"It is really, really hard to understand what's going on and it is so disrespectful"

September 24, 2020

Tipperary's Aishling Moloney celebrates against Dublin

Tipperary ladies star Aishling Moloney has hit out at the county’s camogie board for “being arrogant in their approach” of a scheduling conflict.

The conflict sees Moloney’s club Cahir down to play two county finals this coming weekend, with their camogs taking on Knockavilla on Saturday at 12pm and the footballers playing Aherlow in the senior championship final the following day at 2pm.

Speaking on Off The Ball this morning, Moloney was critical of the fact that a significant amount of Cahir’s dual players will have to line-out in two finals in just over 24 hours and pointed the blame at the Tipperary camogie board.

"This weekend has always been a football weekend for as long as I've been playing, the junior, intermediate and senior football finals are all being played,” said the Premier County attacker.

"So, this is actually an issue for the Camogie Association and it has nothing to do with the LGFA. I think the Camogie group are being arrogant in their approach and I don't know why."

Tipperary camogie board released a statement yesterday (see below) outlining that this weekend’s county final could not be moved because their tight scheduling for this year’s competitions leaves no free weekends.

Moloney responded to that by saying: "We believe this is totally incorrect. Last weekend this junior game could have been played. It could be played in the following weeks as it doesn't go on into Munster and an All-Ireland.

"We can be accommodated here but they're just being arrogant and I don't understand why. Reading their statement, I mean, you would have to be blunt about it and say the wool is down over their eyes.

"This situation was flagged to them by us weeks ago, so it is really, really hard to understand what's going on and it is so disrespectful."

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