'I've never had as little interest in inter-county football'

May 30, 2024

Anthony Moyles

Former Meath star Anthony Moyles has lost his grá for inter-county football.

And he believes he’s not alone due to the GAA’s persistence with the provincial championships and changes to the championship format. He also feels it’s inevitable that the powers-that-be will bow to pressure and push the All-Ireland finals back closer to their traditional September slots at the expense of the club player.

“I’ve never had as little interest in the GAA inter-county season as this year,” tweeted Moyles, who was part of the Club Players’ Association (CPA) which successfully lobbied for the introduction of a GAA split-season before disbanding in 2021.

“Maybe it’s because life is busy but then I find that’s just an excuse and the more I talk to people they say the exact same. The constant changing of the championship format and the fact that the real elephant in the room has not yet been tackled (provincials) means that people are overwhelmed with games in a concentrated period.

“Of course, rather than grasp the major nettle the GAA will push the championship finale’s back to as late as possible, thereby ending the split-season for the Club player and putting the final nail in the coffin of the game at grass roots level!

“The apathy being shown to games and teams by GAA supporters is enormous. Take for example Meath fans. I checked in on the usual “forum’s” today and people are not even angry anymore. They don’t care!”


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