Calls for full time head of athletic performance

November 16, 2018

The Clare players warm up. ©INPHO/Donall Farmer.

Every county in the country should have a full time head of athletic performance, according to a leading strength and conditioning coach.

Tipperary’s Alan O’Connor is currently working with the county’s minor squad and he feels that more counties need to follow the likes of Kerry, Dublin, Limerick and Galway in appointing a qualified person to oversee all of their coaching.

O’Connor told the Tipperary Star that for the gap between the top counties and the rest not to widen, they need a full time head of athletic performance.

“It is becoming essential now for each county to have a full time head of athletic performance. I think, in particular, it is needed in Tipperary because we have a fantastic county board who promote all games, equally,” said O’Connor.

“So there should be a director of strength and conditioning overseeing all of the squads and guiding the conditioning coaches with each game. This message also needs to be transferred to the schools and clubs.”

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