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National Football League 2020 - Division Two - 2 Like(s)
Decent performance yesterday, definitely a game that could have won, especially with the goal chances Ciaran Corrigan had,always felt those opportunities would comeback to haunt us which they did. Daryl Flynns goal with 8 minutes left was the key score as finally had a 1 point lead,gave them the momentum to finish off strong. Plenty of positives from yesterdays game,if they can keep that level of performance up for rest of league id be hopefully that can avoid Division three and the dreaded tier Two championship. Certainly think our transition from defence to attack was quicker yesterday, especially in first half with fast ball into Corrigan and McGurn causing Kildare problems. Conal Jones was excellent from dead balls, IF keeps that up be a huge bonus, hes a confidence player so hopefully that gives him more belief in his ability. Interesting to see Kelm playing further up,great speed just needs to improve composure when shooting. Darragh McGurn and Stephen McGullion were very good,was surprised Ricey took McGullion off at key point in the game,maybe he was tired. O Callaghan did okay deep,though Kildare cut through the middle too often. Id say management wouldn't be happy with number of frees conceded, some may have been bit soft on refs part plus still some players tendency to run into cul de sacs causing needless turnovers. Ryan Jones needs to work on his discipline,teams are targeting him and hes reacting to it. Is Tieran Daly still in panel or is he injured currently? Roscommon next up in Brewster, be another tough test,hopefully can maintain that level of performance, plus might see Tomas and Ruairi Corrigan involved to add options to attack.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 27/01/2020 09:47:57

Tailteann Cup - Tier 2 - 2 Like(s)
So finally a name put on this second tier championship John Horan said "In addition to having its own all-star selection, it is our intention to have the semi-finals and the final of the Tailteann Cup shown live on RTÉ television from Croke Park" So basically there will be only 3 games shown on TV of this wonderful new competition for which marketing and promotion is key????? The sigerson cup has 3 televised games(great competition in itself) but inter county players train all year and thats the potential exposure they will get!! Surely the GAA could make it a condition for Sky to televise a number of the tier 2 games as part of the substantial deal to show the "Super 8s"...... even better a free vie on Sky.......if thats all the coverage the Tailteann Cup will get the airporsts will be very busy in few months!!

macca999 (National) - 29/02/2020 15:56:14

National Football League 2020 - Division Two - 2 Like(s)
Would agree with Fearman,wasnt much support in Newbridge last weekend,Hope supporters make a strong effort on Sudany as the Rossies will travel in numbers!

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 30/01/2020 13:00:38

Dr Mckenna Cup 2020 - 1 Like(s)
Hard to take much of the game on Sunday v Down, McKenna is all about finding out what new players could add to the team in year ahead,while getting the fitness levels up. The match was played at a very slow pace, conditions at time of year were quite good but the both sides in first half insisted on lateral handpass after lateral handpass and neither team made much effort to utilise the new mark rule. Good to see Brandon Horan make his debut, was a difficult game to make a great impression in. In first half defence did well,though Downs lack of ambition in opening period contributed to this. In second half Down walked through the defence, which was concern,could see the absence of both Cullens and James McMahon in this spell,not sure Kevin McDonnell will be option at corner back. Darragh McGurn showed well for the ball in forward line and has definitely got stronger which is good to see. Fermanaghs old failings in front of goal was evident again with some poor wides and short shots,really need to cut this out when real football starts in 3 weeks time in Newbridge. Definitely will need to have both Tomas Corrigan and Sean Quigley fit and ready for that game. Very early days, Antrim game be another chance for Ricey to learn more about the new players, give the likes of McStravick and McManus a chanve to see if can add to scoring threat.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 31/12/2019 19:04:43

Admission To League Games Set To Increase - 1 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Yep. They are"
Still increase as when buy in supervalu tickets now €15(as opposed to €12 last year) Thankfully wont effect myself with season ticket but its not fair,especially at time when crowds are decreasing generally, will be interestig to see attendances during league and qualifiers now this year

macca999 (National) - 20/01/2019 12:34:51

Meath v Louth - 1 Like(s)
Looking at the Qualifiers,the losers of Louth/Meath clash on the 12th June will be back out again June 18th,for the backdoor,the only team to have 6 day turnaround. Surely they could have ensured that Wexford or other leinster team was in 1A section. Bit unfair,any thoughts?

macca999 (National) - 03/06/2016 12:03:10

Rory Gallagher Steps Down - 1 Like(s)
Its not a shock,was thinking that would be confirmation either way if staying or not before club championship started. Looking at the 2019 campaign,dont think there would be many retirements,while the likes of Che Cullen seems 100% committed even with the travelling from Hungary. So not sure if players commitment could be a factor,id say more likely backroom team,if Ricey wasnt going to stay for 2020 that could have been a factor. On reflection maybe Rory feels that maximised what could do with current team Ulster Final and 3rd in Division Two, not to be underestimated. On number of occasions this year the lack of "marquee forward" was highlighted after close games,they dont grow on trees,while we were unlucky that Sean Quigley had injuries during the championship campaign. On possible candidates, Dom Corrigan be an obvious name linked with it, Malachy O Rourke seems to want a deserved break from inter county so timing too soon for him sadly. Kieran Donnelly with Scotstown maybe another in frame. Staying in Division Two is going to be the main aim for 2020 and try gradually bring through some of the impressive under 20S to senior county football.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 29/07/2019 16:15:26

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Yes be surprised if not some player suspended for the melee on sunday,lucky game wasnt televised or be 4/5 lads at risk, McMahon was riled still from scrap during game. No arguing the pitch is in poor condition and effected both teams,with it proving very difficult to play running game on. Though no fault of the groundstaff as the damage done from the Tyrone game(which pitch wasnt playable) which was forced through due to tight McKenna schedule. Might not be bad call to move game to Clones given current weather and rest Brewster park until Derry game on 24th February. Offaly will be reeling from heavy defeat to Longford but if Fermanagh want to be in promotion shake up then its a must win for Fermanagh. Likely will rotate keepers with Treacy stepping in,Paul McCusker could force way into starting team along with Mickey Jones who will be close to match sharpness again. Many have stated the lack of midfield options,so be interesting to see who goes with there with Ryan Jones suspended,likely Lee Cullen,wouldnt move Aidan Breen as he is going well at wing forward. In a way its maybe a good thing that this suspension is againts Offaly as Fermanagh will need more midfielders throughout season,so better to have this now as opposed to Armagh/Westmeath. No sign of Ruairi Corrigan last weekend,was he injured? Lets hope for better conditions and scoring this weekend and most importantly another two points on baord,with Westmeath playing Armagh its vital keep the momentum going.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 31/01/2018 19:50:03

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Another win and crucial 2 points for Fermanagh,especially as other results went as expected yesterday in Division,so remains 4 horse race with ourselves, Armagh, Westmeath and Longford for the 2 promotion spots. Similar to the previous games in that we switched off for large period second half,though the first half was very encouraging,moved the ball quicker(dry pitch helped),some quick ball kicked into the forwards and midfield. As in other games Fermanagh very effective in pushing up on the Derry kickouts, although their keeper was picking Donnelly out every time nearly time. The shooting in first half was very accurate,first 9 shots all on target. Derry were very sloppy in this period and some very lazy tackling gave us some easy frees. Switched off completely for first Derry goal,reminded me of Kildare last year Second half was kamikaze stuff,two goals in 60 seconds is inexcusable at this level,the second goal was a high ball in,which exposed lack of height from the keeper,which hadnt been targeted by teams until now,while third goal was result of messing around,not for first time(Wexford gave away similar goal from a Cadden risky pass). The warning signs there and this need addressed as teams will be analysing this, im sure management will be working on this in training,tactic is too high risk,passing across own goal area! Certainly knocked the stuffing out as gave Derry huge lift and Fermanagh retreated into their shell completely and ended up very lucky to get the win from a game that was won after 25 minutes. Fermanagh had number of frees to steady ship but with Seamie taken off and Sean not on pitch at that stage had nobody to shoot from distance which could have backfired hugely on Gallagher had result went other way. As before lots to work on but massive two points and some positives,first half was very good and attacked with purpose. Great performances from Ciaran Corrigan( quick,direct going forward and kicks ball well), Eoin Donnelly looks back to his best form again,Seamie Quigley was very good,Derry had to double up on him,while Cian McManus had better display(great hit in first half). Encouraging to see Tomas Corrigan back on field though will take him a few games to get back up to speed. Daniel Teague showed glimpses of potential(attacking at speed) but again over elaborates on ball,makes wrong decisions then loses discipline getting silly cards(management were ready to take him off regardless of card at that point). Massive game down in Mullingar on Sunday,Westmeath have to win to keep hopes alive,with John Heslin, Kieran Martin they have huge scoring threat,so lets hope Fermanagh can cut out the goal giving and keep performance level closer to 70 minutes. Good support travelling will be huge help to the lads!!

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 26/02/2018 09:56:09

National Football League 2020 - Division Two - 1 Like(s)

Replying To ekn_teacher:  "I never can understand why some contributors to this forum need to keep pumping out team lists when they will have absolutely no input to the Fermanagh manager/selector's decision-making. I would therefore like to question macca999, shotgun and Erne12, to name recent forum contributors, as to why they feel the need to produce such team lists as it doesn't make an ounce of difference as to who is officially included in a team? Could the reason be that it fulfils some inadequacy in their lives such as being a want-to-be-manager and never achieved that ambition?"
Ekn Teacher,remind me what you contribute again?? The purpose of the forum is to share information, express views and opinions to generate discussion,just incase you missed that memo!

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 13/01/2020 22:34:48

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Decent result last night against a young Donegal team,always good to see team fightback and finish game strongly regardless time of year. Looked at one stage in first half that game was drifting away,so that's positive,also bit more variation to play with use of long balls also(goal came from this)with Seamie Quigley and Conal Jones good inside targets. Thought at times that Donegal broke through tackles too easily,especially in first half,while half forwards didn't support in winning breaking ball enough, though Ruairi Corrigan helped improve this when brough on. Would agree with Redrum and Ernedevil in that midfield options look short,evident when Donnelly was brought on in first half v Queens last Sunday. Always chance that Donnelly or Jones could get injured or pick up a card,so need to have good options there. I know Thomas Clarke injured but he was there last year and didn't push on so not sure he be option as year goes on. At moment Conal Jones probably next best alternative but losing forward in doing this. Anyone know where Richard O Callaghan is at moment? Tyrone on Sunday,for third year in row at this stage will be good test,be nice to have different outcome but its all about the bigger picture of league and championship. Lets hope Eamon McHughs injury isn't too bad as has looked best corner back option so far.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 11/01/2018 16:54:50

Tier 2 Clarity And Questions - 1 Like(s)
So the GAA have rushed through the Tier 2 Championship and points of which are still unclear ad not publicised,so hope doesnt be like other things previously and run in a decide as we go along fashion. There certainlu needs to be a change to give more teams more to play for but like most things il admit no easy solution,plus how much coverage on tv would London v Waterford get. Few points on the new championship structure. - If division 3/4 teams make provincial final then they are entered to tier 1 (All Ireland championship), therefore i assume that all qualifiers cant be played until provinical finals are set,so for example Cavan play Monaghan in ulster preliminary match,likely early may,losers of this game will have to wait until late June for next game then??? -If division 3/4 teams make provincial final then they are entered to tier 1 (All Ireland championship) and have not won promotion in the league,does that mean team that finished 6th in Division 2 of the league are demoted months after securing status to balance it at 16 in each section?? Hardly fair and with Munster this year could easily happen, if Cork beat Kerry could be 2 Division 3 teams potentially - Tier 2 competition games are going to be set up regionally,north v south,so this means teams could likely meet three times between pre season comp,league then again in championship. Open draw was the initial excitement of the backdoor,so why limit this for tier 2. If people interested in attending game they will travel regardless - Tier 2 winners are given a place in Tier 1 the following year. If they havent been promoted in the national league the following year,whose place do they take, a division 2 team or is there a play-off game with a tier 1 team?? This needs to be clear before any competition starts.

macca999 (National) - 29/10/2019 22:09:04

TG4 All Ireland Gold - What Game From The Past Would You Like To See? - 1 Like(s)

Replying To befair:  "Derry vs Down, first round 1994; greatest match ever, two brilliant teams, and whichever team won was going to stroll Sam Maguire. Blazing hot day, gladiatorial atmosphere, intensity was non-stop from start to finish. And also possibly the greats goal ever, esp in context"
TG4 showing this classic in full at end of april,think 26th

macca999 (National) - 29/03/2020 14:49:39

New Wexford football manager - 1 Like(s)
Was a poor enough game,first half Wexford had fair bit of ball but Fermanagh defended deep and got two lucky goals from high balls(your defence struggled with them) Wasnt a dirty game until last 15 minutes tempers flared. Your free taker,think Shanley missed some shocking frees in second half which could have left it alot closer

macca999 (Wexford) - 28/01/2018 23:31:03

Down footballers 2017 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To JimAbbey:  "Benny Coulter in Friday's Irish News asks Eamonn Burns to play Mark Poland, Jerome Johnson (who he describes as the best forward in Down), and Ryan Johnson higher up the field in support of Barry O'Hagan and to get the ball out of the defence more quickly. In an interview in Gaelic News Shane Mulholland, Rostrevor manager and a previous Down Minor team manager wants Down to stick with the cautious highly defensive tactics, as he believes it is too late in the day for such a radical change of style. He admits that keeping 13 men behind the ball means Down's scoring opportunities are going to be meagre, but hopes that they might just snatch a result. He also says that in defensive terms Down​ are failing as they are still shipping big scores. He also cautions against thinking that Cork have nothing to play for, as they can't be promoted or relegated. But they have a big game coming up against Waterford in the Munster Championship. Shane also worries that Third Division football will see Down playing in front of crowds of 1,000 or so instead of 3 to 4 thousand and a general lack of interest in Down football. Only for the fact that Armagh are due to visit for an Ulster Championship game, a loss on Sunday means the season is already over for a lot of Down supporters. Their will be a big financial hit if Down are relegated when they can least afford it. I did a back of an envelope calculation, and taking​ Into consideration, reduced crowds, reduced match day income ,eg loss of income from football programmes, ,food and drink sales, loss of revenue from TV , radio, web streaming, reduced income from advertisers, and loss of royalties from Down branded jerseys etc, you are looking at a loss of a minimum £100,000. I leave the final word with the bookmakers ,one of whom goes 4/9 on Cork to win ,9/4 Down to win."
How you reckon yas will get on in Cork? Derry be hoping we both lose,be great if Fermanagh and Down win plus Meath beat Clare then both stay up. Bookies reckon we both be relegated.

macca999 (Down) - 01/04/2017 20:43:01

2019 Dr McKenna Cup - 1 Like(s)

Replying To ERNEDEVIL:  "Thought the keeper was to hesitant for 2/3 of the goals, was left exposed at times but did make a got save. The 3rd goal was the defenders fault. Ryan lyons took his goal very well and it was good build up play to lead up to it. Eoin Donnelly play well. Thought Teague was dung would not have brought him back on. Garvan Jones and Darragh Mcgurn look interesting players for the new campiagn. Hope Garvan gets a longer run out against tyrone. Derry were the better team and should have won by more than what they did. To early yet to pick my starting 15. Where is Eddie courtney and Ruairi corrigan. Is Che cullen and T. Corrigan returning this year. Don't think any of the new rules show be introduced this year at all. There has been a lot of counties complaining about the hand passing rule imparticular. Would also get rid of the black card. I can understand why they are trying to introduce hand passing rule but it is just the way the game has changed and evetually i think it will naturally return to a kicking game without being forced. The gaa are hurting the game with all the new rules being introduced. The 1 rule I would like to see being introduced is all free kicks and sideline balls have to go forward. What do yous think our best 15 would be?"
Ernedevil Eddie Courtney hasnt returned since leaving panel during last years league. Che Cullen works abroad so dont htink be playing until league,while Tomas Corrigan currently travelling,will be back involved in March. Nout sure about Ruairi Corrigan,presume he still in panel and just not played yet

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 08/01/2019 22:58:05

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Talk about a tense finish yesterday,fair play to the team for fighting right until the death,showed great heart and belief,similar to Roscommon game in Brewster in 2015. After the first 68 minutes of this game looked highly unlikely Fermanagh could muster 3 points in remaining time as Longford had possession for majority of the game with Fermanagh just playing counter attack although when brought on Sean Quigley,Eamon Maguire, Ruairi Corrigan did have chances which wasted and looked like be costly. There is no doubt Longford will be distraught and left it behind,they did play into Fermanaghs hands as they were slow to push forward and were happy to keep ball for large periods instead of perhaps running to draw free. Knowing a draw does can be downfall in game as Fermanagh found out last year v Derry on final day. Was tough to watch no doubt about it but the way county game is now its all about results and Fermanagh have achieved promotion which is huge boost and players deserve it for the application so far under Rory Gallagher. Best performers yesterday were James McMahon who swept superbly, Mickey Jones was solid,while Eoin Donnelly was solid and in last 10 minutes showed great leadership in braking every ball as were pushed up making Longford kick long. Aidan Breen and Ciaran Corrigan both did well and got crucial scores whilst Seamie worked hard and kicked the frees. Tomas Corrigan still a bit off the pace which expected,hopefully Saturday nights geam will have him get up to pace ahead of championship. Though Ruairi Corrigan did well when introduced his workrate and speed contributed to the fightback. I take it Fermanagh successfully appealed Teagues red card then? Promotion was the main aim,Saturdays game is a bonus in Croke Park and im sure both teams will give it 100% though May 19th is the real focus now.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 26/03/2018 09:34:19

NL Division 3 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Strange game today,between the fortunate goals and then red cards,wasnt much pattern to it at certain points but got the 2 points although lots of areas need work on. First half had alot of bad shot selections which resulted in a good few wides,one of the goals came from a hopeful point attempt. Defence did fairly well in first half as only from frees mostly did Wexford score,although number 13 was always in front of his man. Good to see few goals being scored as was Achilles heel last season not scoring goals. One thing that was present throughout McKenna cup and again today was poor discipline,few needless frees then worse again dissent allowing ball moved forward into easier scoring position for opposition. Ref wasnt great but Players need to focus on their own game,against better teams this will cost us as they wont miss the easy frees which Wexford did today. Fermanagh need the full 15 players on the field in want to push on against stronger teams. As manager said on radio at 7 points up, Fermanagh had two frees early second half to kill off game didnt,then had to scrape to get the win needlessly due to basic errors. Cadden gave away ball under no pressure for goal,whilst was few bad turnovers plus pick ups off ground,i know conditions and pitch soft but no issue for some of the basic errors made. Alot to work on but least got the win needed plus huge positive to have Eamon Maguire and Mickey Jones back on the field today. As highlighted by other posters lack of depth in Midfielders and this will be tested now with Ryan Jones suspended for the Offaly fixture. Going to be very competitive division,Westmeath are going top push all way too. Good to get result with lots still to work on,lets hope progress continues against Offaly next week,maybe the Corrigans, Eamon McHugh and Tiaran Daly might be back to feature in squad

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 28/01/2018 18:59:09

Dr McKenna Cup 2018 - 1 Like(s)
Ernedevil, I think Tiernan Daly is part of current panel but coming back from injury with club. Number of other players in panel but yet to feature in McKenna Cup are - Tomas Corrigan - Eamon Maguire - Brian Cox - Thomas Clarke - James McMahon(with Queens) Not sure if Conor Murphy(Queens) and Ciaran Corrigan(St Marys) are going to be involved Had been talk of Ciaran Flaherty coming back at end of last year but havnt seen him at any of the games. May be others if anyone know of please highlight

macca999 (Fermanagh) - 12/01/2018 14:21:27