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Nothing at all to worry about lads. R*ngers are still up to their necks in the smelly stuff. Brian Kennedy is now out of the running to takeover, twill be Paul Murray and his "Blue" Knights. They will be in hock to Ticketus and even if they do manage to avoid liquidation which is doubtful it will take them years to turn the Club around. I accept that Celtic themselves are still work in progress but I do feel we have a nucleus of a good side. We do need to get rid of a good few lads and get in a bit of quality. We still need a top centre half and a top striker but Matthews, Izzy, Rogne, Mulgrew, Kayal, Brown, Ledley, Forrest, Wanyama & Hooper are all quality players,Ki, Samaras & Stokes are excellent squad players and there are a clutch of others around like Kelvin Wilson, Kris Commons, Lustig, Brozek etc that I would still have hopes for.

corkcelt (Cork) - 29/03/2012 19:02:10    1139617


true enough Corkcelt,
I reckon a top class centre back and centre forward are needed and celtic could aim at a run in the europa league next year..There is no point even thinking about the champions league cos lets be honest lads its way out of our league.Meanwhile lets enjoy the travelling circus that is the huns at the moment....:)

juniorbsub (Wexford) - 29/03/2012 19:14:23    1139626


Another weekend, hopefully this one we do get out title party!!!!

Hopefully Motherwell can do us a favour 2moro and get a result against the Bears. Not sure what the Old Firm win will do for the Mordor Mob. It could re-ignite them a bit, but hopefully last week was like the sting in a dying wasp and they'll revert to their recent awfulness.

I think on Sunday we need a good performance and a good win. St Johnstone are no mugs however and it will be a tough old match. Will be interesting if the title is on the line what way Lennon sets the team up. Hopefully we'll just go for it and come 14.45 on Sunday we'll be champions!!!!!

tribeinbrum (Galway) - 30/03/2012 10:54:50    1139851


Not SPL related but one of our former players has had some shocking news.


Don't know how serious it is (can't be good) but hopefully he can beat this. Best of luck Stan and get well soon.

tribeinbrum (Galway) - 30/03/2012 15:00:35    1140093


Really shocking news Tribe, he's given his all for Celtic and Villa and captained the team with pride. Get well soon Stan

pplocal (Tyrone) - 30/03/2012 15:05:46    1140102


Tis indeed Pomeroy.

Couldn't believe what i was reading when i saw it.......But it he takes it on the way he plays his football he'll beat it easy........

tribeinbrum (Galway) - 30/03/2012 15:09:47    1140104


Jesus that's dreadful news. But Stan is a fighter and I'm sure he will come through this. All the best Stan. YNWA

tonorio (Offaly) - 30/03/2012 15:16:16    1140111


Get well soon, Stilian!

Breffni39 (Cavan) - 30/03/2012 15:22:35    1140118


Was absolutely gutted to hear the sad news. One of the very best we had and a great player for Villa too. The reality is you can make all the usual platitudes about he is a "great fighter" etc but acute luekemia is something that is extremely difficult to combat. 9 times out of 10 its a death sentence.

corkcelt (Cork) - 30/03/2012 20:36:48    1140360


Terrible news, great player, seems like a nice family man. I hope he recovers fully. YNWA.

jaffa18 (Cork) - 30/03/2012 20:56:33    1140370


Terrible news about our bhoy Stan, really hope he pulls through

RoylerKing (Meath) - 30/03/2012 21:18:25    1140385


Shocking news. Could,nt believe when heard this. Hope to god he makes a full recovery...

DUB1 (Dublin) - 30/03/2012 21:44:09    1140406


We are almost there, just one more point needed. Kilmarnock not a bad place to win it at. However we are not playing well at all. Whatever the reason we are suffering a major slump in form, doesn't really matter as far as SPL is concerned but we won't win the Cup unless there is a big improvement..

corkcelt (Cork) - 01/04/2012 15:32:50    1141111


Think a bit of complacency has just set in Corkcelt. Remember the season when O'Neill got his OBE (Over Before Easter) where we had been playing fantastic beating everything in front of us with ease yet when the title was won the performances waned a bit and we dropped points. Still, no reason why the intensity shouldn't still be there.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - 01/04/2012 20:23:16    1141429


It was an awful performance from a very poor Celtic side which will be the worst Celtic team in history to win a League. Rangers off field problems and long term injuries have covered most of our own faults and we are once again in pre-Chritsmas mode where we were stinking bad. Most of the side are ordinary to below average and I would punt Stokes, Commons, Hooper, Brown, Ki, Wilson, Ledley, Cha and a half a dozen other nonentities. Lennon's body language summed it up today; he slouched back in his seat not knowing how to change things and unable to motivate the players to any degree. I would not renew his contract and would go to England or the continent. I wouldn't dismiss giving Kenny Shiels a go at the job either, he knows his football and is a great man manager.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - 01/04/2012 21:35:15    1141511


Well given that this team went on a winning streak of 17 SPL games beating that previously held by Jock Steins team I think Lennon has done a great job. Yes Rangers have had a few injuries but Celtic were also raked with injuries for the first couple of months which helped Rangers build up the 15 point lead they had. I also wouldn't put Brown, Ledley and Stokes in with your group of nonentities though Hoopers form has definitely dipped and Commons seems to be a different person to the guy who set the team alight last season though there was glimpses of it at times yesterday. As for Lennons body language - seems he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. The camera focused on him a couple of times and probably for less than a minute in total which showed him sitting back in the seat but when the cameras were on the play you could clearly see him out beside the touch line shouting instructions any time the play brought the camera near the technical area. So personally I am happy with Celtic and Lennon and wouldn't want to see him go anywhere - not that I think those who make these decisions would think of doing such a thing.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - 02/04/2012 08:48:36    1141575


Ulsterman i'd like to know what you consider to be a successful season? Celtic are going to win the league, for me that's success given we havent won it in 3 or 4 seasons now. We may also win the cup. Lennon has his flaws as he is still a rookie manager but I think he has undoubtedly improved this year. Unless Celtic have a vastly experienced replacement for him it would be madness to sack him. Succeesful football clubs generally have a number of key factors which lead to their success, one of these is stability - sacking managers on a whim every season or so doesnt lead to stability.

Goodfella, Tir (None) - 02/04/2012 09:42:12    1141589


Have to agree with ulsterman, think lennon should be sacked for lying back on his seat, I mean if you take away all the games celtic have won they have been really awful this season and now to add insult to injury their making us wait until April before lifting the title;-)

tonto21 (Donegal) - 02/04/2012 13:59:22    1141851


Not only was he spotted sitting on his seat but i could swear i saw him smiling once also. how does he have the gaul to smile when the team are playing so badly......sack him asap and get john barnes back :)

frankbhoy77 (Antrim) - 02/04/2012 15:37:20    1142002


He also has a Northern accent, definite grounds for meriting a sacking. On a more serious note during our dodgy period earlier in the season it was mainly down to a drop in form by Hooper & Stokes. The recent slump is also characterised by drop in form from same two. However I believe Hooper is a genuinely good player and under no circumstances would I punt him. Stokes is not at same level but he is a good squad player, I would be hanging on to him until I had 3 proven better strikers in the squad..

corkcelt (Cork) - 02/04/2012 16:24:21    1142076