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Louth V Meath Leinster Final - 7 Like(s)
Watched the Sunday game last night and they revisited that 2010 LFF that infamous goal by Sheridan that he handled into net he admitted last night that it should not have stood he diden't say that at the time. He was in square and handled ball in. Louth a tiny County waiting 50 years to be robbed like that a referee that woulden't even ask the umpire if you did that to Tyrone in their pomp your would not be safe. Meath were so unsporting them a huge County claimed that there would have to be changes to by laws ect dident the GAA order a replay after Coooney's mistake in 1998 and wee had to put up with it. Louth manager still hurting i wasent too impressed with Sheridan's smirking and postering on that day either.

clooney (National) - 15/06/2020 11:49:45

Louth V Meath Leinster Final - 4 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Must be mixing me up. Seldom if ever comment on hurling. I don't like the game. I find it mind numbing and boring. (I know I'm in a minority) it's just not my thing, if it's urs fair play. One of my closest friends loves cricket, I don't like it. Each to their own is what I say. But I'd definitely seldom comment on hurling, as to be honest I wouldn't know enough about it to comment, if pushed I could probably name at most 3 hurlers in whole country and two of them would be from Meath. I know who Brian Cody is, and Davy Fitzgerald. I couldn't name any other managers."
Of course you are entitled to your opinion but as far as I am concerned if you think Hurling boring & mind numbing I feel sorry for you. I have read and listened to endless comments on Hurling including other Countries and never have I heard this comment perhaps you could not master the caman and could only kick the Big Ball

clooney (National) - 17/06/2020 10:41:30

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2019 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Fishermantom:  "Loans red helmet or LRH. In fairness iv been a reader of these for along time and iv stopped posting now since I emigrated. But for a clare man I must say fair play to you. I remember you on this years ago when limerick were terrible and you were saying limerick had good young players coming through and to keep the head up. We bate clare today handy but it's rarely like that. As neighbours I'd rather ouselves and clare winning than Cork or tipp as the two of us are really the poor relations in munster. I just thought today ye caught this limerick team on a mission. They don't want to be one hit wonders. There a great team and hopefully when this limerick team are finished they will have a full trophy cabinet but I firmly believe clare team will be back next year. Ye have too many class acts not to be."
Fair play we had no answers to ye yesterday it will be a massive game V Tipperary best display i have ever seen from a Limerick team. Hope ye go on to win all ireland now

clooney (Limerick) - 10/06/2019 10:36:52

Healy-Rae Asleep At An All-Ireland And Ross Having A Cut - 3 Like(s)
Say what you like about the Healy Rays but they know how to look after their own kind in South Kerry He had a hectic schedule dosen't drink so was down to fatigue he is a hurling man as well as football so think it was a cheap shot to snap him at a weak moment in time.

clooney (National) - 21/08/2018 17:27:40

Slán Jim Gavin - 3 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "Gavin made the team think for themselves What happens on the pitch is player led too and as fans we're fortunate to have the style of player that can think on their feet and manage a game. In some ways I think this could be Gavin's last master stroke. A team that just won 5 may feel well what else is there to achieve? Now under New management you're going to have players hungry to break into the team and seeing an opportunity, pushing that bit harder in training and the established players will find it even more competitive thus carrying it all forward once again. Gavin leaving just lit a fire under the team at a time when it just might be needed. There's no doubt that Gavin's legacy will be clearly seen next year, he created leaders with game intelligence and the players will have a big bearing on making this transition easier for their new manager. The style of play will not change as the tactics work. The players know this, keep to the process and success follows. It's just about finding the right continuity I'm hoping it's a combo of Darcy and Jayo. No men understand the current ethos any better."
He was quiet simply a CLASS ACT on the line on camera hugely educated man never a wrong word no boasting or anything like that superb. Big loss to all GAA people

clooney (Dublin) - 02/12/2019 10:12:28

Do The Rest Of The Country Have A Point ? Where Do You Stand? - 3 Like(s)
Dublin can only field 26 on Match day same as everyone else they have got there House in order same as Kilkenny { Population 100,000} did in Hurling. Of Course Dublin has advantages in terms of Population but it population was the main criteria for success then Dublin Cork & Limerick would win most All Irelands in both codes If the GAA don't put in Coaches the IRFU & FAI will do so. The GAA is in the entertainment business & moving championship matches from Croak Park will deny them millions that is needed for can be used for coaching kids. Dublin happen to have a special team right now but Mayo & Kerry have ran them close sooner or later they will get beaten. IMO the GAA & Dublin are lucky to have this Dublin Team as they are brilliant role models for the youth no bad publicity now.

clooney (Dublin) - 07/12/2020 11:40:12

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 3 Like(s)

Replying To ballydalane:  "Spot on, Arock. The inconsistency is shocking. Refs chairman Willie Barrett is quoted in today's Independent as follows: "He (Barrett) said that all referees had been told to firmly clamp down on head high challenges. "What we have told our referees is that anything to the head is a red card."" Really? When were refs instructed to do this? Cos that ain't been happening in this championship!"
One think is for certain that there appears to be a lot of jealousy towards the Cats IMO best hurling team and management ever Henry Shefflin best ever hurler TJ not far behind I am sick off this politically correct Ireland we now have anyone that ever played GAA will know that its a physical game Officials/administrators ruining the game with their rules

clooney (National) - 23/08/2019 16:23:46

T J REID - 3 Like(s)
I have always held view that Henry Shefflin was best ever hurler but TJ Reid is well on way to competing for that title He is Robot like from frees straight over black spot each time sideline cuts catching clean ball and making space unselfish Brilliant attitude even though he is targeted gets digs he takes it in his stride. Would anyone agree Class act

clooney (National) - 09/04/2018 15:19:09

The Sunday Game - Awful Coverage - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Mayonman:  "I can accept Shefflin going with KK line but what is even more annoying is the other lads that agree it's a red "by the letter of the law". Its a red all day long by the letter, the spirit and every other part of the law! Hogan knew exactly what he was doing. There was nothing "miss timed by a fraction of a second" about the elbow. He nailed it."
Ah come on Hurling is a physical sport Barrett split Hogan earlier and his dander was up it was harmless enough Tipp player made a meal off it no doubt about it do we want to turn hurling into a no contact shootout, same referee send David Reidy of Clare off in Ennis last year in one off the worst decisions I ever saw. The Helmet protects players mostly so if we want to go down this road it would take any cut out off game. Brain Cody said you would want to be absolutely certain it was a red card and Referee clearly wasen't sure it RUINED game €90.00 + €7.00 for programme and then food & fuel massive outlay game was gone 10 minutes after half time. I know you will say not Referees problem but no common sense As Kilkenny play a traditional game they had no plan to work the lines it was route one to Liam Fennelly or TJ

clooney (National) - 19/08/2019 09:38:13

Louth V Meath Leinster Final - 3 Like(s)
You know only too well what message meant

clooney (National) - 15/06/2020 12:40:10

The Final - 2 Like(s)
Game was there for Mayo no doubt it wasen't that Dublin played bad Mayo were better for most of game but small margins decided it (1) A few soft dubious frees to Dublin (2) Mayo squandered chances from play (3) Cillian O Connor should have nailed that free all top players do it but where was the corner forward when it came back off the post (4) Mayo management again made wrong calls took off 2 scoring forwards (5) Donal Vaughan actions were indefensible absolutely stupid would have got a scoreable free and a spare man for 30 minutes i would make no case at all for him he cost Mayo that match . Dublin are not the super team that the RTE panelists make them out to be it will haunt Mayo for the Winter

clooney (Mayo) - 18/09/2017 09:55:13

Limerick Senior Hurling 2018. - 2 Like(s)
Congrats on splendid win subs made the difference Peter Casey & Dowling Wont be overawed by Cork id say enjoy

clooney (Limerick) - 16/07/2018 10:08:11

Antrim Hurlers 2020 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Glensboy:  "Regardless of the outcome of the final, which of course we want to win, it is only right to pay tribute to all of those who make our games possible, from players, mentors, admin people all the way through to the technical guys who streamed games so that we could all watch in the comfort of our front rooms. Particular credit to Meath GAA for Saturday. What an entertaining commentary that was, with the wags bringing some light entertainment to proceedings. I for one have been engrossed in the progress of this Antrim team this season and really looked forward to watching the action. Even in these very difficult times the dedication from everyone is clear. We should never lose sight of the fact that this is an amateur game and the commitment required these days is unconditional. So major respect to all. Can't wait for the final. Antrim Abu!"
Congratulations on your great win great for hurling in Antrim shows what can be achieved

clooney (Antrim) - 14/12/2020 11:23:51

5 In A Row That Wasent - 2 Like(s)
Watched it back last night if ever a referee kept a team in it it was this match Kerry were cruising referee gave 3 of the softest frees ever seen in last 5 minutes not to mention the push by Seamus Darby which should have been a free out Kerry players dident ever seem to argue so made it easy for referee Nowaday's the team with 4 points advantage in last 5 mins. would pass the ball to death to wind down clock not in them days, in fairness Mick O Dwyer was hugely gracious in Offaly's dressing room afterwards and I have never heard Kerry whinge bout frees maybe Offaly did deserve an All Ireland in that era but not on this day.

clooney (Kerry) - 01/05/2020 14:59:28

The Drive For Five! - 2 Like(s)
Congratulations fine team showed class on & off great to watch the movement Kerry played there part but were not good enough this year. Goal after half time put daylight between them Eoin looks like he is about to do his junior cert but great talent ENJOY every one will want to take ye down next year

clooney (Dublin) - 16/09/2019 11:19:42

Limerick Senior Hurling 2018. - 2 Like(s)
Many Congratulations better team on day no doubt victory hard earned and with new format you have to strike when iron is hot as they say, very hard to put back to back titles as Galway now know. Hope victory will encourage children to play hurling in the City especially ad there are so many other distractions

clooney (Limerick) - 20/08/2018 09:05:46

Senior Hurling Championship 2020 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To DUALSUPPORT:  "Well done Na Piarsaigh awesome display of hurling against a good team in Doon too. I was really impressed with their forwards winning high ball especially David Dempsey and Conor Boylan. I go along with everyone else that it's a pity there is no all Ireland club this year I think Na Piarsaigh would have a big say in it, in fairness they really should have beaten Cuala in the all Ireland final a few years ago a lapse in concentration gave away a stupid goal in the last minute of the first game and I think it had an affect in the replay because they didnt get going at all also I forget what year it was when they played Portumna in an all Ireland semi-final where Joe Canning should have being sent off and if they had won that game, they more than likely would have won the final. Hard luck Doon in fairness no team could do without the likes of Richie English or Darragh O'Donavan who were big losses, in 2009 Na Piarsaigh took a heavy defeat to Adare in the county final and they learned from it and came back. Doon are doing the right things with their underage and have some very good hurlers and I'm sure they will win a county in the near future."
NAP had one of those special performance that everything that they tries worked O Donovan & English massive loss to Doon but some of there better known players were so passive it was hard to believe diden't lay a finger on the NAP lads. Taking J Ryan from midfield was also a terrible call they were 6 points adrift when they send him in to full forward when little ball went after that. I can never understand why teams allow the opposition to dictate the tactics. Clearly NAP like to play a lot of short puckouts with R Lynch sitting back in the pocket leaving space in there own full forward line for Dempsey Casey Breen to exploit so why dident Doon push up on them mark the sweeper as well if necessary. They {NAP} have a huge pick but they do tremendous work at underage bring in outside coaches ect shame that there is not a Munster & All Ireland Club championship as then we would see them up against best teams in Country.

clooney (Limerick) - 21/09/2020 14:10:26

Jack Mccaffrey - 2 Like(s)
Hope he returns next year one of the best ever all skill & speed no way cynical or pulling dragging of mouthing nothing like this at all loved the big day. You only get to see players like Jack once in a lifetime truly outstanding

clooney (National) - 29/06/2020 10:08:57

Official Limerick Senior Hurling 2019 - 2 Like(s)

Replying To Cmonlimerick:  "Nearly 48 hours later, and I'm still so annoyed over Saturday. Yes, we can console ourselves given that we hold 3 trophies, and have had a wonderful last 18 months or so, and that this panel and management team certainly owe us nothing, and that Kilkenny were better than us both tactically and in general play for too much of the game….. But it doesn't change how I feel right now. In hurling, so much is up to the referee's discretion. Like, if a player gets caught in possession, he might get a free for robust tacking, or he can be pulled for overcarrying. Either way, one set of fans is upset….but generally those decisions average out over a game. But some decisions are so much more clearcut. i.e. it's either a 65 or it's not. I'm so annoyed with that final sideline. So annoyed that the linesman didn't interject when Buckley was only about 10 yards away. So annoyed that neither umpire saw it as a 65. So annoyed that, other than Darragh who ran to the linesman, none of the other forwards ran into the umpires (by the time Cian and Brian Geary ran to the ref the final whistle was already blown so he was never going to change his mind at that stage)…..But who was that ref? The same ref that Babs Keating wrote should never be let ref an intercounty game again last year, after Austin Gleeson was deemed to have caught the ball behind the line in the Gaelic Grounds. I wonder if those were the same two blind umpires?"
Officials have a tough job the light sliother skill of players who catch & strike 90 metres in blink of an eye but it always seems to me that the big teams usually gets the breaks pity though as you said that more Limerick players dident complain but i was watching on TV dident notice neither Ger Canning & Brendan Cummins linesman was ahead of the strike C Buckley was too close pity that D Donovan dident try to work it short could have manufactured a free ref often makes a draw off it. Of course it was the poor wides in the end that cost the most. No consolation at all to Limerick people but I think that Limerick Team have more potential that KK but its on the day that matters

clooney (Limerick) - 29/07/2019 14:42:15

Limerick Senior Hurling 2018. - 1 Like(s)

Replying To Mads:  "I hope the lads play the ref right in this game. I sound like a pure begrudger now but the couple of games ( particularly against Clare) I felt Patrick Hogan puts his head down and starts charging at back and sometimes flops to the ground. Unfortunately more often than not the ref gives a free in even though the back has literally just stood his ground. Another ref would give a free out. Like the ref in the Leinster final. I feel Horgan is a master of manufacturing frees. In fairness if he was one of ours I'd probably be lauding him. Anyway for me the realwinning of this is in midfield. Right now Fitzgibbon is shading it over Can Lynch. Although lynch is super at getting the dirty ball which people often underestimate. But as a combination Lynch andO'Donovan are better than Cooper and Fitzgibbon combined. Also I firmly believe if we are even Steven down the straight our bench is stronger. In summary limerick by 3"
I agree with you cute out Cronin in 2013 got about 5 undeserved frees got Dillon Booked & probably cost him an all star Have to be come to the ball playing Horgan with ball in hand nearly impossible to stop You have a good bench Peter Casey especially hope ye don't let ocassion slip.

clooney (Limerick) - 25/07/2018 13:28:32