Say hello to the lean, fit and ripped Austin Gleeson

July 28, 2020

Waterford's Austin Gleeson.

Some of us may have spent lockdown on the couch watching Netflix but Austin Gleeson used the time to get into the shape of his life.

The majority of us are not elite hurlers at the top of the pile so we shouldn’t feel too guilty. However, you can’t but admire the effort and commitment from Gleeson as the change is phenomenal.

Working with personal coach Ian Keohan the Waterford star has dropped from 96kg to 87kg while building muscle and dropping body fat.


🔵⚪AUSTIN GLEESON🔵⚪ _____________________ "They say when talent meets hard work, it creates an unstoppable force" _____________________ Waterfords Austin Gleeson, crowned Hurler of The Year and Young Hurler of The Year in 2016. He is one of Waterfords most lethal weapons on the hurling field and easily one of the countries best ever hurlers to date. It's a sure thing this kid has talent, but now he has it all. Lighter on his feet, added muscle, extreme condition and most importantly, the MINDSET. He is now more focused then ever, eager for challenge and hungry to compete. Having the right mindset and attitude will determine your success in any given goal and I've watched Austins mindset grow stronger, and stronger each and every week, every week becoming more determined. ________________________ Austin came to me originally with a goal of losing weight and getting in shape. He was very clear with me from the begining that he wanted to get the most from this. Muscle, size, condition, everything. He wanted to achieve the best version of himself that he possibly could. 8 weeks ago he started at 96kg and worked his way right down to 87kg. He made a significant decrease in overall body fat and even built some muscle along the way. #missioncomplete Austin was extremely easy to work with over the last few weeks, give him a task and he will complete. He knew from the start that this would require for him to be pushed weekly but he welcomed the challenge. I leaned on him every week and asked for just that little bit more. Every week grew tougher in effort but every week he did too, he managed to impress me and deliver the results each and every week with zero setbacks. ______________________ Head up, eyes on the prize, zero hesitation and move forward as an unstoppable force👊💪🏆

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