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Championship 2020 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To panamasam:  "Ha Ha me clutching at straws? Think you missed the humour about the bicep curls probably too busy reading the gym bible. If fitness was an issue how come we were able to keep going till the 70'th plus minute. Eh and coming at us at will? They scored 1-13 hardly a dominant scoreline. So in theory our S & C was fine for Tyrone and Armagh yet still declined so much since playing Cavan and theirs improved so much that they beat us? For the record never said everything was ok. There is a mental failure brought on through pressure at a stage when a game from an all Ireland semi final."
The reason we were still just about in the game at that point might have been (as I have already alluded to - please read my full post) might have been to do with the fact that Cavan played with a man less for 20 mins. Interestingly, we only scored 6 points when we were a man up.

peiledoir20 (Donegal) - 26/11/2020 10:03:11

Championship 2020 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Lockjaw:  "Blaming S&C for the other day is nonsense. A question for you - a month ago if you were asked the question, "Which team presents a bigger challenge in terms of physicality - Tyrone or Cavan?" What would your answer have been? In addition to that, it was a dirty, rotten day when we played Tyrone and it was a day for getting stuck in and into an arm wrestle. But we came out on top. Armagh were then seen as the big bogey men that we'd have bother matching physically but we beat them out the gate. As others have said, it was a mental collapse more than anything. It was as if the 3-in-a-row of Ulster titles, All-Ireland semi final, the hype etc all combined to totally spook most of the players. They seemed to have lead in their boots, decision making went out the window and they were missing scores that I'd have managed to put over."
Tyrone are a less physical team than Cavan and Armagh were putrid, in most aspects. The Cavan game followed the same pattern as the Mayo game last year - out muscled physically. Ignore it all you want but the pattern will continue if it is not addressed.

peiledoir20 (Donegal) - 26/11/2020 11:13:07

Championship 2020 - 1 Like(s)

Replying To SouthOfTheGap:  "Its Wednesday evening, and I'm just coming to terms with it all. I was going around for a couple of days with my head in a daze. Interestingly, it appears that our boys on Sunday were also in a daze. Very few of them appeared to be able to think on their feet, and to see what was going wrong in front of them. Because it was all in front of them, I don't think the problem was at the back. Okay, Cavan scored 1-13, and you'd be disappointed to concede it, but it wasn't huge score. Before I move to up front, even without conceding the goal, I still feel we were a beaten docket. People have criticised Patton for the punch, and it was a poor punch. I just wonder how much of Leo McLoone's goal in the county semi final was going through his head. Its something he will need to work on. In relation to the kick outs, Cavan came up with a way of countering our effectiveness, they let us have the short one, but instead or retreating, they then put serious pressure on the ball carrier, killing our momentum. Our full back line, despite missing McMenamin and Wee Paddy still done reasonably well considering how exposed they were at times. Going forward we were aimless. We kept persisting with the same approach play over and over again, running the same patterns. When it was clear that Cavan had the answer to that particular question, we didn't ask them another one. In fairness to Cavan, they had their homework done, and their confidence grew even more then. But we could have rotated Paddy Mc out to centre forward and dropped Michael in for a few minutes, or Langan or Hughie. I don't want to critisise individual players, they will each be feeling the pain of defeat. But like in Castlebar, it looked like they were not mentally prepared for the intensity. They seemed shell-shocked by the Cavan/Mayo hunger and intensity, and they forgot everything that they learned previously. They were a bit like myself years ago, I studied for Kavanagh, but I was in trouble when Yeats appeared. Every single one of them is good enough to play for the county, its not a case that anyone can question them in that regard, they have endless talent. Finally, I'm not comfortbale criticising Declan, not in the slightest, he has us playing a fantastic brand of football, and has developed young players who are the envy of the country, and certainly hope that he stays on. But we don't lose that game under Jim!"
There is no doubt Jim changed the mindset at the time and did a fantastic job but the same thing happened in the 2014 Final that we were expected to win having beaten Dublin.Kerry provided a very physical challenge that day and went defensive which flumoxed us.Ironically a goalkeeping blunder was also crucial that day.That was a far more disappointing day in my eyes than last Sunday.

gunman (Donegal) - 25/11/2020 23:19:40