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Donegal V Fermanagh Ulster SFC Final 2018 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To MuckrossHead:  "It's hard to win. If we start bigging up the opposition we are being accused of being like the Kerry ones, yerra yerra and all that. Be honest & we are arrogant. I would rather call it as I see it & right now I think Fermanagh have a brilliant defence. solid midfield & workmanlike forward line, if Rory can keep some of them off the beer. I just don't think that will be enough against a Donegal team that are improving & finding their shape better with every game they play. Yes, losing Neil McGee is not ideal but I still think they have enough to win by 5 or 6 points in a fairly low scoring game."
Ah don't me wrong .. I like Donegal and they are most people's second team in fermanagh .. I do also love how confident you and try and Bonner might this filters down to the team ... you must realise that we have beaten a better team than you already and you guys haven't been tested at all. You do also realise that when a team like Fermanagh beats a tier 1 team playing defensively everyone declares how bdly the tier 1 team does unless u beat them in a shoot out the lower team never gets the credit.. I will freely admit that Donegal are overwhelming favourites even though the leagues say we are both deserving of div 2 football next year I will also say that in my many many years following Fermanagh I have never seen such cohesion such unity of purpose such belief and we also have something that a team playing their 7th final in 8 years could never have ... and that's the sheer hunger and drive to win this ONE match .. not super 8s not any all Ireland .. we want THIS match and no other like nothing else on earth and I totally can't wait to see that hunger manifested on the pitch in Clones ... Donegal you are man for man better players .. I get that .. but you can never bring what we will bring to this match ... only a success starved.. insulted belittled county like ours has it .. and hell it could turn the tide as this game will be won or lost on the slimmest of events and battles and moments ... ooooh cmon Fermanagh

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 14/06/2018 14:21:40

Qualifier Ticket prices #Greedy GAA - 3 Like(s)

Replying To CroiGorm:  "How many kids are you bringing with you?"
just 5 of me kids are going, the rest have to stay home to milk the cattle

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 20/06/2016 14:03:24

Dr Crokes vs S'neil - 3 Like(s)
Cynical cynical football wins out again in croker but then we are used to that ... how could Deegan watch systematic fouling non stop for 60 minutes and do so little.... and as for the bore fest of the last 5 mins in particular jees these so called Kerry purists must be running for cover.. I feel gutted for slaughtneil

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 17/03/2017 23:04:25

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 2 Like(s)
Summary of McKenna cup 2018 We can ignore queens result with totally experimental team After that we played THREE division one teams .. won 2 and kept the third to 8 points with 14 men Yes we need to work on final quarter but I disagree with some other posters in that we worked it up to final quarter well and consistently but then ran out of ideas and had no confudence or ambition to try and find inside men Also would have been very tight finish had Seamie put away some kickable frees Loads of positives and we should be confident of turning over div 3 teams if that play continues The short term future is bright And as for delays I blame the bottleneck that is the ticket sales ... same single seller despite fact that 5000+ expected for match

AnBuachaillGlas (Fermanagh) - 15/01/2018 18:23:48

Londonderry - will they ever learn? - 2 Like(s)
Sorry but so what .. slip o the tongue .. build a bridge and get over it

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 30/01/2018 13:15:41

Was Gooch as good as Canavan? - 2 Like(s)

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 04/04/2017 13:18:22

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To RedRum:  "Looking ahead to the start of the league, there is a real chance to gain early ground on promotion rivals over the first the 3 rounds. We play Wexford (who have lost a lot of experience this year and will be a squad in transition), Offaly and Sligo and we should be realistically aiming to collect maximum points from these before the 4th round visit of Armagh to Brewster. I can see Armagh struggling with Westmeath away in round 2 and they will also be tested at home by Longford before facing ourselves. Derry will also struggle to gain 2 wins against the same pair before the fourth round, so I feel we have an excellent chance to gain some momentum and potentially be the only team on 6 points going into the 4th round. It seems as though the team Gallagher fielded against Tyrone on Sunday past wont be a million miles off what starts for us vrs Wexford on Sunday week. Based on Mckenna cup performances and current levels of fitness, availability and injuries I would foresee the following team lining out: 1) P Cadden 2) E McHugh 3) C Cullen 4) L Cullen 5) P McCusker 6) J McMahon 7) D McCusker 8) E Donnelly 9) R Jones 10) B Mulrone 11) R Corrigan 12) A Breen 13) D Teague 14) C Jones 15) Seamus Quigley K Connor (who can come in at corner back or wing back without too much disruption) might be unlucky to miss out. Sean & Seamy will not both start and at present Seamy seems a bit ahead of Sean fitness wise. Cian McManus has done ok but has made errors and will maybe take a bit more time to break in and establish himself at corner back ahead of the others. Lyons hasnt taken his chances so i cant see him lining out inn the first 15 v Wexford. Eoin McManus the same. McStravick could be a lively option to spring from the bench particularly in the absence of Thomas, maybe Eddie Courtney can do similar. 4 other players I'm hoping we will get back in around the starting team before too long are Thomas Corrigan, Eamon Maguire, Tiernan Daly and Ciaran Corrigan. Great to see Clucker involved for another year at least, and should be the steady head we need for the last 10-15 minutes of certain matches. Its nice to be talking about options and not a lack of!"
The team still largely picks itself I'd agree with most of this team but jones still not doin enough in the middle so I'd pull Cullen out there or at least half back .. I do like Kane and Cian in the corners but I'd interchange them depending on opposition .. I'd put Sean on the 40 as no better man to pick a pass and to big bro too !!! Exciting times ahead and would love to see Sean on 40 and Seamie at edge o the square

AnBuachaillGlas (Fermanagh) - 16/01/2018 17:27:23


Replying To cillnaile.:  "It's just about week and a half away from the Fermanagh v Armagh championship game and there is not much discussion about. What does that suggest about the Fermanagh GAA men and women? Does no discussion mean a lack of confidence in the Erne men? Not even a cheep out the poster macca999/gotmilk nor has he commented on the outcome of Fermanagh's last league encounter with Armagh! So what does one make of this silence about one of the most important competitions of the season?"
Too soon

AnBuachaillGlas (Fermanagh) - 09/05/2018 00:06:26

Ominous Summer Ahead - 1 Like(s)

Replying To GeniusGerry:  "The new format will be fascinating and I am looking forward to it immensely. Donegalman I think that's a good summary of things, league form has always been deceptive. I think Mayo and Kerry in particular would have very little hard work done at this stage and both gambled on staying up. I would take very little notice of their league results tbh. You'll have several teams in both Super 8 groups capable of beating each other. I wouldn't put my lottery winnings on anybody but Dublin making it to the semi final. A couple of injuries to key players could make them vulnerable but they are justifiably warm favourites and will be very hard to beat in Croke Park as usual."
"Looking forward to the new format" says the majority of counties never Sorry poster but the new format is welcomed by the few elite teams and the rest await a fair review in 3 years when this experiment passes As George Orwell's Irish cousin said ... "all counties are equal but some Irish counties are more equal than others "

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 02/04/2018 13:13:52

Division 2 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To royal7:  "Very confident ..we won't doing celebratory laps if we loose anyway ..you reckon fermanagh would blow division 1 and not get hammering setting them back years no?"
I never said it wouldn't harm us .... div 2 will suit us just fine ... poor oul Meath eh

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 25/03/2017 20:45:39

Qualifier Ticket prices #Greedy GAA - 1 Like(s)

Replying To janesboro:  "http://hoganstand.com/Forum/MessagePage.aspx?PageNumber=1&TopicID=94327 hello buachaill -i did post on this previously - in fairness the gaa generally get it right with prices (was comparing to rugby) and very much so when it comes to kids e.g. i paid €10 for me and 2 kids for limk v clare NHL. €15 for lot of us for under 21s final. -great value, However for qualifier i feel €10 for adults and let kids go free. Also think €30 is steep for adults for Provincial championship I was however told by another poster --To be perfectly honest your posts on this matter are very self entitled and whinging. All kids will be charged into any schools game separately wexford is a nice spot - if you are doing an overnight take a trip to hook head lighthouse, going to go to belfast for our game v antrim - enjoy the trip"
overnight ? Im trying to save money

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 20/06/2016 14:03:55

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)
When's a trip not a trip .. when it's a fermanagh man tripped I actually enjoyed that match Mistakes yes.. lack of points certainly ,.. men still taking too much from ball and making wrong decisions in final 1/4 but much to like .. we have serious defence serious spirit and but for few missed frees from Seamie and some shocking Ref decisions there would be nothing in it Ref did give us nothing today We could have been more decisive in attack it was the one element missing We didn't get a great shift from midfield which was disappointing I think caddden is the number 1 number 1 Tyrone also gave us a lesson in the dark arts today and we need to learn it and fast Danny Teague needs serious credit for the shift he put in and Kane Connor needs to know he didn't put a put wrong ... dark arts again I say

AnBuachaillGlas (Fermanagh) - 14/01/2018 19:56:41

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Guys it's early days but the stamp of the new management is already clear to see on the team and I for one am loving it so far .. early days and a lot more to learn but we seem purposeful sharp together hungry measured all that you want We swarm in the tackle and still have to be more patient and wait for the overcarry or realease instead of fouling. We need to learn the Gallagher system better and I Like how we play .. not the dredded all out defence. Result is irrelevant on Sunday as long as get more of the same and continue to build .. some lads still taking too much outta the ball ... taking it in to contact too much .. and rushing the swarm tackle Hell though we are looking purposeful again and I'm looking forward to the season ahead

AnBuachaillGlas (Fermanagh) - 11/01/2018 19:38:06

Just a thought re O'Shea. - 1 Like(s)

Replying To TirChonaillabu2:  "Video ref is the only answer, when the hell are we going to get on with it and do it, fed up of this year in year out,the diving is getting worse so video evidence and bans for diving and fines for county boards, that will stop the diving and cheating in it's tracks. this is the information age for God sake. we also need to rid of the black card, a sin bin would be more effective."
I think joe Mcquillan has done away with the black card

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 15/07/2016 00:51:08

Qualifier Ticket prices #Greedy GAA - 1 Like(s)
So if I make the round trip from fermanagh to Wexford costing me €50 in fuel alone I'll have to pay €20 for my ticket and whats worse, kids will NOT be free. I know the GAA have been doing a lot to shed the GRAB ALL ASSOCIATION image but its a hard sell when you look at qualifier ticket prices. If we were lucky enought to make it to the last 8 again that alot of miles and alot of money for tickets. Come on GAA do the decent thing for qualifier ticket prices. I want to get to as many matches with the kids as possible but it feels like a GAA shake down

AnBuachaillGlas (National) - 20/06/2016 12:33:54