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National Football League 2019 - Division 2 - 2 Like(s)
Great result. Lets hope we can do the same when the championship comes around. Think that was the best we have preformed this year so far. Donegal found it very hard to break us down think they only scored 1 point in the 2nd half. We transfered the ball better from the defence to attack. Would still like to leave more bodies in the forward line have said this before, see Colm O'Rourke said the same thing last night on the sunday game when he was talking about Galway. He also mentioned to win againist MOST teams you need to score at least 14 points in a game. Yes before someone mentions this I know our score ended 13points to 10points. Two bad results for donegal, us and tip. Ryan Mchugh is class player to watch. Sean quigley looks to be in the best phyisical condition that he has been for a while now. keep it up. Thought we controlled the midfeild won a lot of breaking ball. This was even more impressive considering we had no donnelly. We had a few chances of a goal but we could do with improving our dicision making and our killer instincts. The star players for me where Ciaran Corrigan, James McMahon and Declan McCusker. The whole team played well though. Ciaran Corrigan won alot of breaking ball and scored 4 points and James McMahon read the game really well and broke down alot of their attacks. Think Rory and the team are doing very well, they are blending youth with experience, the likes of Ultra Kelm and Cassidy. Would still like to see more playing time for McGurn and Garvan Jones. Happy to stay in Div 2, would be nice to go up to div 1 but think it would be demoralising if we went up and got hammered in every game. If this did happen I would still be there cheering them on. Sorry went on a bit of a rant bring on clare.

ERNEDEVIL (Fermanagh) - 25/02/2019 18:44:15

National Football League 2020 - Division Two - 1 Like(s)
what a massive 2 points. What a comeback to be 6points down at half time. Roscommon must be starting to hate comming to brewster park. The weather matched the score line in the 1st half gave away some bad frees at least 6. 2nd half was excellent to limit them to just 2points credit to the the backline and the amount of ball they turned over. Not to often that Fermanagh score 10points in one half. Had one or two half chances at goal. Corrigan was my man of the match also thought Donnelly played well. Was a big crowd at the match. Its nice when when you hear the crowd cheers the boys on. We are playing a more attacking style of football which is so much better on the eye to watch. They are kicking the ball more rather than a running game and leaveing more numbers in the forwardline. Fair play to Ricey and the team they are working hard behind the sences and it looks to be paying off. Thought his subs were good to. Come on Fermanagh.

ERNEDEVIL (Fermanagh) - 02/02/2020 20:08:34

National Football League 2020 - Division Two - 1 Like(s)
Went down to the game expecting to be hammered after seeing the Antrim game, was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. Thought we looked dangerous when we attacked and we created clearcut goalscoreing opportunities. Yes we conceded 2 goals but for the most part thought we defend well. Thought McGurn and Corrigan did brillant in the forward line. They were looking for the ball, turning their defenders and driveing towards goal, their movement of the ball was good and were causing problems. Corrigan could have had a brace of goals. Don't how he missed the 1st chance and the 2nd was a good save by their keeper. McGurn was my man of the match cause he seemed such a handful to mark. Conal did his part 2 with his free takeing. Would not have taken McGullion off he was haveing a good game. The team as a whole played well and they played some nice passes to. It was worth going down to see and I got value for my ticket. Yes it would have been nice to have won but if your going to lose a game thats how to do it. We played entertaing football and attacked. Kildare were just the wee bit better and the home advantage helped if it was in Brewsterpark think we would have won. Still think it we could be in for a difficult year. To stay up think need 6 or 7 points, so would be targetting West Meath, Clare and Loais for wins. Think Armagh will get promoted Roscommon or cavan.

ERNEDEVIL (Fermanagh) - 27/01/2020 14:43:08

All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Bit disappointed to go out like that, 2 heavy defeats but was a good year. The second half of the kildare game showed how good we could be at attacking if we tried to play attacking football rather than defensive. I am all for a tight defence but scores win games and we scored 13points in the 2nd half. Like i said it was a good year promotion from the league and an ulster final. Hopefully we can have another good run next year. Wonder how many will leave the panel and who the new faces will be. Big well done and thanks to the lads for all the work they have done this year, including the back room staff.

ERNEDEVIL (Fermanagh) - 09/07/2018 15:39:44

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To RedRum:  "I think those in attendance yesterday would agree that it may be pointless handing out player ratings (for the first half showing at least), but its important to note that with the quantity and level of training these lads are doing, we'll inevitably get served up some poor showings early on in the year. Hopefully it will all bed itself in for when it matters... anyway I'll give my opinion:

Thomas Treacy 7 - Like Cadden the last day, good distribution and i was impressed with him under the high ball, will need to keep it up to battle for the no.1 jersey this year.

Eamon McHugh 9 - at times looked like the only man in white switched on. Excellent from start to finish, tackled and positioned himself brilliantly throughout, never over complicates getting the ball out the field either. *MOM
Lee Cullen 6 - Done ok, tried to stick to his task, nothing remarkable or of note.
Cian McManus 6 - Also done ok, we'll always get 100% with this lad and he is a plague for corner forwards, could be pivotal with the loss of Mickey Jones as a man marker

Paul McCusker 5 - struggled yesterday, effort is never in doubt but poor passing and decision making maybe a general reflection of the group's mental fatigue at this stage as much as anything. still adjusting to wing back position also.
Declan McCusker 6 - drove forward well on a couple of occasions and is a real leader round the half back line but again a bit of tiredness maybe contributed to some poor passing and decisions on the ball
Kane Connor 6 - probably looked one of the fresher of the group yesterday, Still needs to be doing more to push into the 1st 15 come the league in my opinion.

Eoin McManus 5 - Struggled at midfield and will want to forget his time in possession. Still a good talent but is'nt a cub anymore and needs to start taking his opportunities.
Ryan Jones 5 - Another who looks very heavy legged at present, beaten for sharpness by Emmett Bradley (of similar build) on a no. of occasions. Played one or two good balls inside to Conall but we'll need alot more from him this year (maybe needs rested to re charge the batteries)

Ryan Lyons 5 - Another who'll want to put yesterdays performance behind him. never shy's away from wanting the ball but was poor in possession again and shooting was abysmal.
Ruairi Corrigan 5 - never got to grips with the game. 11 doesn't suit him unless he is going to drop around the midfield to pick up breaking ball which he didn't seem to do either yesterday.
Aidan Breen 8 - slightly slow to come into the game but when he did he was terrific. Busting a gut as always, getting and setting up scores and generally putting in a very good shift.

Daniel Teague 5 - thought he was harshly taken off before half time but was told after he had been sick in the build up so maybe shouldn't have played at all. was getting on a bit of ball out the field when withdrawn.
Conall Jones 7 - Finished a quiet 1st half with a flurry of points which he showed well for. Good target man second half as well, needs to keep building on his club form with the county in 2018. Definitely should not be our distance free taker!
Conor McGee 5 - Just a couple of years too soon for him In my opinion. Despite this its good to see these young lads being involved in the set up. Just not game ready yet unfortunately.

Notable subs:

Seamie: Leanest I've ever seen him, credit to him he's obviously been putting work in. Kicked badly yesterday bar the penalty. Delighted to see him back, performances will surely come in time.

Eoin Donnelly: His introduction probably saved the game for us. Won ball and drove forward well from midfield. Still has a habit of taking silly shots and the temptation to run that extra yard too far into contact is still evident, but a much better showing from him yesterday.

* overall Its important not to get carried away with performances or results at this stage. The lads have been training since october and training heavily! we'll have to make our peace with the fact that this will affect team and individual performances on any given day. So I wouldn't be eulogising too much nor writing any player off at this point. Looking forward to Ballyboffey Wednesday night. New management clearly working hard to get their system of play in place and it will take a bit of time."
Think turning Paul McCcusker into a back is a good idea as he works his socks off, can get up and down the field all day, to pop with an odd score. Is very good at gathering breaking ball in mid field. As a wing half forward did not score enough for me. I know Rory used all his subs by the end of the game but would have subbed Kane Connor enough he played well, after he received a yellow card there was a couple of occasions where it looked he could have received a 2nd yellow/black card, which would have put us under more pressure of being a man down. Would have given conall Jones a higher rating if not man of the match in my opinion as he scored, I think 0.6 points. Which was almost half are scores. Not 1st choice free taker though

ERNEDEVIL (Fermanagh) - 08/01/2018 18:23:12


Replying To allfermanagh:  "Three pretty exciting games and shows a positive change in Gaelic football. As much as I would like for Fermanagh to overcome Donegal I just can't see it with few out and out natural scorers on our team. I do hope I am wrong. Does anyone else think this will be Gallaghers last year in charge?"
It was a positive change in Gaelic football. Not so much about blanket defences and the running game. Leading to a much more enjoyable matches. I think Gallagher will still be about next year.

ERNEDEVIL (Fermanagh) - 20/05/2019 13:58:37