match Mistakes yes.. lack of points certainly ,.. men still taking too much from ball and making wrong decisions in final 1/4 but much to like .. we have serious defence serious spirit and but for few missed frees from Seamie and some shocking Ref decisions there would be nothing in it Ref did give us nothing today We could have been more decisive in attack it was the one element missing We didn't get a great shift from midfield which was disappointing I think caddden is the number 1 number 1 Tyrone also gave us a lesson in the dark arts today and we need to learn it and fast Danny Teague needs serious credit for the shift he put in and Kane Connor needs to know he didn't put a put wrong ... dark arts again I say"
I agree, I wouldnt be of as strong an opinion regarding both our midfielders shifts yesterday - I think they both put in a good effort but I think with how we are playing against the stronger sides (14 behind the ball) then we will need the 2 lads to be smarter about positioning themselves and reserving the energy to carry us out the field when we inevitably gain turnovers. That was the big missing link for us yesterday, great defensively but couldnt get up the field effectively, and for 2 lads in jones and donnelly that pride themselves on ball carrying, we will need more from them in this system of play. Pat Cadden 8 Faultless performance, agile, confident and composed both in possession and under the high ball, has to start the league. Cian McManus 7 Sticks to his task for 70+ minutes and works his socks off. 1 or 2 silly frees conceded but he is growing with game experience at senior level. Che Cullen 7 McHugh was lively and while Cullen wasn't outstanding, he stuck to the task fairly well, like the rest of Fermanaghs defence. Kane Connor 6 Needs to learn to strike a better balance if he's going to self style himself into one of those 'in your face/ear', pain in the ass corner backs. Good when he was on the pitch but not cute enough yet to pull it off unfortunately, ended our challenge on 33 minutes with his second yellow. DeclanMcCusker 8 back to his normal level of performance yesterday. back on the wing but was voacal in organising those around him while leading by example with work rate. decent in possession. James McMahon 7 Coming back in for his first Fermanagh game this year he done ok. At times took too much of an interest in wrestling with his man but overall he did help our organisation at the back, very vocal and puts himself in the mix when needed. Lee Cullen 7 Nothing spectacular and probably made a few errors in possession, however his physicality is a real plus for us around the middle 3rd and he is a strong running option from half back - which we will clearly need to get us out the field with the new system we are playing now. Ryan Jones 7 much better than wednesday night in Ballybofey. used possession a bit better (although couldnt understand why him and the others didnt use the high ball into quigley more often when he had isolated mcgeary) Kicked a good point as well, but we need him fitter/fresher to get us up the field when we defend so deep. Eoin Donnelly 7 same analysis as for Jones, though he does a lot of needless niggling and wrestling (particularly against Tyrone it seems). Has the ability to give us more getting out of defence but it will take time for the whole squad to adapt to the change not just the 2 lads at midfield. Barry Mulrone 6 Hugely disappointing yesterday, just didnt look himself. understandably these lads are bound to have days were the level of training and everything else catches up with them. It looked like yesterday was one of those days for Mulrone. Ryan lyons 6 Has had more chances than most throughout the McKenna cup canmpaign and bar a decent showing against Donegal on Wednesday he has been poor unfortunately in the other games. Anonymous yesterday. Clearly has ability, but needs to show the aggression and drive he showed against Donegal more consistently. Aiden Breen 7 I questioned previously whether he would sustain that high level of work rate consistently in games. showed the first signs yesterday of being a bit jaded (understandably!) albeit while still being one of our better performers on the day! like the midfield, breen will have to be cuter with energy conservation in matches as we will be looking to him also to carry us up the field in this system. Daniel Teague 9 Best Fermanagh performer yesterday. There are 2 brown trenches the length of each wing of brewster park after the running this lad did yesterday. Got back so quickly and consistently to block off space and press Tyrones forwards, he got up the pitch well on the turnover brilliantly too. Used possession very well and wasnt at all suprised to see him subbed with cramp mid way through the second half! Conal Jones 6 I felt very sorry for Jones and Quigley. Anonymous for most of the game but were constantly trying to show out in front and work space for themselves. We didnt let the ball in when we had several opportunities to do so! I presume this was the instruction given but it was clearly frustrating for the 2 lads, as it was for us watching. Seamie Quigley 6 same analysis as for C Jones. he did receive 1 ball wide into the corner in the second half but was beaten for pace by mcgeary. should have used him better. Hopefully we can still find away to get the best out of him in this new system. Noteable subs: Ruairi corrigan looked lievely when introduced, back to doing what he does best, sniffing around break ball and getting the ball up the field, should start ahead of lyons in the league you would imagine. Eamon McHugh came on which was a relief after he picked up an injury on wednesday evening. A lot of people will have balked at the football on show yesterday. I thought it was excellent at this early stage under Gallagher to see how we are setting our base up solid, which lets be honest was badly needed after last years concession of scores and gaping defence. With the fitness building gradually and more personnel to come back in, Im sure we'll improve going forward and creating scores. We wont be playing a top 4 side every week in the league so I wouldnt be too critical of yesterdays performance at all. looking forward to Wexford now on the 28th.

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 15/01/2018 10:01:58

Fermanagh by 2 points.

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 21/05/2019 11:11:34

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To ERNEDEVIL:  "Don't think Tiarnan Daly is in the squad this year. If anyone knows for sure let us know, would also be interested to know where Richard O Callaghan is, and if Emmon Maguire has left the squad or did not make the cut."
No Idea where your thinking comes from re Eddie Courtney. A committed player no doubt but hasnt shown near enough as yet in a fermanagh jersey to be close to a starting spot. Mulrone is probably in our top 4 - 5 most important payers. And yes Tiernan Daly is in the squad as is Eamon Maguire.

RedRum (Fermanagh) - 12/01/2018 14:05:26