'Bubbles': leave hurling alone

February 28, 2020

Tipperary's John O'Dwyer and Seamus Callanan. ©INPHO/James Crombie.

John 'Bubbles' O'Dwyer says there is no need for VAR or the black card rule in hurling.

Motions relating to video technology and the sin bin are up for debate at Congress this weekend, but the Tipperary attacker, who is currently sidelined with injury, is opposed to both.

“I think it (video technology) would just ruin the game to be honest. It (hurling) is supposed to be the quickest field sport in the world. Bringing in technology, you see with VAR in soccer, it is after completely ruining the whole game. It will ruin it for spectators, will ruin it for players, will ruin it for everyone," 'Bubbles' is quoted as saying in the Irish Daily Star.

Commenting on the black card proposal, he added: “A sin-bin is a no-go, and I think that for football too. Think it is just words being thrown around. If a corner-back is pulling and tearing out of you, what do you expect, what are you going to do? They are not going to let you run through.

"It is pulling and tearing, it is part of the game. It was there 10 years ago, it was there 50 years ago, and if you don’t have that from the backs who are marking you, it becomes like a game of tennis or a game of basketball.”

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