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Supermacs - 3 Like(s)
Very worrying times, financial matters continue to be swept under the carpet of Pearse Stadium. Same issues recurring and little or no change. Clubs were levied previously re mountain south, however no reconciliation could ever be provided when requested. Again, strong reports that some clubs had been paying this whilst others just ignored it as they knew there would be no penalty. However no transparency was ever provided. We have had little or no appetite to put a long term plan in place to cater for clubs or county at a local or national level. As an intercounty hurler put it, whilst our teams strive for the highest levels of performance, our administration remains in the dark ages. Very hard for current or future players of the maroon & white to commit to the cause when there seems to be such a disaster unfolding before our eyes. However it has obviously been brewing for a considerable period and has been masked by the odd success. These successes should not be tarnished in any way, however if the correct structures were in place, you do wonder what could have been. It is regrettable that these dramas are being played out in public, however if this is the price of full disclosure to the genuine supporters of Galway GAA, then so be it. Hopefully for once there is swift action taken with meetings taking place now rather than waiting for the heat to die down. Our current, future players and supporters deserve it to ensure that we can start to build credibility again. It is no coincidence however that currently we have no manager (football or hurling), no candidates, experienced senior players from the hurling panel have left (Australia, America), or are leaving (going travelling). Every player is entitled to their own decision as they put in huge time and commitment, you do just wonder though that if it wasn't such a merry go round and the stability was there, would we have all of these issues.

Backofthenet2010 (Galway) - 09/10/2019 10:32:31

New Galway Hurling Manager - 1 Like(s)

Replying To suckvalleypaddy:  "It is odd that nobody wants the Galway job as we approach Winter."
Not really. County board in disarray. Power struggles between sponsor & county board. Tight budget. Players exploring other opportunities (working abroad, going travelling). Big job on the hands of whoever takes it to get back to AI final.

Backofthenet2010 (Galway) - 09/10/2019 14:09:48