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For me the club hurling championships are a joke. This year we had senior teams finished hurling in June. Over the last few years there have been U21 and North Junior C matches played around Christmas. Our county board are set up for the county teams and its destroying cluns (particularly what i'd call middle of the road clubs). How is the County teams going to improve when the likes of Kilruane and Portroe are finished hurling in June??

Also, if i'm correct...some teams could have a total of 3 league matches and 4 championship matches and be finished for the year. The new system for next year is complex and hasn't been explained properly. For instance in the unlikely scenario of you finishing bottom of one of the groups in the bottom 16 (you go into relagtion i think) and then winning your divisional championship what happens then?

From what I read is if you win your divisional you go into the county knockout (and possibly go on to win the Dan Breen - unlikely but possible). So can you possibly lose a relagation and win the county?!!!

From what i'm aware the bottom four teams in the four groups play off and two get relagated. So if one of these progresses in the county what happens then?

Maybe i'm reading the whole thing wrong but for me we need more clarity on this!

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