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Positives from Tipp v Limerick

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exile something very small could make Tipp click again, all that happened last week was Limerick showed massive hunger for the win, the game was there for our lads to take it at four points up but they did'nt want to know about it, they expected it to happen and we all know that is not the way it happens. Limerick fully deserved to win but I def would not fear meeting ye later on for a number of reasons, playing Bonner on Wayne Mc last week was madness, Wayne Mc won't find a number 11 more suited to him again all year, how would he go against Lar or Noel Mc. Bubbles caused alot of problems in the corner when he came on, would Lar or Bubbles or Forde miss the chances Seamie Cal or Pa Bourke missed? Not trying to take away from Limericks win as I said fully deserved but something small could of swung it Tipp way but thank god it did'nt because that would only of papered over our problems and they would just pop back up later on in the year, now we have a chance to straighting things out before Aug.

therealtmo (Tipperary) - Posts: 1265 - 14/06/2013 20:50:27    1407016


Only positive is the it happened on the 9th of June and we have plenty of time to rectify the situation. Imagine if Declan Ryan and Tommy Dunne had been the management team, shows you how cruel sport is.

Does anyone know if Gearoid Ryan is anywhere near full fitness? I think he played against Galway in the recent challenge match.

Killarney.87 (Tipperary) - Posts: 2439 - 15/06/2013 11:31:45    1407143


Tipps big problem was they they went out a superior attitude they went route 1 failed Lim picked off the points even long range and when the goal chance came they took it they were just hungrey. It was EOS first lesson in management FIRST ROUND OF CHAMPIONSHIP HE JUST WAS NOT READY FOR IT there is plenty of time for him and the players to get things right with Shane standing down from caption but there is a few weak links to plug

JC Wales (Tipperary) - Posts: 3040 - 15/06/2013 12:42:29    1407180



to be honest if Tipperary didnt win anything this year, I would love to see any body but KK, Cork or Tipp, winning the All-Ireland. To be honest with you I am sick of the 3 counties winning every year its bad for hurling. We can see this with the pathetic attendance at Munster championship matches. The buzz and excitement that waS there in 90s was unreal. Tipp were not even that good back then, but we still put up a fight. I miss them days in hurling terms, its not as good anymore, its gone boring.

20carrolls (National) - Posts: 99 - 15/06/2013 13:35:50    1407208


20 Carrolls, I hear you my friend, hurling as a sport really needs someone outside the big three to step up and shake things up. Now don't get me wrong Limerick are not going to win no all-ireland this year but at least we are competitive again and we the confidence of a munster championship victory will I hope help to bring us on and give us some self belief. In the 90's we travelled expecting to win as we were as good as anyone at that time. For the last decade we traveled in the hope that we might do something on the day. One victory doesn't change everything, but regardless of who we play we will travel for a Munster final in the belief we can win and not just hope we turn up and make a game of it. How Limerick will cope with some expectation though god only knows, under dogs always suits us when we're favorites we don't have such a good track record.

As for the big three this year and despite what some people might say Tipperary are most definitely the second best team in my opinion behind Kilkenny. Galway showed again yesterday that they are not great but again it was their first outing of the championship and like the westmeath game last year they struggled. But you must have smiled when you saw Laois really put it up to them for an hour. Fitness then got laois as they tailed away in the last ten minutes and once Galway got that second goal they pulled away on a scoreline that truly flattered them. Hopefully Laois can get a bit of a run going in the back door and avoid the big guns and keep hurling for another month or so it would be huge progress for Laois.

Wexford & Dublin was very poor the other night, hard to judge cause once Wexford had a man put off we all knew what would happen, hard to see how that game benefits anyone to be honest but thats not Dublins fault.

As for the 1990's well for this year at least we have Clare and Limerick very much on the rise, Tipperary without doubt will come again this year, Galway as always could do anything and then of course there's kilkenny. Can i see anyone beating kilkenny at this point i would have to say no I don't see them being beaten. However rightly or wrongly i do believe they are starting to wain as without Shefflin they are not quite invincible and if Tipp got it right you could still beat them. I would like to think Limerick would push them for a bit longer than last year, but their experience and cuteness would most likely be too much for us.

If Clare get past Cork and with Pa Cronin definitely out and Lorcan McLoughlin doubtful( its hard to see where cork will get their ball winners from but I would never write off the rebels) there is a good chance of a Clare v Limerick Munster Final in thurles . From a neutrals point of view it'll be a throw back to the 90's and we get an opportunity to settle up accounts with Davy for when they beat us in Thurles in 1997. From the neutrals point of view not having either Tipp or Waterford in a munster final for the first time in ten years will make it an interesting munster final if nothing else.

exile (Limerick) - Posts: 214 - 17/06/2013 10:10:13    1408420