"One thing I won't miss about Australia is the majority of the AFL media"

September 08, 2020

Conor McKenna in the colours of Tyrone

Conor McKenna has taken a parting shot at the AFL media following his announcement that he will be retiring from the league with immediate effect.

The Tyrone native found himself at the centre of a media storm Down Under back in July after testing positive for Covid-19, with multiple tests later turning up negative.

Speaking to ABC's Catherine Murphy, the former Essendon player said there didn’t seem to be repercussions for the majority of the Melbourne media over what he felt was “disgraceful” coverage in the days following news of his positive test. 

"The reality of it is, I had a deadly disease... (but) people were more worried about the AFL being put off than my actual life,” said the 24-year-old.

"They put AFL football before me. No matter who it is, they should never be treated like that... one thing I won't miss about Australia is the majority of the AFL media. I think they're harsh and negative and don't take into consideration how people might deal with it.

"It's OK for me because I don't care what the majority of the media think about me, but if someone else was in that position it could affect them in a very bad way.

"The way the media acted for two or three days after (the positive test) was disgraceful."

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