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Just saw the master fixtures for 2015 I see the Louth v Westmeath 1st round match is fixed for Drogheda.. As far as I am aware the capacity is 3500.. So how many tickets can we expect???

dec (None) - Posts: 216 - 13/11/2014 10:49:15    1671920


Lets be honest. we would do well to even have 400 from westmeath at it. cant see many wanting to travel unless we have a great league campaign.

winnerofsam (USA) - Posts: 40 - 13/11/2014 15:34:22    1672019


It'll surely be moved to Navan? Most of Louth's "home" games have been Navan over the last number of years.

Chops (Westmeath) - Posts: 775 - 13/11/2014 16:44:43    1672055