Brian Carthy has launched a Podcast Interview Series which begins with Conal Keaney

April 27, 2021

Dublin's Conal Keaney ahead of the Leinster SHC opener against Kilkenny at Nowlan Park

Legendary GAA journalist and RTE commentator Brian Carthy has dropped the first episode of his new series of Podcasts.

Brian speaks with Conal Keaney who recently retired from intercounty hurling with Dublin.

In it Keaney speaks about how Covid took some of the enjoyment away from his last season involved at county level.

“The craic wasn’t there,” explained the former Dublin dual star.

“Obviously teams train hard and the camaraderie between everyone is really good. Last year was just come in train, go home, maybe do a Zoom during the week to wrap up training and see what we are doing the next day.

“For me there wasn’t a huge amount of enjoyment in it. All be it the matches are great and you love it when you are training. Every team trains hard but you enjoys each other’s company, you enjoy sitting around the dressing room have a chat, slagging everyone and that is all part of it.”

However, that changed dynamic in the squad was not a major deciding issue when it came to retirement says Keaney: “Was Covid a major factor, no it wasn’t a major factor but it was just another small thing and I suppose there were probably a hundred small things.”

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